Funny story about this one; I was staring at it a good 20 minutes since something looked off, then it dawned on me that I NEVER GAVE HER EYEBROWS.

Anywho, since I drew my own self-insert into HunieCam and wanted to practice more with it, I was like “I might as well insert someone else. Who do I know who literally self-inserts into EVERYTHING?” And then I remembered @kyleehenke is the self-insert meme queen.

So here she is in the HunieCam style! Or at least my emulation of it since I’m not the one who made the style.

Oh yeah and it’s an Undertale shirt since I’m p sure we’re both still trash. Besides it’s rly cute.

First YouTuber fanart ever… jeez, this was a lot harder than it looked. (how do you even draw these two’s fabulous hair and stubble?)
Also mini Tiny Box Tim and Septic Eye Sam because why not?

Anywho, Markiplier and Jacksepticeye are two of my favorite YouTubers right now, and definitely two of my biggest inspirations.
You two rock.
P.S. Keep up those Twitter baby fights, they’re works of art.