Chapter 8

I pushed Erica on the bed. I stood there for a second, looking at her. I knew I was ready, and I wanted to enjoy every minute. Slowly I crawled onto her. Kissing her body. Starting at her legs. Going to her thighs. Continued to her belly. I slowly arrived at her boobs. I looked at Erica’s face. Her eyes were closed, loving every kiss I placed on her body. I took her bra off. Her tits are amazing. 

“Your tits are amazing.” I whispered. I heard her giggle.

I kissed her left boob, around her nipple. Then softly started licking her nipple, going faster and faster. I heard her moan a little. My other hand grabbed her right boob, teasing the nipple with my fingers.

She moaned more and more. “Hmmm baby.’‘ 

Slowly I went down again, to her belly. Lower and lower. I teased her pussy with my hand, her thong still on. Looking at her face, she wanted more. I grinned. I closed her legs, and took her thong off, and threw it on the ground. I opened her legs again, and I instantly got horny. 

’'Ah shit.” I said to myself. I kissed her pussylips, licking each side. Teasing. It drove her crazy. I spread her open, one lick from bottom to top. 

A long moan came out. “Aaaaaah.” I started licking her clit. Faster and faster. Her moaning became louder. I felt her hand on my head, grabbing my hair a little. With one hand I grabbed her boob.  

“Shit Cyn!” Her legs were shaking. “I can’t take it no more. Lay down now!” She commanded me.

Cyn layed down. I kissed her hungerly. I licked my lips, smiling at her. “Baby you’re so damn sexy.’' She layed on the bed, blushing. I grabbed her face and started kissing her again. Her hands caressed my back. She moaned when my lips touched her neck. I went down to her bra, and took it of. I fell in love when I saw her boobs. I caressed one of them while the other one I took into my mouth. My tongue swirled around her caramel tinted nipple. I moved to sucking on it while she squirmed under me. I looked up to her, seeing her enjoy it. 

I moved my way down to her stomach. slowly took her thong off. I smirked and kissed the top of her pussy and moved two fingers slowly on her cilt. She let out a slight moan. I moved my fingers faster, making her wetter and wetter. Then opened her pussy lips, sliding my tongue in her pussy.

 “Ahh.” Cyn moaned softly, as I held her legs.

 “You like that baby?” I mumbled as I started to eat her out roughly.

She simply nodded and watched me. I slowly dragged the tip of my tongue from my pussy up, licking every crease between her lips. My mouth collapsed around her clit and she took a deep breath, feeling me suck on it a little roughly. ”Aww Erica, baby yesss.”

“You taste good baby.”  Cyn started to moan louder, I started sucking harder and plunged 2 fingers inside of her. I flicked my tongue repeatedly over her clit, her body tensing up.

“Fuck! I’m about to cum baby!.” She moaned loudly.

 I smirked and kept going, I wanted her to cum right now.

 “Oh fuck, Erica!” She gripped my hair tightly and then her body let go, moving her hips against his face as her pussy leaked in my mouth.

’'Mhhhhhh.” I smiled at her. I came up to kiss her. 

Cyn almost was out of breath. “That. Was. Amazing.” She hold me tightly. “Thank you.” She smiled.

“Glad u liked that baby. You taste amazing.” I layed down next to her. Cyn layed her head on my shoulder as I held her, and we fell a sleep.


The next morning I ordered some breakfast for us, and after that we took a bath. Cyn layed against me, I massaged her back. 

“So.. about yesterday.” I said.

Cyn looked back at me, and giggled. “Yesterday..”

“What’d you think baby!?” I went up to massage her neck. “Like, your first time with a girl.’' 

’'You are good. Like, for real. You are amazing.” She said. “Like, you have them skills Erica.” I started smirking. She looked at me. “Don’t get too cocky!” She splashed some water on me. I laughed.

“Remember when you told me.. You’d always turn me down? No matter how, or how much I tried?” I looked at her, one eyebrow raised. “Now look at you. Naked, taking a bath with me. Licking my p-u-s-s-y yesterday.” I stayed silent for a moment, but then bursted out laughing. “Told you I’d get you Cyn Santana!’' 

She laughed too, shaking her head. ’'I still don’t like girls. I like you. I only like Erica Mena.” I instantly started smiling. Like a big ass smile. “Ugh, you’re so cute.’' 

’'Sooo…” I hesitated a bit to say this… “So.. you’re mine now?’' 

Cyn smiled, and looked down. ’'Yeah, I’m yours now.’' 

I felt so happy. So damn happy. Finally after the whole Rich drama, I felt genuinely happy again. I hugged her from behind. ’'You make me so happy.’' 

’'And you make me happy baby.’' 

I stood up. ’'Now get your ass out of that bathtub, and go to the bedroom now. I wanna play with your body mami.” I wiggled my eyebrows. Cyn started giggling.

“Yeah let’s sit here.” After our second round, of.. you know what, Eria and I decided to go to the beach and have a little picknick. We layed down our towels. Erica had a basket with food in it.

“I have a little suprise for you.” Erica sat down, looked at me and grinned. 

“Tell me now!” I sat in front of her. She took something out of the basket. It was wrapped in foil. When she opened it I almost screamed.“CHIPOTLE.” She started laughing.

“Never have I ever seen anyone react to chipotle like this.”

“Gurl, now I know you the one.” I took the chipotle from her, and started eating. Enjoying every single bite. 

“So, have you thought about Love And Hip Hop already?”

“Hmm.” I swallowed my bite. “Yes.”

She looked at me. “So?”

“…” I took another bite.

“Cyn! Don’t keep me waiting you bitch!” Shew threw the wrapped foil at me. 

“Okay okay!” I laughed. “You big baby, Imma do it!’' 

Erica screamed. It was the same reaction to mine, when I saw the chipotle. So we all know how happy she is. Fucking happy. 

Suddenly she changed. ’'But.” She looked down. “You have to know.. You’ll be working with Rich too, when we start filming for the show.’' 

I stopped eating, and just looked at her. ’'Are you kidding me?’' 

’'Why you’re mad babe?”

I put down my chipotle (I only put down chipotle when it’s serious, so it’s damn serious now). “Look Erica. I don’t want to see, look or talk with the man who hurt you so bad.” I looked her right in her eyes. “And especially not now. Now you’re mine it hurts me even more.’' 

Erica sighed and looked down. She had nothing to say. 

I never thought Cyn felt this way. I know she’d rather have me not seeing Rich, but she doesnt want to see him too? 

’'You must really care about me..” I said softly. 

She grabbed my hand. “I do.” I felt her looking at me. “Erica look at me.” I looked up. “I do.’' 

I looked her in her eyes. ’'I love you.” I was shocked by myself, for saying. Shit. That’s way too fucking early Erica.

Cyn stayed silent. Fuck.

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