I really hope they start including some LGBTQ characters in Criminal Minds soon

I’m honestly kind of sad that they haven’t done so yet. I know Reid was originally intended to be bisexual (why on earth that was cut out due to his crush on JJ that went literally nowhere, I’ll never know), but since that tidbit of information came out, they’ve done nothing but have heterosexual characters. I’m hopeful that, especially with Shemar and Thomas no longer being a part of the show, the twelfth season inspires some semblance of character development towards a non-heterosexual preference.

Characters I could see being on the LGBTQ spectrum:
-Dr. Spencer Reid (duh). I think they could bring back the possibility of him being bisexual in this season. It’d be super refreshing.
-Emily Prentiss. I think she would be great as a bisexual or pansexual woman. I could easily see her having relationships of the same gender.
-Penelope Garcia. Oh man, would she be great! I can’t even imagine how cute she would be with a girlfriend (or even a polyamorous relationship).

Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

reasons why criminal minds should NOT have inter-team romantic relationships
  • it ruins the family dynamic of the team
  • as viewers, we don’t watch for the romance. we watch for the uniqueness of each case and the dynamic of all these characters put together as a team
  • yes, a lot of us ship inter-team romances but we are content with our headcannons and fanfics, we don’t want this show to become something its not
  • the family dynamic of all of the characters is the most important part of this show, please don’t ruin that.
  • we DON’T watch for romance
  • it ruins the family dynamic of the team
  • overall, it ruins criminal minds as a tv show.