Custom kydex for a SOG SEAL Pup knife .

The customer requested scout carry via a tek lock with inline fire -steel holder to carry a modded LMF army fire steel with gutted 550 fire-cord tinder over wrap sealed in heatshrink .

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Cyflect .

A recent request from a customer for his Sig mags based on an idea here in 2014.

The cyflect both glints under red or white/ blue  light and glows green in both low and no light settings if charged via either lumens or UV light .

 cyflect available via @lumisafeltd

 tacos via @highspeedgear

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Rt morale kydex variant .

 Velcro backed to fit to any loop panels, Cyflect glint &glow center with x5 GITD microdots .

 Need one , want one, Or want your own name on then please email at the address below .

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Camo EOD tanto sorted for a US LEO .

6MM thick 01 tool steel American tanto style tip with camo laminate G-10 scales and torx chain ring bolts .

The customer requested I add a matching fire steel loop to the kryptek Highlander sheath with one of my slimline army sized fire-steels and a long malice clip for pack carry .

 My original intention had been for small of the back scout carry with 2 Blade tech IWB loops which I could then run a Tactical Tailor Molle mag pouch off to carry key survival / SERE kit in .

 Kit contents include an @oscardelta mini Gotube with Photon Freedom micro , @topsknivesofficial folding hacksaw ,cyflect pimped APALS Britestrike strobe , baddest bee fire fuses with tinder paper circles and fire-steel toggle , a spool of nano cord with mono filament test fishing line core , GITD SERE compass and a mini  Leatherman tool .

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Kryptek kydex tungsten carbide fire- steel striker I recently made up for a US LEO .

This version has a removable fire steel holder to take a 6mm thick ferro rod with shock cord tether . The main striker unit has double sided cyflect Glint & Glow markers and multi -cam 550 cord  lanyard .

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Always be prepared .

Great things can come in small packages like what you can stash in a Go -tube

 Contents dry after 2 hour submergence test include in the larger CF version, Latherman style multi tool , Silva SERE compass ,ferro rod toggle , handmade spark fire wheel wrapped in jute cordage and heat shrink  , mini MK3 double sided cyflect location marker and x3 tinder paper circles .

 Smaller mini go -tube has x6 10 hour mini chem -lights , micro ferro rod with needle in gutted 550 cord sheath , x2 tinder paper circles , x2 surgical steel blade wrapped in flamable brown waxed paper .


Prototype Cyflect pouch’s

Just a rough idea but certainly will look into getting some proper versions made up as these were just stitched together about 30 mins ago .

2 sizes of Glint &Glow Cyflect sew on material with Velcro hook &loop closure with technora pull tabs .

The large was sized to take a DPX Gear Danger Tag , and the small x8 10 hour mini chem-lights  the bigger can also take several other similar sized items and the small fitted both a Photon freedom and a universal cuff key . 

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Some ideas for EDC or survival  E&E / SERE type tools .

From locking and non locking cutting tools depending on your carry laws through to Custom and production key chain and emergency use tools  .

Personal flashlights, strobe beacons and signaling options through to fire-steel’s and fire starters, tinder and strikers there’s just something about gadgets that I love .


Quick recycle project .

Recycled Dental floss container .

Once empty the handy pocket sized container was sprayed black with added cyflect glint & glow marker .

Hunter orange nano cord with a central mono filament fishing line keeps cord neat and tidy ready for instant use using the in built floss cutter .

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Custom leather sheath for my ‘One for The Road ’ knife .

The 'Road’ was purchased by a collector of my work and we discussed at length the ideas for a post Apocalyptic leather sheath .

Made from wet formed 4 mm thick veg tan distressed on the workshop floor , double dyed light / dark brown for an aged effect then rubbed back with wire wool .

Riveted with hammered copper saddlery rivets and brass kydex eyelets and set for horizontal carry via a large tek-lock.

 For vertical carry the sheath runs on a Dorset Woodland blade’s kydex extender . The sheath is finished off with a custom made fire steel in the same materials as the knife and a hammered copper fire steel holder  with kangaroo leather lanyard with bronze shackle and leg tie .

All of the add-on’s are removable via kydex hardware screws with the top leather belt keeper having a Cyflect Glint &Glow Concho  fixed to a brass cog .

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Starlight striker tests, daytime .

 In a field so  probably the best place for field testing my new  Kirinite starlight striker .

As you can see from the state of my LMF Army fire-steel the tungsten carbide eats fire-steels for lunch but it really does produce some amazing hot sparks into the coir matting tinder  probably well above the 5400 degree F mark  .

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Multi -Cam kydex neck carry rig for one of my lightweight back up Survival neckers .

 This one for a US customers also features a Cyalume Cyflect small M3 marker , a technora lanyard with fire -steel toggle and a sage green elastic Ranger type band for stashing further small survival kit behind .

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I picked up this un-ground but Heat treated NC690 blade at the Wilderness gathering from knife maker Duncan from Dorset woodland blades .

 My good friend Bones then did the honors on the great full flat grind  and I then added the orange G-10 liners under green canvas micarta and an all over etch in ferric chloride .

 The removable torx bolts allow access to the laser cut  cut-outs where I ’ve stashed a micro fire-steel / needle in a para cord sheath , a 4 hour mini  light stick (recently snapped one of these and it glowed for more like 20 hours ) and a double sided cyflect  glint & glow marker  hidden in the over sized circular cut out .

 Still got to make a sheath up , thinking kydex but may be leather ???

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Secondary Function .

As with many bits of kit I always try and come up with a secondary function where ever possible .

By removing the  cyflected APALS from the prototype 3D printed holder and replacing it on a hooked tape backed Mil-spec elastic Ranger band it can then seal in small gear such as tinder circles , compass , mini firesteel in snakedr style para-cord sheath , SERE V cutter and 10 hour light-stick .

This version still needs proper testing but I kinda like the rough idea .

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Prototype Molle Cyflect  ‘Strip Light ’.

Since getting a bit more of this very unique hybrid  highly reflective glint and glow tape made by Cyalume from Joe over at  Ive started to think on a few new applications for its possible role as a maker for various teams and groups .

This idea fits to a standard 1 inch webbing or PALS grid on Molle vest or pack allowing for a low profile placement on gear but with maximum glint and glow ( please note the sharp corners of the tape will be rounded for a non snag fit ).

 The kydex hardware screw is easily removable to allow the 'Strip light ’ function to be used on standard name/ rank panels or on the morale patch loop Velcro  found on most packs these days and is of course backed with  Mil-spec hook tape .

 Further small GITD , IR, SOLAS or day glint tape dots can then be placed behind the eyelets to further aid signaling or night time recognition .

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Hybrid Steam / Cyber Punk Time traveler cog amulet .

Take a brass clock cog , remove the sharp points and then hammer harden and etch in copper rich ferric chloride .

Then add double sided Cyalume Cyflect  reflective glint and glow and a brass eyelet .

Tie off with a natural 3 strand braided and dyed sinew to complete .

Custom knives sheaths and gear from


An old one I forgot to show .

 52100 bearing steel Shard kiridashi , wrapped in Technora 400, black kydex sheath can be Molle mounted vertical under PALS grid or horizontal using shock ties or simple neck carry via different lanyard  shown with mini MK3 cyflect Glint&Glow marker or Ranger type elastic stash band .

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Ru Titley kit markers in use .

Andrew from twin Brother recently completed a Help for Heroes Saharan challenge which included trekking one of the worlds highest sand dunes .

Fitted to his Hill People Gear pack he choose to fit a mini sawn- off Strip -lights (top of pack in first pic )  which he had asked to be prototyped and fitted to the sides a red and green 10 hour mini chem- light holder  as kit markers both of which helped him to keep a tab on his pack in the sever sand storms they encountered .

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Summer is nearly here .

That means me starting to get my camping gear ready again and pimping it up a little where needed .

Ive had this stainless camping cutlery set for many years but since getting a folding Ti Spork it rarely gets used so thought Id modify it to better suit my needs.

I don’t really like shiny things except Cyflect and signal mirrors ! so gave the whole package the etch and stone-wash treatment .

You can see from the second shiny pictute Ive also modified the rounded blade profile into more of a tanto point and have sharpened out the dull serrations which were actually useless but it doesn’t seem to have affected the bottle opener at all .


Survival Hatchet.

 Whilst I had the Technora 950 out to wrap up my AK knife I thought it may be cool to wrap up the haft of my Gransfors Bruks belt hatchet too .

The small axe lives in my Kifaru E&E pack and just wanted to see what add-ons I could add to the existing set up to make it better .

I wrapped the haft in over 200 inchs of the technora 950 cord from (many thanks Sync_below) giving a great grip but also a load of 950 lb breaking strain cord .

To the existing kydex mask I added a fire- steel toogle to the shock cord retention system , a Photon freedom Micro with 360 degree rotation and one of my Mini MK3 double sided Glint &Glow markers in 3M orange reflective and cyflect reverse .

 To the technora lanyard I added a mini Go-tube from snakeDr/ oscar delta which is perfect for stashing small SERE / E&E kit in this case a micro fire-steel/ needle  wrapped in several feet of micro cord ,  x2 swan Norton scalpels blades wrapped in waxed brown tinder paper , x2 Hammero tinder card circles, a baddest bee fire fuze sealed in heat shrink and a 10 hour red mini chem light .

 Apart from the obvious benefits of the axe with increased range, cutting/ chopping  power, use as a hammer  etc , there’s the added benefit of using the technora as a friction saw that will cut through wood , there are now also 2 ways to make fire , x5 forms of tinder and x5 lighting / signaling options .

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