cynthia dawn

Honestly I think the thing I love the most about Diamond, Pearl, and especially Platinum is how fucking HELPFUL all of the adults are in game. Like Professor Rowan and Dawn/Lucas (personal head cannon is that they’re much older than the protag) are with you on Mt. Cornet encouraging you, making sure you’re safe. Cynthia goes with you to the Distortion World, Looker actually successfully infiltrated the Galactic Headquarters like the badass interpol spy he is. 

I mean it’s such a stark difference to the other games? Okay the Gym leaders showed up in Black and White to help with Team Plasma but I can’t think of any other time something like this has happened?? Where the adults acknowledge that the Protag is a fucking CHILD and shouldn’t have to deal with the problems caused by the various villain teams all by themselves??

In fucking X/Y, all of the adults just don’t seem to notice (or care) that Lysander is openly talking about destroying the world?? I mean seriously?? The guy walking about calling everyone ‘Flith” and yelling about how the world sucks how did no one piece together he was leading Team Flare??? 

Sycamore you dumb motherfucker

Shout out to ORAS Archie and Maxie though, for apologising for making you go through all that bullshit and actually helping you by giving you the Aqua/Magma suit and talking you through the Cave of Origins. Seriously it was appreciated. Fuck you Steven you just stood there like a jackass and did squat

Long post short - Sinnoh has the best adult characters in Pokemon and I invite you to fight me about this


I wanted to say thanks for everything one more time. Thank you for all the smiles, laughter, and fun times you’ve brought me and others over the years! You said it yourself Iwata, that’s what games are all about.

I drew my personal favorite games and the ones that had a big impact on me that Mr. Iwata produced. There’s a whole lot more I could have included, but this is just some of ‘em. 

Love and miss ya so much dude. God Bless. Rock on, buddy.