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Nickname: Em. It’s even my name on Facebook. People actually call me Em so much that Emily is starting to feel like a nickname. Very weird.
Gender: cis woman
Star Sign: cancer
Height: I’m gonna guess 5'5"
Time right now: 7:38 pm
Last thing I googled: “hydrogen peroxide newspaper nails”. I wanted to do some nail art and I didn’t know if hydrogen peroxide worked for the tutorial instead of the rubbing alcohol usually used. I ended up finding the rubbing alcohol though and it worked fine!
Favorite Bands: Abba, Queen, the Beatles
Favorite Solo Artists: Lily Allen, Cyndi Lauper, Adele
Song stuck in your head: nothing cause I’m watching Bob’s Burgers haha
Last movie I watched: the first half of Into the Woods. I didn’t want to finish it though because I’m not in the mood to be sad. The last movie I watched fully was Clue.
Last TV Show I watched: Currently watching Bob’s Burgers. Haven’t watched any other TV in two weeks since my other shows haven’t updated in that long.
When did you create your blog: April, 2013.
What kind of stuff do you post: Rocky Horror, Bob’s Burgers, shitpost, feminist, queer stuff, general SJ stuff
When did your blog reach its peak: definitely around May 2014, when I posted that photoset of bisexual famous people WHICH IS VERY INACCURATE AND ALSO INSENSITIVE IN SOME AREAS. BUT I CAN’T STOP IT FROM CIRCULATING IN ITS ORIGINAL UNEDITED FORM WHICH MAKES ME REALLY MAD. But yeah that post has a HUGE amount of notes. It’s still circulating, unfortunately. But fortunately, it has gotten me a lot of followers which is nice.
Do you have any other blogs: yeahhhhhh it’s a roleplay blog. If you wanna know the URL just message me for it but I’m kinda embarrassed by it haha
Do you get asks regularly: not at all. But somehow today I got two. It felt great.
Why you chose your URL: because I’m Emily, and I love Magenta, who is a domestic. I want to play Magenta in a Shadowcast or in the musical, therefore my dream is to be Emily, The Domestic. Thus, emily-adomestic
Following: currently following 605 blogs
Posts: I have no idea how to check that…
Hogwarts House: hufflepuff (YO CAITLIN)
Pokémon Team: I was never into Pokémon. Sorry.
Favourite colour(s): red
Average hours of sleep: 7-8 ish
Lucky Number(s): I don’t have any
Favorite Characters: these are in order by which I love most. Magenta from RHPS, Linda from Bob’s Burgers, Bob from Bob’s Burgers, Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray, Rebecca James from Murdoch Mysteries, Riff Raff from RHPS, Columbia from RHPS, Janet from RHPS, Jane from Daria, Daria from Daria, Gene from Bob’s Burgers, Emily from Murdoch Mysteries (only because she’s queer lmao). It may come as a great shock to you that Frank isn’t on my list. And here’s the deal. I have recently come to my senses and remembered that he is a huge scum bag. An attractive one but that doesn’t matter. It may also surprise you that there is nothing from Disney on here. That is because if I opened that can of worms, we would be here all day.
What are you wearing right now: my big huge giant torn up purple and blue sweater and some leggings. The sweater used to be my dad’s and I wear it on lazy days.
How many blankets do you sleep with: 1 big huge comforter.
Dream job: Teacher
Dream trip: Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disney, or Shanghai Disneyland. In that order.

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