cynthia cosplay

Sumia’s future daughter. A veritable force of nature when it comes to enthusiasm. She longs to be a hero (the epic kind) but, like her mother, slips up more often than not.

we got photos back from our shoot at katsu and it’s so hard not to spam them all at once! i just adore them so much  (´ ∀ ` *)

cosplayer is me, photo is by B. M. Gohra photography!


Got my photos back last night from my shoot with the ever amazing elementalsight at Katsucon, and I gotta say, I really love the outcomes! :D 

Part of why I really loved Cynthia in the game, and why she was the first I picked to cosplay from Fire Emblem, is that I really admire her strength. All the kids have gone through really bad times, and Cynthia is no exception, but she always thinks positively, still wanting to be that ‘hero’ for people, and she has the strength to keep fighting and trying hard for what she believes in and be cheerful and dorky and energetic despite it all. And with my not-so-great mental health this past year, I really admired her character for that~ :)

Costume: Cynthia (Henry-fathered) from Fire Emblem: Awakening, made by me. 

the-memequeen  asked:

Sorry to bug you again! But I was wondering what patter you guys used for the Pegasus knight armor around the neck? I'm a little stuck on that part of the armor. Right now I have a V shaped piece of craft foam pinned to where the neck piece goes but I'm a little nervous that it won't fit right and it doesn't have the front design that it should. Anything helps!

I’ll just make this a general Pegasus Knights collar post:

We started by studying the designs and breaking them down into pieces. Thanks to one of Kozaki’s illustrations of Sumia and Lissa, we determined that all of the collars broke down into a few shapes. Cynthia and Cordelia have two mirrored shapes (Cynthia’s collar is virtually identical to Cordelia’s other than a decorative design and some rivets), and Sumia has two mirrored shapes + one central shape.

We made mockups of our collars using cardboard and tape. We started with Emmy’s Sumia collar, which was the tallest due to our general neck proportions, and redrew the design to alter it for Cynthia and Cordelia.

From these, we broke them down into flat patterns. For Cordelia, you should have four pieces: two of the collar shapes, and two outlines for the relief detail, if you want to do them as a double-layer beneath the Worbla. I initially had it as a shallow relief detail, but later used it as a guide to sculpt over it with Apoxie Sculpt. (For Cynthia, just add her little lightning bolt as another relief detail)

This is how they go together:

For the collars and the top of the breastplates, I designed them a little long to leave room for adjustments when the two pieces eventually came together.

Here’s how they looked when assembled:

Sumia’s collar bares a vague resemblance to Nigel Thornberry if you’re looking at it head-on.

Attaching the collar to the breastplate can be tricky, especially if you’re working alone. Sumia’s has the benefit of that lower central piece, which curves down to be flush with the tops of the breastplate, but achieving that kind of curve with Cynthia and Cordelia’s collars was difficult. I had to reposition mine a few times until it aligned nicely. If you’re using Worbla, I’ve found that Worbla-to-Worbla adhesion isn’t always very secure, so you may want to reinforce it from the inside, or use industrial glues.

What we determined from in-game screenshots was that the breastplate and collar form something like a halter top, to which the harness is affixed at the back of the collar and the sides of the breastplate. After some design revisions between conventions, my Cordelia harness had two snaps at the top, which connected to snaps embedded in Worbla squares and fixed to the inside of the collar. The side straps of my harness were attached permanently with rivets, and I altered the design to have adjustable buckles. While the actual design has one big buckle at the back and lacing, we kept our lacing largely non-functional so that we could get into costume (mostly) independently. 

One important note: Because of the way these are designed, the connected collar-to-breastplate area is where the bulk of the armour’s weight will sit. To avoid putting too much pressure on your collarbone area, try to trim any excess breastplate material away from the inside of the collar. I padded mine with pieces of EVA foam and lined the whole thing with grey felt. This way, any Worbla edges/patchwork will be covered, and you reduce the risk of any unsealed paint dust or grime from the painting stage rubbing off on your costume.

Here are some photos of the finished Cordy collar, cropped from @jjabarrett‘s photos:

- Kat


Photos from our Dungeon Studio photoshoot are finally finished! These were taken at Fresh! studio in Edogawabashi, Japan. This was so much fun, thank you everyone for joining us and making such a great gathering! More pictures soon to come~

Chrom: Othaniel

Gangrel: Greyfinch

Cynthia: Krispy Kreme

Anna: Topaz

Lon’qu: Rimu-san

Miriel: Nameko-san

Severa: Naito-san

Gaius: Kanmi-san

Donnel: Junko-san


Day 2 of A-kon involved more proposals from Steven~ (pardon my poopy phone camera pictures)

All of you are lovely, lovely people. Thank you all for being such good sports ;u;

Also, another Pokemon photoshoot tomorrow at noon! Ahhh


Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, we’re super thankful for all the help and support we’ve gotten, and for all the great friends we’ve been able to make.

We teamed up with a bunch of those amazing people to put together this video for you guys. Hope you have as much fun watching as we had putting it together! ^____^

Super special thanks to:
Gwiffen (as Lucina)
Spambots (as Priam)
Krispy Kream (as Cynthia)
Electric Spider Cosplay (as Gaius)
N’s Cosplay (as Donnel)
Rimu (as Lon'qu)
Nameko (as Miriel)
Kyumyu (as Olivia)
16:9 Photography for filming Gaius and Donnels footage
and all our other awesome volunteers!

Also featuring us as Brady, Inigo, Laurent, Gerome, and Virion ^_^