cynical dreams

i arrive at the henrietta drag strip

dream battle: fought

matthew: saved

kavinsky: dead

i am forcibly removed from the drag strip

So I defiantly think there is some shit going down in this chapter, maybe the beginning of the Shiganshina Trio’s ‘divide’ 

They finally make it to the ocean! There dreams since they were little! Armin and Mikasa are happy we can see that much, but Eren doesn’t have the twinkle for it anymore. 

I think this came from whatever he keeps seeing and not telling anyone about. 

Right here, 

Eren is still so exited about the world! About exploring it with Armin but he is meet with Armin’s eyes again. In that shot he looks so much like Grisha’s sister, which is what i suppose triggers Eren to remember Kruger’s memory of her being torn apart. 

I think this is when he starts to change, where he starts to see the world so dark that not even there dreams and Armin’s eyes can save him. 


Eren is so obviously traumatized by the weight of what he keeps seeing and remembering and the confusion of what is happening inside is mind…..over the course of a year probably took a huge tole on him. 

So when we get here, to the ocean

Eren has always talked about being free, but now is he talking about being free from the walls or free from the memory’s of his father and Kruger? He doesn’t even face it with the brave “Lets get the bad guys!!” attitude he always has, he seems defeated, cynical, its not the dream anymore….

So, I think taking such an integral part of what makes the Trio so close and warping it in Eren’s mind and changing how he sees the world and himself and even Armin and Mikasa is whats going to make them “not friends”. 


The girl who lost things | A RebelCaptain modern!AU

There was once a girl with her head full of dreams
she wondered around, in her yellow machine.
The world was her home because hers was lost,
until one day a Captain her road crossed.
He was a cynic and and his dream were gone cold,
her heart full of hope turned his back into gold.
But she was the girl who kept losing things,
afraid of his love, she fled one day of spring.
He never gave up and the whole world he roamed,
until he finally found her and gave her a home.


Doll Family 2016 par *TatianaB*

By Pugular request (not a typo)

So I threatened to talk about why Nog on DS9 is the most optimistic version of a Star Trek character, and by God I follow through.

Now, I should be clear: I am not arguing he is the best character. That’s too personal to come up with an objective answer. Nor am I arguing he is the most interesting or useful; the former is again too subjective, the latter obviously goes to Spock (because let’s be honest with ourselves, Data is too prone to being overridden/controlled to beat Spock as a bridge officer). No, Nog is the most optimistic because he’s the only character on screen in a Star Trek series or movie that gets to display the promise of Starfleet over time.

By nature of the setting, most characters on Star Trek shows are not just Starfleet personnel, they’ve been such for years before we meet them. Both TOS and TNG are supposed to have the best of the best for their time, and you don’t get that with someone fresh out of the academy. Voyager may not have been at that same level, but it’s still meant to be a Starfleet ship, and the possible Starfleet-Maquis tensions get dropped way too fast for the premise to pan out there. But DS9 is the first and only Star Trek show to have a large, semi-permanent cast of non Starfleet characters that not only appear in more than one episode, but do so outside of a special event. There’s no big deal made about the return of Quark or Garak, they just are there in the background until the show brings them forward. And most of those non-Starfleet characters are comfortable being outside of the organization. They aren’t directly challenging it, but they could live without it.

That’s what makes Nog special. He doesn’t work to join Starfleet because it’s expected or to make the galaxy better-he wants to improve HIS life, and Starfleet is the best option. He’s smart enough to recognize how he doesn’t measure up in his own culture, and makes a gamble that the Federation really is as accepting as they claim. And once he’s actually in, he’s a better person. He’s not perfect-Starfleet effaces some of his bad behavior, but not all of it-but he’s more mature and dependable, and starts to fold into the routine of the station to the point that he’s on the bridge crew of arguably the most important ship in the whole Dominion War, and it feels natural and earned. Nog’s proved himself and he’s trusted for it. Even when he brings a touch of Ferengi wheeling and dealing to the table, it’s as an asset to the Federation, not to weaken it or put himself above others.

With everyone else, the hard work is done off screen and before. We get to see it with Nog in real time, even seeing some of his lowest moments after joining and how he gets back up and starts working again. For all the darkness in DS9, part of why it’s still a vital and important Star Trek series is that it didn’t fight back against that darkness with cynicism and contempt. The dream of accepting all species and their diversity isn’t an easy one in the setting, but Nog’s changing status as a character is proof in action, standing as an example against the all-consuming nature of the Dominion’s governance.


first off I fucking love Grantaire. He’s probably my favourite character in Les Mis (maybe tied with Marius and Montparnasse), and I love him so much. I don’t really love the way people write him a lot of the time, though this is just my opinion and not telling anyone how they should write him because honestly who cares? just something I wanna get off my chest bc I think about it a lot

also it’s gonna be long so, here’s a cut

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Sh#t Your Ego Says: “I’m Afraid to Follow My Dreams.”

Can I ask a serious question? When did being a “dreamer” become a bad thing? Think about it. As kids, we’re taught to dream big. The sky is the limit. “Follow your dreams,” people said. But as we grew older, the encouragement to follow our dreams lessens as the pressure to conform increases. What changed?

The fact is, following your dreams as a child or young professional, when the stakes are low, is easy. But as our career advances we start protecting what we have achieved. We become defensive. We buy into the idea that resources are scare and life needs to be a dogfight. It doesn’t.

In spite of what cynics will tell you, “dream” is not a dirty word. To dream doesn’t mean you live in a fantasy world. It means you refuse to give up the autonomy of your life. When the stakes are high, bills are piling up and your office starts to resemble The Hunger Games, that’s when dreaming is more important than ever. Dreaming is not a fantasy. It’s the mandatory first step toward a new reality. Your dreams got you here. They will get you there too.

Rules of Parenthood

Summary: Sakura and her daughters wait up for Sasuke. 

Sakura’s fingers drummed restlessly against her large, dark blue mug. She propped her feet up on the coffee table and sighed as she watched the window from her living room couch.

Her husband was due to return from a three week long S-rank mission two days ago. His unannounced delay disquieted her to the core because, with a few exceptions on account of their old sensei, Sasuke was never late. For anything.

Since he was one of the world’s most powerful shinobi, she knew cognitively that it was ridiculous to worry. However, as each passing moment lengthened his absence anxiety coiled sharply in her stomach.

“Sasuke-kun,” she whispered to herself, eyes downcast. Even years after the war there were some powerful people who wanted him dead. What if something happened while his chakra was low? 

Tiredly, she combed her fingers through her bright pink tresses. It would do her no good to keep contemplating the worst case scenario. If she didn’t perk up soon her young daughters would start to notice something amiss.  

“Okasama.” A seven year old with jade eyes and raven hair approached her on the couch. “Is dad back yet?” Setsuna distinctly remembered her father saying he’d return before the fourth of the month. 

Sakura immediately pulled the child onto her lap. “Not quite yet, sweetie.” She smiled reassuringly. “He just decided to take the long way home from his mission." 

Setsuna’s intelligent eyes roamed her mother’s features. She poked lightly at the darkening bags under Sakura’s eyes. "You look tired, okasama. Is everything okay?”

“Everything’s fine, Setsu.” Sakura patted her on the head. “I’ve just been up late these last few days doing research for the hospital.”

The child’s face brightened at this. “Can I help you with it?” She was always looking for something new to read.

Sakura tapped her chin thoughtfully. The girl was clearly bright, and she and Tsunade suspected that she had great medical potential. “I’d love that.” This could be a great learning experience for her. “You can come to the lab with me after your classes at the academy. How’s that sound?”


Sakura was about to send her little scholar back to bed when her twin sister bounded into the room. “You’re up too, Saya?”

Sayako nodded, long pink pony tail bobbing behind her. “Hai! I wanna see what dad got me from Waterfall Country!” The little girl hopped onto the couch. 

Sakura couldn’t help but smile. Sayako was a daddy’s girl through and through. Each time Sasuke was gone for more than a few days at a time he returned bearing gifts for the kids from wherever he went.

The medic smoothed her hand over the girl’s head. “Your presents will still be there in the morning, Saya.” That is, if Sasuke made it home that night at all. “I’ll protect them while you’re asleep.”

“Kaa-chan.” Sayako crossed her arms indignantly. “There is no way I’m letting Setsu see dad before I do!” The seven year old looked scandalized by the thought. “Besides, I have to show him how I perfected the great fireball jutsu!" 

"We both did, Saya,” Setsuna interjected. “Don’t get so excited over one technique.”

Sayako rolled her eyes. “But you get way more excited over jutsu you only read about in books!”

“Hn.” Setsuna turned up her nose slightly. “You’re annoying, Saya.”

Their mother couldn’t help but laugh. It was amazing the things children picked up from their parents. 

Just then the front door slid open and in walked none other than Uchiha Sasuke. Sakura was overcome with relief. He was alive, and he was home. However, even in the faint moonlight she could tell that he was badly injured. Also, the unusual heaviness of his footsteps spoke of great exhaustion. 



Upon seeing the girls awake, Sasuke immediately straightened his back and blinked the look of fatigue out of his eyes. Sakura shook her head, smiling softly. He would pretend for them. He always did no matter how hurt he was. 

"Why aren’t you two in bed?” The stern question was all but nullified by the amused smirk he gave them. 

Sayako ran over to him and hugged his leg. “We waited for you, tou-chan.”

Sasuke cringed, praying to every kami that he wouldn’t get any blood on her and have to explain where it came from. Luckily she came away clean and looked up at him eagerly. 

“Hn. You mean you waited to see your presents, right?”

Sayako shrugged, not deterred in the slightest. “Well, that too." 

Sasuke slid his pack on his shoulder and pulled a few things out of it. For Sayako he brought a jade comb and a crystal jewelry box. For Setsuna, there was a blown glass lantern and an interactive globe.

They both thanked him wholeheartedly and Sakura smiled. "What, nothing for me?” she laughed, only poking fun. “Okaeri, Sasuke-kun.”

Her eyes flicked over his form, taking in whatever damage she could with such poor lighting. She’d have to heal him as soon as the girls went to bed. The ashen pallor of his skin told her that he’d lost a considerable amount of blood.  

He met her loving, worried gaze and gave her a look that said don’t overreact. “Tadaima.”

“How was the mission, otousama?” Setsuna leaned forward eagerly. There were few things she enjoyed more than a good story, and the rare ones she pried out of her father were always the most interesting. 

“Successful.” He hoped that would quell her curiosity for now.

“Did you defeat any dangerous shinobi?” More often than not she had to dig a bit for her stories. 

“Aa. Lots. I’ll tell you about it later.” During one such fight, some of his ribs broke and he was sure that one punctured a lung. Currently, it was getting so hard to breathe that dark spots danced across his vision. “It’s time for bed.” He really, really did not want to pass out in front of them.

Sayako pouted slightly and looked up at him with her mother’s vibrant green eyes. “But I wanted to show you the jutsu.”

Sasuke would have sighed if it wouldn’t have resulted in him coughing up blood. 

Sakura, beginning to notice the slight hitches in his breathing, decided to save him. “It is hours past your bed time, ladies. Your father will be completely at your disposal in the morning.” Her tone was kind but firm; they knew better than to question her.

Sayako lifted her arms. “Carry me to bed, tou-chan?” She never had nightmares when her tucked her in. His sharingan always gave her the very best dreams.  

Wordlessly Sasuke bent down to pick her up, stiffing a pained groan in the process. These kids would surely be the death of him.“You too, Setsuna?”

After she nodded her assent, the dark haired twin was scooped up as well. A protest was on the tip of Sakura’s tongue - he was in absolutely no condition - but she decided against it. After all, he already picked them up so most of the damage his wounds could sustain was already done. 

By the sheer power of will, Sasuke carried his twin daughters to their rooms and tucked them in. Into each of their minds his sharingan deposited the sweetest dreams a cynic can conjure and he checked both their closets for monsters (in Sayako’s case) and missing nin (in Setsuna’s).

When he finally returned to the living room, Sakura eased him onto the couch. She flicked on the lights and immediately started unzipping his flack jacket. “How many were they?”

“About thirty.” He coughed breathlessly as she prodded his broken ribs. He could taste the blood threatening to come up any second.

“Thirty S-ranked criminals,” she repeated. There were only supposed to be ten. She was quite impressed that it only took him two extra days.  

As soon as Sakura set the bones, her hands flared to life with medicinal chakra. Only years of professionalism kept her eyes from watering when she saw the painful looking bruises all over his chest. 

“Your lung could have collapsed while you were doting on them.” It wasn’t quite an admonishment but she clearly wasn’t  happy about it either. 

“Hn.” He closed his eyes and let her work on him. 

They fell into a comfortable silence after that, and by the time Sakura looked up to survey the effects of her healing Sasuke was already drifting off. 

“Sasuke-kun,” she said softly, brushing the hair out of his face ever so gently. “Don’t fall asleep down here.”

He gazed up at her blearily. “I wasn’t,” he rasped.

“I know, I know.” She rolled her eyes. Even after years of marriage he was still ridiculously macho. Still, she stroked his cheek fondly. “Can you breathe better now?”

“Aa.” He didn’t know why she still asked at this point. His wife was the best medic around. Period.

She smiled. “Good. I’ll do the rest upstairs. You need sleep. The girls are gonna run you ragged tomorrow." 

Before she went to sleep that night, Sakura decided that they weren’t half bad at this parenting thing. 

Notes: I cannot express the feels I experienced while writing this! It is my personal headcannon that Sasuke and Sakura’s first rule of parenting would be something like "never make the kids worry” (at least while they’re that young). Anyway, my prompt box is still open and always will be. Thanks for reading, everyone, I hope you enjoyed it!