Yale Center for British Art Louis Kahn

Louis Kahn’s masterful Yale Center for British Art re-opens its doors after the completion of a $33 million, eight-year renovation led by New Haven-based Knight Architecture.

The five-story 1974 building houses the largest collection of British art outside of the United Kingdom, donated in 1966 by Yale Alumnus Paul Mellon. Its intimate, naturally lit galleries are organised around two ethereal interior courtyards, floored in travertine and clad with grids of bared concrete, matte steel and white oak wall panels. Perhaps most famous for its monolithic anchor piece, a drum-like cylindrical grey cement staircase— the centre is an astonishing example of Kahn’s unparalleled gift for eliciting visceral emotion through pure volume, light, and materials.

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Funerary Urn with Deity

Oaxaca, Mexico. Monte Alban. 6th century AD

Ceramic urns were often deposited as funerary offerings at the site of Monte Alban in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. The vessels are typically cylindrical and decorated on one side with an applied anthropomorphic figure modeled in clay. The figures often display elaborate headdresses, masks, and distinctive clothing, symbols, or hieroglyphs. Many of the urns have masks with serpent fangs on the lower face and maize vegetation in the headdress that link them to a group of Oaxacan deities. The incised swirling lines around this figure’s eyes might represent tattoos or scarification, both common in ancient Mesoamerica.


Additional Reading

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1970 Before Cortes: Sculpture of Middle America. New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Cat. 157.

The Met

Ford va produire son plus petit moteur à ce jour: 1,0 litre, 3 cylindres

Le constructeur automobile américain Ford, en pleine course aux véhicules économes dans un contexte de prix pétroliers élevés, va produire son plus petit moteur à ce jour: 1,0 litre et 3 cylindres.

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Whenever someone asks how I’m doing I respond ‘well I keep thinking if I did the right–’ and they interject “you can’t think like that.” 'You don’t understand…’ I want to retort.

A rapid event; so only until after did the brain slow down enough to process- and processing it taxingly is- with disregard to sleep- a connected dot jolting the brain back into activity. Seeking to replay; understand- an unemotional process that causes internal emotional disturbance; to partition information for the future: sounds, smells, sight, symbols, meaning, touch, and even taste.

Like the taste of manufactured ice shavings- in a pink jar for dehydrated patients- melded together to form a cylindrical tasteless treat, chewable and delicious- apparently- or maybe not so apparent; because even I was surprised I downed so many; watching the hospital room entrance as she became agitated. Gravity compressed her thigh muscles and she wanted to die. The nurse ran in, I chewed more, my eyes pulsates open, hoping he knew what to do- he did not know what to do- she screamed, “I don’t know! try morphine!” I said. “I’ll be back mrs__ try to stay calm! I’ll go order–” I worried for him, “where is he! Call him back!” I worried for her, “hang on, he’s–” After she was drowsy, late that night in the hallway, I stuttered out of the room, finding myself in front of an abstract blue mess on white paper- framed. It made me think, and I appreciated that- there, I truly appreciated and understood the irrational.
Recently I’ve been unhappy with my growth: the more I practice rationally, the more i improve and the more unhappier I feel-an ironic contradiction. This year, as the processing continues, I’ve been wanting to give up the desire to practice with the hand, and instead practice with the mind. I want to finally be able to read; think; grow my intellect and express the healing of my psyche- after exploring my culture/her culture- her gods and literature-her foods and people- her world- that I inherited from her womb- as I focus my attention on rediscovering what… Not who… I am.

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Voici pour ce samedi, Imusha, tour de cou. SIMS4
deux anneau de taille differente, pour le cou, ornement de petits cylindre long.
en 4 teinte. Argent, or jaune, or gris, or cuivré.
un look urbain et chic à la fois.
Pour soirée romantique avec votre amoureux Sims , entre amies, ou tous simplement pour se sentir belle et moderne.
Happy simming! zone accessoires

Here for this Saturday, Imusha collar. SIMS4 
two different ring size, neck, small long cylinder ornament.
4 tint. Silver, yellow gold, white gold, copper gold.
an urban and chic at once.
For romantic evening with your Sims lovers, friends, or simply to feel all nice and modern.
Happy simming! zone accesories

Mars Curiosity Rover Captures Image of Cigar/Cylindrically Shaped UFO

The shape of the UFO is just as we see it, long cigar shaped. At first a person will assume the exposure (shutter) was open allowing the photo to record for a few seconds, but no. The shutter speed is normal.

This object was moving slow, which is proven by the time stamps on the photos on the NASA site. That means since it was moving slowly, the shape we see before us is the correct shape of the object.

One possible explanation is that the object is of one of Mars’ two moons, Phobos or Deimos.

They are respectively 22 and 13 kilometers in diameter, and have respective orbits of 9,400 and 23,460 kilometers. They are thought to be captured asteroids and are irregular in shape.

This is significant since as Waring points out, the objects in the Curiosity Rover image is not irregular:

Then again, could this be a moon or micro moon orbiting Mars?

Yes, it could be possible, however a moon of this shape would have a high probability of flipping end over end. This object has slow, balanced movement like a ship in water… having the appearance of an object that is self propelled.


Plant of the Day

Thursday 19 May 2016

Decaisnea fargesii (blue bean) is an upright, sparsely-branched deciduous shrub with strong shoots. In late spring these pendent panicles of green flowers are produced and if pollinated there will be cylindrical metallic blue pods in the autumn. I think this is such a cool plant!

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Kanji for 22 May 2016 / 平成28年5月22日

  • ON: セイ、サイ
  • Kun: そろ・う、ひと・しい、ひと・しく、あたる
  • Nan: ただ、なり、ひと、ひとし

adjusted, alike, equal, similar quantity of

一斉(いっせい) “simultaneous, all at once”

斉唱(せいしょう) “singing or chanting in unison”

Refresher! Yesterday’s kanji: 缶 (カン; かま; ふ、べ)

KAD Classic

  • ON: ホン
  • Kun: もと
  • Nan: まと、ごう

book; present, main, origin; true, real; counter for long cylindrical things