cynical kitties

“It’s Lance. Voltron paladin, blah blah.. You’ve heard all this before. Things.. don’t look all that great for me." 

From one of my favorite Voltron fanfics by Remember_Me called What a Healing Pod Can’t Repair

“DUDE… You’re embarassing me!”

Platonic shance doing cute stuff is the best thing ever,,,,

(((Optional, switch out “DUDE” with “DAD”)))

“allura! earth culture is, like, totally funky my dude!”

another ‘90s altean Lance cause i couldn’t help it! he probably learned about earth from a few outdated american magazines…


i started this like at the beginning of the month and now the main points of my voltron american high school au is complete

this little squad forms when they find shiro with a prosthetic arm after he hasn’t shown up to school for 3 months

(yes i did remember coran and allura but i am quite lazy)