okay listen Arkham City is A Serious Game™ but it’s also fucking hiliarous

-harvey’s and selina’s bitchfight over her stuff and him getting her arrested

-selina fucking him up in retaliation

-selina almost dying bc she forgot to water ivy’s plants

-harley’s quinn’s phone booths.

- bruce ignoring every single of joker’s calls

- penguin voice: I have batman corner- oh wait fUCK

- harvey voice: the penguin is a little bitch

- harvey when he sees batman in the beginning of the game: What The Fuck Bruce

- bruce knocking penguin out just for the hell of it

- riddler voice: what do you call a bat that tries to take something for a cat???

- talia refusing to make out with bruce anymore bc he’s ugly

- selina 100% willing to ditch bruce to the wolves

- ra’s wanting to die for the drama of it all

- clayface’s three voicelines are hysterical trust me

- mad hatter getting the shit beat out of him brings me joy

- the inmates refusing to go into the sewers bc otherwise croc’s gonna eat ‘em

- joker dies the Way He Deserves

- freeze voice: Murder gets people places batman!