Just some sketches of works I’ll never finish, and comics that will never see the light, haha.But seriously, if I had a little more time, I could put some of things into final stage. Thankfully to my Hun, I still find some motivation to sketch from time to time :3

Some of my favs are the Shield Beast statue in first part and Crocodile Fairy at the very bottom, on the right. And some antics, like tongue crawl around face.


Now there’s a little more story behind these babies:
When I was applying for job, I had to travel to Warsaw by train. And you don’t even know how I love travelling by trains.

So guess- both of these guys are actually friggin’ dragonized trains.

The red guy is based on Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna’s Train:

The green one is based on Koleje Mazowieckie’s Traxx P160CD: 

Now you know…

HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON. Thank you for your attention.
Ps. Don’t judge me for making the red guy into skylanderesque version ;_; I just hella love him.


Guess who found out how awesome brush markers are.
I haven’t drawn much things in past time, so have old sketches from my sketchbook. Sorry for crappy quality of scans ;_;
I absolutely hate HP scanners. 

Please enjoy the basic things of Cyjon:
Beast, Dwagon (inspired by Eclipse summon from Golden Sun) and Degus in Pokeyman and Monster Hunter versions.
Thank you for your time!