Betrayal (Cylinderworm era)

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Cylinderworm’s head hangs lowly, heart is slowly breaking. Throughout the traumatic experience with Vivi, Cylinderworm’s only reliable companion: WLL was the only thing he could really turn to, the only joy and incentive he had in the world (since Sensei monkey had passed away).

Cylinderworm wipes the tears out of his eyes and grips the Easyway cup in his hand even tighter, It was a large purple flavoured Easyway, Cylinderworm didn’t even like the purple one, and couldn’t finish the large one by himself, he only bought that because he knew WLL’s favourite was the purple one, and so that there was enough for them to share, but WLL wouldn’t be sharing drinks with Cylinderworm any time soon.

Heptic, not yet a villian, with no current need to be terminated had wormed his was into WLL’s heart, pushing Cylinderworm’s position out, WLL had been spending more time with Heptic and was even sharing drinks with Heptic (although not the sacred Easyway drinks, just milkshakes). It burned Cylinderworm from the inside out to watch this, he knew that WLL would only share drinks with his greatest companions or his lovers, this rejection was possibly a more traumatic experience than fighting Vivi himself, Vivi may have killed and mistreated many of Cylinderworm’s people, but Vivi would never betray or reject his closest, most reliable friend.

Cylinderworm had shed one tear too many, WLL actions became too much for him, Cylinderworm remembered the time when WLL nearly drowned in his pool, the time when Chatswong had hosted an appreciation mass for WLL, the time when WLL helped Cylinderworm destroy Vivi and free Chatswong, the time when WLL died and Cylinderworm wanted to rip his heart out and give it to him to bring him back to life, but instead gave him the holy syrup to revive him from an icy grave and all the times when they had simply bonded together and gone halfsies with Easyway.

Cylinderworm turned away from the sight of WLL and Heptic sitting in Mcdonalds sharing a Mcflurry, clenched the purple Easyway close to his heart, turned around and heavily slumped away, being sure to stop by at WLL’s house and leave the Easyway on his windowsill, in an effort that WLL will acknowledge Cylinderworm’s feelings, but Cylinderworm knew it wouldn’t work.

As Cylinderworm retreated into the Chatswong shrine, he didn’t lock the doors this night, and left it a crack open in case WLL would return, and he made sure that there was enough dinner out in case WLL was hungry when he got back, but deep down, as much as it hurt him, Cylinderworm knew that WLL would never be coming back.