Fic Prompts: Star Wars Wednesday

The shuttle had been sabotaged.
The Devatstator was already out of communication range by the time he discovered just what the Force had been trying to warn him about. Darth Vader seethed in helpless rage, knowing beyond the shadow of a doubt that Cylo was somehow involved in this.

Explosions of Dark Side assisted fury, however, would not aid his chances of survival. Vader forced himself into a somewhat calmer state, resolving to kill at least two Cylos for this treachery when he returned. No doubt Motti’s entire “espionage assignment” for the three sent in the different shuttles had been set up by Cylo from the beginning to get him out of the way. If he could manage to land somewhere, it was unlikely that any local would recognise him in his altered helmet and garb. They were unlikely to fear him.
Which had been the point, of course, but now he foresaw that it would cause needless complications.

A second explosion rocked the small craft and sent it spinning towards a green moon that was close enough to have a gravitational pull on the shuttle. Vader anchored himself in the Force and braced for impact.

The first thing he noticed upon regaining consciousness was an overwhelming surge of Light, drilling into his skull, tearing at his senses at once familiar and foreign. He lay on his back, staring up in irritated bemusement as a glowing blade sank through the ceiling. A lightsaber. But who could be-
The familiar feeling rushed over him again and the respirator stuttered as he forgot, for one moment, to breathe.
Impossible! Is the Force truly with me after all?

He rolled to the side when his damaged limbs would not cooperate enough to let him sit up. Seconds later, a thick section of the ceiling fell with an impressive thud, followed by a youthful voice cursing softly in dismay.

“Sorry!” A young face appeared, with the sunlight behind him forming a bizarre impression of a halo. “Oh my gosh, I’m sorry. That almost hit you!”

It was the Boy.
It was his son.

“We saw the crash,” he called down, “My friends are bringing medical supplies. You’re going to be okay!”

You poor, naive child. You can’t make a promise like that.
Vader raised his head, suddenly grateful for the disguise, and hoped the Boy wouldn’t sense his identity just yet. This one time, Obi-wan’s failure to train him would work to his advantage.
“Who-?” he rasped
Who came with you? Who might I have to kill?

Misunderstanding the question, his son blinked, then slapped a palm to his forehead. “Ah, right, sorry!”
He laughed – Force, he really was young – and leaned further down into the ship.

“I’m Luke Skywalker, I’m here to rescue you.”

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what do you think about how they made RO Vader a little squishy in the concept art? it's not a lot, but he's got a little tummy going on there. is it a realism thing or a 'look at this washed-up declining Sith apprentice' thing or what

huh. You know, I didn’t really scrutinize that; I think that may just be what heavily-muscled people look like, realistically. People with lots of core muscles have thicker waists, and it’s not weird to have a layer of fat over that because that’s just how adipose tissue works. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be read as evidence of poor physical state. 

Vader does seem to have a heavier build than he did before he got ~~R E C O N S T R U C T E D~~, but I think part of that is that he’s hauling around like a hundred pounds of armor 24/7, and wearing heavy metal prosthetics. He’d have to have put on muscle to handle the weight of his equipment. I also sort of think his torso would look a little weird, from the various augments jammed in there. 

Because I’m terrible and @jerseydevious is likewise terrible and encourages me, I have thought before that Cylo and the rest of the cryborg team probably had trouble keeping Vader’s weight up where it should be, at least at first. Extensive burns cause an elevated metabolic rate, and canonically Vader doesn’t get to eat real people-food; his body would be just blazing through calories (even without doing constant strenuous physical activity), while meanwhile he’s getting fed via IV. Muscle wasting seems like it would be an issue here. 

Vader (Darth Vader comics #1-6), a.k.a. how Vader got his grove back. After meeting a mysterious young Force-weilder with his old lightsaber, Vader decides its time to stop following orders and take control of his life.

Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag

  • Kylo Ren and the other Vader stans like to imagine Vader as large and in charge, the emperor’s heir, the supreme commander of the fleet and the biggest baddest bitch on the block. He’s not.  He’s a sad old dog looking for love and getting kicked instead. Tarkin calls him to heel, Sidious smacks him with a rolled up newspaper and Tagge coos ‘who’s a good boy’ while fitting him with a choke chain and muzzle. From the way everyone talks down to him despite the ‘lord’ title, it’s clear this has been going on for a long time.
  • Even before Vader finds out Luke is his kid, he’s a source of hope and inspiration. He’s the first thing Vader lies to Sidious about. He’s what spurs Vader to take independent action.  Sidious thought such initiative was beyond him, but the very idea of Luke gave him the strength he needed to start to break free.  It’s like a @jerseydevious fic.
  • Vader is so EXTRA and funny. I’m sure most people write him off as a humorless murder-bot, but they don’t understand. His sense of humor is as dry as Tatooine and darkly sardonic as hell.  “Brought a fine haul of imperial weapons with you?” “I have,” he says leading a group of heavily armed stormtroppers.  Classic.
  • “An old man who thought he could help gifted children.  He was mistaken.” Contrary to fanon, Vader didn’t seem happy or eager or even mad when he killed Obi-Wan. If anything he seemed sort of numb and disappointed.
  • Dave likes to claim that Vader and Anakin are two separate people, and maybe even Vader likes to pretend that, but he really isn’t.  He flies around in his dead wife’s ship (or a replica or whatever) and has flashbacks all over the place. He’s still a sentimental loser who loves his wife and wants someone to give him a hug.
  • Vader sure has become religious in his old age. I wonder how much of his devotion to the Force is because it’s literally the only thing from his old life he can still experience. He’s so disconnected from the life and lives around him…except through the Force.

Aphra and Her Merry Band

  • Rouge archeologist Dr. Aphra is introduced in an action sequence which is basically a rip off of the start of Raiders of the Lost Arc. Dark Indiana Jones –> Dark Han is the obvious line of thought, but she and Han don’t actually have much in common.
  • 0-0-0 and BT, on the other hand, are definitely Dark C-3PO and R2D2. 
  • The first time I read this, I thought Aphra had a death wish. After reading through the entire series, I realized that it’s survivor’s guilt and proving to herself she deserves to live. All the dangerous shit she does is about testing wether she is strong enough, clever enough, ruthless enough, to survive in a way her mom wasn’t.  For her, Vader is the ultimate test. If she can live through him, she’ll be immortal.

You’ve Been De-Sheeved

  • Of course Sidious had back-ups in case the whole Anakin/Vader thing didn’t work out. The guy’s devious plans have devious plans.  I’m more surprised he put all his eggs in one basket when it came to the Death Star. That seems unusually short sided for him.
  • Vader thinks all of Cylo’s projects are abominations.  Does that include himself? Probably.  The idea that he served as inspiration for them, that they’re his kids, makes him sick…and enraged.
  • Aiolin is my favorite.  She’s just so excited when Vader shows up. Such a fangirl.

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Imperial Problem Child-verse. Luke, Rogue Squadron, and Leia rescue Vader from something. Leia's tempted to never let him live it down, but....

“Well, Princess?” 
He sounded so tired. And irritable, of course, but that was a given.

Luke was making a frantic no, do not motion behind Vader’s back, and the Rogues suddenly found themselves with other things to do.

Like piloting the cruiser out of the range of the impending explosion.

But Leia stared at the figure who had haunted her nightmares for years, stared at the yellow eye peering out of the fissure in the mask, and merely pursed her lips. “Well I certainly hope that’s the last we’ve seen of this Cylo character,” she said firmly.

“He sent him into the sun, Leia,” Luke snorted, “I’m pretty sure he’s not coming back.” He picked up a small multitool and handed it to Vader.
It was a testament to his current state of mind that he simply accepted the tool without comment.

“But is he sure?” Leia countered.

She could almost hear the grimace when Vader finally spoke. “To my knowledge, there are no further clones of Cylo. But if there should happen to be more, they will know that I am aware of their failsafes now, and it will not save them.”

Leia wasn’t sure she was supposed to be satisfied with that answer, but she’d rather an evil she was familiar with than an unknown like Cylo.
“I would have thought,” she said, sitting down across from Luke and Vader, “That in your business, the fact that you can kill him multiple times might appeal to you.”

She and Luke both jumped when Vader let out a rough, wheezing bark of a sound that they would later discover was laughter.

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Imperial Problem Child-verse. No one wanted to bring it up, especially with Leia and Vader actually getting along for the moment. Vader had already been through an ordeal with Cylo, anyway. They should just ignore it. But the question built in the back of the Rogues' minds like a dread whisper: What exactly happened to Darth Vader to turn Anakin Skywalker's blue eyes... yellow?

Luke is probably wondering if he got his eye color from his mother instead, the Rogues are wondering if it’s some kind of disease, and all Leia can think is part of some old ballad her mother sang once,

“eyes the color of hate”


Considering most of them don’t regularly shield their thoughts, Vader gets irritated with this rather quickly.

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That ass Cylo stan Heck responded to a post about why it's stupid that Crylo would redeemed and when they would ever redeem him after killing Han with "it will be revealed when it is revealed that the First Order and the old Empire were the protagonists all along" like can you say Nazi sympathiser or what.

What. The. Actual. Fuck


Original Comic by @cylo-kun

arthulian replied to your post: cylo replied to your post: ??????? W…

I also saw something about how Sugilite’s design was racist because she looks like some kind of gorilla (except she doesn’t) and that’s the whole…racist monkey insult thing.

I saw that too and I…completely don’t agree with that comparison. At all.

But I’m going to take a shot and say this is because they’ve probably never seen a Fu Dog, or a Oni, or a Rangda before