Hey everyone, I just wanted to let my followers know that I am making progress, but a recent death in the family has caused me to take a short break. That being said, I will show off a few new pieces of information for the game:

First is the above image, I’m just working on a rough run cycle. (the 2nd image is blurry because I made it too small and foolishly had to resize it. That will be cleaner once I finish the roughs of the rest.

The inventory now drops the correct items! It seems like a simple thing to implement now, but I’m learning as I go. Currently the amounts do not change in the inventory, but that should be fixed the next time I get back to coding.

I do want to clarify that the current goal is approx. every 2 weeks for an update, not twice a week like some believe (That’s entirely my fault! sorry!) I’ll do my best to share as much information as I can that I feel is substantial enough to show. (Coding can be a bit boring for some!) Anyway, thanks so much for being patient with me, and keep a look out for more updates!


Sorry these are such low quality! Bad lighting/terrible camera. These are all the requests that I was able to finish, but I’ll do better versions of them later, just wanted to let you guys know i got your requests!

(they will be scanned/touched up sometime next week!)

I had to do these traditionally because of the tropical storm… (I lost a computer once before and I wasn’t risking it this time.) Hope these satisfy you for now!