cymbal lines

cymbals appreciation post

because we’re not real instruments or that “anyone can play the cymbals”

also because we’re the only alive cymbal line in my school district. 

day one on the job? i couldn’t raise my arms after. cymbals aren’t light to the extent of holding them up for extended periods of time and crashing and such. if you don’t believe me, try doing scarecrows. not fun. mine weigh about 5 pounds each, but when you’re holding hi-hats for snares, it’s 10 pounds on one hand. do this while marching in time, backwards in parades. some cymbals weigh more, too, and they make them look so light. 

look at their toned arms, and the insane visuals they do. 

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going along with “anyone can play the cymbals, its just like banging pots and pans together” but not. it isn’t. we tried teaching multiple people who were like “cymbals are so easy” the cadence with visuals and they couldn’t after a minute. 

ok but everyone in cymbal line has huge bruises on their arm and on their stomachs because they accidentally pinch themselves crashing, doing hi-hat snaps, and sliding. i have some near my underarm area from choking crashes too.

cymbals are amazing instruments. they are just as important as any other instrument in pit, drum line, and the band.

(^ hella rad video scv cymbal line video and insane visuals ^)

even if your not the best drummer your still a percussionist? i don’t care if you play the triangle or the quads, you are important no matter what part you are. i know snares get all the credit and fame, but your part is just as important as theirs and your director notices this even if he never comments on or praises you. you and your part is essential to the group, never forget that.

What to take to band camp

- a hat
-a dot book (my school provides them)
-your music in a binder
-a tuner
-half gallon water jug
-a change of clothes
-healthy lunch
-comfy clothes (exercise shorts, tank top/ tshirt, socks)

My idea of heaven is looking over to you in the driver’s side;
wearing that flannel hoodie I love to steal,
and your eyes burning a hole
through the windshield.
My idea of heaven is hydroplaning across the highway
listening to the blues like we are driving back in time;
a thunderstorm crashing it’s cymbals across the tree line,
and watching a flicker of heaven’s life reach down and touch ours.
The heater’s not working again, so we are wrapped up in blankets,
poking out our pointer fingers whenever we see lightning strike.
My idea of heaven has no idea where it’s going,
or when the rain stops.
It is so caught up in watching this moment happen,
knowing it is far too sacred to be missed.
—  Schuyler Peck, My Idea of Heaven


We hear that after you join the cymbal line, physics no longer apply to you. 

Cymbals Rule

It blows my mind that 22 people came out to try out for the Crossmen Cymbal line, which will ultimately have five members.  More may come at the other camps, but this one was designated for cymbals.

But, then, who wouldn’t want to be this bad-ass: