I’ve made this a background image for my Rosy Smarts comic blog thingy, but… it’s totally empty as the school blocked me mentally before I managed to finish the first thing for it. Was kinda excepting that…

I was going to make a post with this picture after I actually start post anything on this blog but I decided that I’ll post it now before I start hating it as it grows old or something. Also, I’m impatient. And stuff. And muff.


This was supposed to be “rarity with lots of plastic diamonds and plastic colourful stones aronud her!111” for Yanosturtull but I don’t know how to draw plastic so I drew Spike having good taste.

wallpaper size (but not resolution; and it probably won’t work anyway because clutter-stuff)

I’m terribly sorry it took so long. I was supposed to do this after I’m done with semester and some pony related stuff but I couldn’t make myself to draw anything that isn’t a Twilight Sparkle and I wanted to put some heart in this because this is an an art trade and Yanosturtull have done an amazing Future Sparkle piece for me and I wanted to give something back all right. I had this started but only yesterday I made myself to finish it after being guilt tripped because I did not draw Rarity on episode reaction pic.