Sorry these are such low quality! Bad lighting/terrible camera. These are all the requests that I was able to finish, but I’ll do better versions of them later, just wanted to let you guys know i got your requests!

(they will be scanned/touched up sometime next week!)

I had to do these traditionally because of the tropical storm… (I lost a computer once before and I wasn’t risking it this time.) Hope these satisfy you for now!

Yep! Commissions are open!

Some extra notes that didn’t make it on the page:

  • I do NOT do sketches/line-art/rough drawings. Every piece of artwork you get from me is fully colored and shaded. I don’t feel comfortable selling half-finished work, so I’m not going to.
  • If you are having some financial struggles, but still want a piece of artwork, we can try and work something out. Don’t be afraid to email me to discuss it.
  • I have the right to refuse any request I feel uncomfortable with. If I don’t feel like my artistic ability matches what you’re asking for, I will do my best to inform you.
  • Payments are done through Paypal.

I hope that covers everything! Ask me a question on here or email me for more information!

~Thanks for checking it out! I appreciate it!