cynical smith

“Wubba lubba dub-dub!”

Besides one of them being a genius scientist I think there’s basically no difference between Rick and Alsmiffy.


Scene from Stuck in Love

I’ve watched this film a few months and didn’t think much of it but this scene got stuck in my head. This song (I just started to listen to Elliot Smith around the time I watched it) and how she started to cry and said she didn’t want to get hurt - that really got me, for some reason. Maybe because lately I got a bit cynical about love and her character spoke to me. And when she got vulnerable, I felt my own vulnerability.  I spent the next days thinking about it. I had to watch it again.

It really is a great film and it’s a shame it isn’t that well know with such a great cast and clever writing. Really interesting characters. With this and TFIOS, Josh Boone is going places. And Logan Lerman really is a great actor, I wasn’t sure in Perks but this definitely confirmed it. Lily Collins was also great, she seems a really interesting actress. Looking forward to see more of her.