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Sumia’s future daughter. A veritable force of nature when it comes to enthusiasm. She longs to be a hero (the epic kind) but, like her mother, slips up more often than not.

we got photos back from our shoot at katsu and it’s so hard not to spam them all at once! i just adore them so much  (´ ∀ ` *)

cosplayer is me, photo is by B. M. Gohra photography!


Got my photos back last night from my shoot with the ever amazing elementalsight at Katsucon, and I gotta say, I really love the outcomes! :D 

Part of why I really loved Cynthia in the game, and why she was the first I picked to cosplay from Fire Emblem, is that I really admire her strength. All the kids have gone through really bad times, and Cynthia is no exception, but she always thinks positively, still wanting to be that ‘hero’ for people, and she has the strength to keep fighting and trying hard for what she believes in and be cheerful and dorky and energetic despite it all. And with my not-so-great mental health this past year, I really admired her character for that~ :)

Costume: Cynthia (Henry-fathered) from Fire Emblem: Awakening, made by me. 

My take on bought vs made costumes

I would like to start off by saying: Cosplay is stupid and we’re all stupid and we want to dress up like fictional characters so none of this really matters in the long run. We all want to be a part of this big dumb community and whatnot so, whatever.

That being said

Who Fucking Cares. Wear what you want. Just don’t be an asshole.

My personal opinion:

I don’t buy any of my cosplay stuff from Taobao or Aliexpress or Miccostumes or anything mainly because like, I know that shit’s mass produced and often questionable quality.

if I’m going to buy anything cosplay-wise its going to be from another cosplayer who I know has experience in the field, and who I know has done a great job with their work.

My bodysuit from Captain Marvel? This bodysuit that went fucking viral after Katsucon:

I commissioned that from Too many Heroes because I saw their work up close on someone else’s spiderman suit and I was really impressed by it.

The Medusa cosplay I’m currently upgrading? I bought it from a cosplayer who didn’t want it anymore.

The Cynthia cosplay i’m waiting for in the mail? I found that through a cosplay for sale group on Facebook.

So like, go ahead and buy costumes. Professional level cosplayers still buy some costume pieces. Some profesional level cosplayers buy whole costumes. A lot of the people who have popular cosplay Patreons do nothing but buy their costumes. Buy them from wherever you want I don’t give a fuck. But if you know you can get something from a good crafter and not an overpriced chinese mass selling website or a company like Miccostumes, then by all means please support other cosplayers.


Photos from our Dungeon Studio photoshoot are finally finished! These were taken at Fresh! studio in Edogawabashi, Japan. This was so much fun, thank you everyone for joining us and making such a great gathering! More pictures soon to come~

Chrom: Othaniel

Gangrel: Greyfinch

Cynthia: Krispy Kreme

Anna: Topaz

Lon’qu: Rimu-san

Miriel: Nameko-san

Severa: Naito-san

Gaius: Kanmi-san

Donnel: Junko-san


Gauntlets (Hands)

Another armour writeup for ya. Some of these photos are repeats, but they help to explain my whole process.

1: Used cling wrap and tape method to mock up the gauntlet sections/details.

2-4: Cut apart tape gauntlet and transferred the pattern onto paper. Patterned the flared wrist extension piece by cutting a semi-circle into straight strips and taping them back together, essentially making a paper fan. The edges were cut into a webbed shape. This method of cutting and reattaching the strips was also used in the foam version of the gauntlets; each had strips that needed to be glued into shape before the whole gauntlet base got Worbla’d.

5: I carved the knuckle pieces by hand from Eva foam with scissors and attached them to the foam gauntlet bases so they would show through the Worbla.

6-8: Finger pieces. You’re looking at 15 pieces of Worbla and 15 pieces of foam per hand. They’re simple to assemble and shape, but time-consuming. Every piece had to be labelled individually and matched with its partner; I used a naming scheme of Finger-Section-Hand, e.g. “Ring 3R” for the third (lowest) section of the ring finger on the right hand.

9-10: An assembled set of gauntlets and all six gauntlet bases, which are now in the sealing stage. The little yellow pyramids are painter’s pyramids from Lee Valley, which elevate drying objects so that glue/paint doesn’t pool on your working surface.

- Kat

anonymous asked:

How do you feel about people who buy cosplays?

My Captain Marvel cosplay was a commission from Too Many Heroes

I bought my Medusa cosplay off of someone in the Cosplay for Sale facebook page

I just recently bought a Cynthia cosplay from someone else in that very same group

Who cares just have fun and don’t be an asshole


Day 2 of A-kon involved more proposals from Steven~ (pardon my poopy phone camera pictures)

All of you are lovely, lovely people. Thank you all for being such good sports ;u;

Also, another Pokemon photoshoot tomorrow at noon! Ahhh


i saw this on twitter and i had to share


Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, we’re super thankful for all the help and support we’ve gotten, and for all the great friends we’ve been able to make.

We teamed up with a bunch of those amazing people to put together this video for you guys. Hope you have as much fun watching as we had putting it together! ^____^

Super special thanks to:
Gwiffen (as Lucina)
Spambots (as Priam)
Krispy Kream (as Cynthia)
Electric Spider Cosplay (as Gaius)
N’s Cosplay (as Donnel)
Rimu (as Lon'qu)
Nameko (as Miriel)
Kyumyu (as Olivia)
16:9 Photography for filming Gaius and Donnels footage
and all our other awesome volunteers!

Also featuring us as Brady, Inigo, Laurent, Gerome, and Virion ^_^