[in-am-uh-rah-tuh, in-am-] 

1. a woman who loves or is loved; female sweetheart or lover.

1645-1655; Inamorata comes from Italian innamorata, feminine of innamorato, from the past participle of innamorare, “to inspire with love,” from in- (from Latin) + amore, “love” (from Latin amor, from amare, “to love”). A man with whom one is in love is an inamorato.

“There are cynical experts on romanticism who counsel one to switch from oneyoung inamorata to another in the nick of time.”
- Paul West, Life With Swan

Lifeware Update

I’m living ongoing jokes with no punch line.
When my six pack is done so am I.
Tell me I’m beautiful and I’ll ask for a refund
But I’m holding on tight to disappointment.
I’m stuck at the starting line wishing for the finish.
I can’t wait forever for nothing forever.
Where is the version of me that isn’t loading?