cynch molina

Instagram Sunday

The three of us have decided that, since we want to be closer to our readers and create a more personal voice in the blog, we’ll be starting our Instagram Sundays where we’ll be sharing what happened to us during the past week.

We have our own Instagram accounts, and if you have yours and would like to share with us anything, just tag #thegirlsroomonline in your posts.

1. Aki’s bag matches the chair in Toile, the showroom-cafe we visited Saturday in Ortigas Home Depot, Ortigas, Pasig.

2. Aki fell in love with this sofa from Toile, designed by Abode and Co., owner Kristine Neri. They have everything from furniture to home accessories!

3. Pretty centerpieces at the wedding reception of Aki’s cousin.

4. Cynch’s collage of the Toile interior. It’s a little bit of Scandi, classic, and continental design. Kitschy, as Kit would say.

5. The three of us with Mike Magturo, the owner of Toile, and husband of Kristine Neri.

6. The doily how-to which we did two Saturdays ago at Kit’s living room floor.

7. Kit’s day job is never a bore.

8. Kit’s colleague celebrated her forever 27th birthday at Alphonse in Ortigas.

9. Dinner/farewell at Wooden Spoon, Katipunan, for one of Kit’s college friends who’s going on an internship in NY, NY for a month.