unst des Handelns

Title: “unst des Handelns”

Creator: Canon iR-ADV C5255  PDF

Producer: Adobe PSL 1.2e for Canon

Remix: pdfimages (poppler-utils)

I made this mistake/experiment into a book.
36 b/w superglossy pages, 148x210mm. Edition of 15, for now.

If you want one: it’s 4 €, write to (just leave out the spam part)

What is this what this is?
The other day I had to print a PDF of a scanned book. In order to save toner I wanted to exclude the black bars (which are basically scans of the room the scanner is in). I ran it through pdfimages to extract all bitmaps to avoid resampling. But! This smart scanner (driver) splits images into two layers: one 1 bit bitmap with the text, and an 8 bit bitmap with all the non-text “dirt”, the non-graphic/photography part, so to speak. This book contains all this photographic dirt, plus a poster with useful exercise for your back!