cynthia cosplay


Got my photos back last night from my shoot with the ever amazing elementalsight at Katsucon, and I gotta say, I really love the outcomes! :D 

Part of why I really loved Cynthia in the game, and why she was the first I picked to cosplay from Fire Emblem, is that I really admire her strength. All the kids have gone through really bad times, and Cynthia is no exception, but she always thinks positively, still wanting to be that ‘hero’ for people, and she has the strength to keep fighting and trying hard for what she believes in and be cheerful and dorky and energetic despite it all. And with my not-so-great mental health this past year, I really admired her character for that~ :)

Costume: Cynthia (Henry-fathered) from Fire Emblem: Awakening, made by me. 


Day 2 of A-kon involved more proposals from Steven~ (pardon my poopy phone camera pictures)

All of you are lovely, lovely people. Thank you all for being such good sports ;u;

Also, another Pokemon photoshoot tomorrow at noon! Ahhh