cynful nails

Sorry for this outburst, but this really has to be said!  This is a perfect example of people stealing other peoples work and claiming it as their own. 

Whoever did this edit, did a poor job on it.  Look at the palm of the hand.  Bad paint job to cover up the name.  You could tell where the pixel paint is at.  The cuticles match up with the original image.  OH WOW you changed the skin tone and made the image a bit bigger.  LOL seriously you are on Tumblr!  You honestly think no one is going to notice you jacked someone else’s image and try to claim it as your own?  OBVIOUSLY someone is going to see it and go “HEY I have seen those before!"  Think you idiot!

I have no clue who did the edit version of this image at all.  But whoever you are, the time it took you to crop out and fuck up the original image into your own, you could of done your own nails.  This really sickens me how people are. 

To repost is one thing, but to cover up the person’s name?  THIS GOES TO YOU IDIOTS WHO CROP OUT NAMES AS WELL! 

So watch your nails girls!  There are desperate little fuckers out there!