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Top 10 Sweetest John Moments With Cynthia (Big Finale!!!!)

Hello everyone! Well, the time has come for me to reveal the NUMBER 1 SWEETEST JOHN MOMENT WITH CYNTHIA! YAY!!!

When looking back at each moment, you’ll notice that all of them emphasize one particular part of John’s character. Moments like number 10 and 7 show us that he could be considerate, while moments like number 6 and 5 show us that he could be very romantic. Moment number 9 showcased his chivalry, and moment number 2 is a true example of his dedication and loyalty for another person, and so on and so forth. All these characteristics and acts that he did for Cynthia, are all done in a very tender and sweet manner… But there’s one moment, one single act, that combines all these characteristics and more. Not only do I considerate the sweetest thing that John has ever done for Cynthia, but it’s perhaps the most eye-opening, heartwarming, honest, and passionate thing he has ever done for anyone….

Ladies and gentlemen……I give you……

Number 1: John’s First Love Letter aka I Love You Like Guitars

Yeah, I imagine everyone saw this moment coming from miles away. Forgive my predictability. But who cares!!! I LOVE this letter. I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LLLLOOOVVVEEE IT!!! This is the cutest thing I have EVER read. It’s so adorable! Yes you heard right. ADORABLE!! When you think of John Lennon, you don’t really think of him as adorable (and physical looks don’t count in this case). John gave the impression to many of his fans and even to many of his friends, that he was a tough man, with a very witty sense of humor, and a lovable, if not questionable, form of sarcasm. As he got older, he became known as a intellectual man, who had some very interesting opinions on life, politics, religion, etc. And while you may not agree with his viewpoint about everything, he was fascinating to listen to. But you don’t really see anything in him that would indicate that he was a softy at heart…and that mainly has to do with the fact that John’s early days as a kid growing up in Liverpool were hard.

His father abandoned him when he was 5 years old. His mother was supposedly bipolar, but either way wasn’t capable of taking care of him. He was raised by his Aunt Mimi. Although she loved John, she was a harsh woman, who was better at chastising and scolding John, then showing him tenderness. She hated that he wanted to be a rock n’ roll singer, and showed absolutely no support in his career choice, until many years later. She also treated Cynthia badly, and was furious that John married her. She didn’t even go to the wedding. His uncle was the closest thing he had to a father, but he died when he was just an adolescent. And to make matters worse, at ages 16-17, John was really starting to become very close with his mother. But all that ended when she tragically died from an oncoming, drunk, off-duty policemen, in his car. She was killed on impact…an event that truly shook and broke John’s heart.

With such a childhood, it’s no wonder John was the way he was. The truth is that, even if you love John’s wittiness and spontaneous personality, that was only a part of him. In many ways it was a facade to the true person. Paul has often said in interviews that he believes John was really a scared little boy, underneath the tough exterior. He had undergone so much in his life, that jokes and sarcasm were really a defense mechanism. And whenever conflict crept into his life, he would either shut himself off from it completely, or act like a scumbag in order to feel in control. But deep down, he was a vulnerable and sensitive human being, with the heart of a poet. And thankfully, although it came in rare doses, John would demonstrate his softer side now and then, especially with Cynthia and even with Paul. And this letter is a true testament to that. 

I’m sure many of you know the backstory of the letter, but I’ll enlighten those who don’t know. This letter was written in 1958, and it was a Christmas gift for Cynthia. In it, John basically gushes out all his feelings and emotions to her. Since it’s a little hard to read, here is a transcript of the letter:

Dear Cyn,
I love you , I love you I love you I love you I love you I love u I lllllove U I love you Like Mad I do I do love you YES YES YES I do love you CYN you I love I love you Cynthia Powell John Winston love C.Powell Cynthia Cynthia Cynthia I love you I love you I love you forever and ever isn’t it great? I love you like Guitars I love you like anything lovely lovely lovely lovely Cyn I love lovely Cynthia Cynthia I love you. You are Wonderful I adore you I want you I need you. I need you don’t go I love You Happy Christmas Merry Chrimbo I love you I love you I love you Cynthia Cyn Cyn Cyn Cyn Cyn Cyn Cyn is loved by John John John John John I love you.
Love John

I can’t help it. Every time I read this letter, I find myself smiling, laughing, and blushing all at once. Can you imagine how Cynthia must have responded when she first received this letter? And yes, it’s very corny, and very cheesy, and all it really says is “I love you” over and over again. But come on guys, you know how hard it is for some people to say those three words? It takes guts to tell people how you really feel about them. Your liable to make yourself look like an idiot or be sourly turned down. For John to be so willingly open, is a rarity and even an act of bravery on his part. And John isn’t just stating his love here, he’s PROCLAIMING it. It’s almost like he was screaming and shouting out the words as he wrote it, in a Helga Petaki sort of way (Hey Arnold reference). And he’s not just saying he loves her. He ADORES her. He practically pleads to her to never leave him. AND…he loves her like guitars. For John to say that he loves Cynthia like he does his guitars, is the highest compliment he can give her. Also, I really love that little part where he says “I love you forever and ever isn’t it great”!! It’s so cute and funny, and you can here the overwhelming joy in his voice. You can feel his earnestness. This is a young man who has fallen so desperately in love with a girl, that he is pouring out his heart, practically making himself look like a fool, just to show her how crazy he is for her.

Also, the illustrations that he drew of himself and Cynthia are just beautiful! I mean, he literally took the time to draw TWO pictures of them staring into each others eyes and holding one another. This didn’t need to have so much effort, but he gives her a five page letter, filled with doodles and everything! There’s only one word to describe this letter, and that is “darling”. It’s absolutely darling!

It’s been said that John could truly express himself in his writing/lyrics, and I think this love letter to Cynthia is the pinnacle of his sincerity and honesty. It’s such a bold and passionate declaration of his love for her, while also showcasing his vulnerability and utter affection. And although he wrote countless of other letters to her throughout their ten years together, all very lovely and beautiful, none of them will ever be quiet as special as this one. It’s raw, it’s intense, it’s pure passion, it’s mushy in all the right ways, and I love, love, LOVE IT!!! It’s by far the sweetest thing John has ever done for not only Cynthia, but for anyone. What else can I say but, “John Winston love C.Powell”!!!

And there you have it! That’s my list for the top 10 sweetest John moments with Cynthia. I truly enjoyed making this list, and I also enjoyed everyone’s response and feedback for these moments as well. It’s nice to know that despite all these years, these stories and memories live on in some way, shape, and form. And hopefully by making this countdown, I have not only helped you guys appreciate John and Cynthia’s relationship more, but also enlighten your knowledge about a couple I think is worth knowing and remembering. So until next time, God bless and thank you all very much!

(Quick note: the above illustration is another piece of fanart by greengal14, from deviant art. I thought it was a perfect match for this discussion :-))