I’m a cynical person.

I see the worst in human kind because it is the worst of us that makes history. It is the worst of us that is emphasized in our society. Greed, violence, lust, cruelty, lies, hypocrisy, lawlessness, a certain aptness for self loathing or arrogance. Indeed, I am human. And indeed, I show some of these traits. But at least I acknowledge the truth. That we are all flawed. That we are all broken. That we have and will all do dreadful things in our lives.

Yes, I am cynical. But it feels rather more practical.

Kahit gaano ka pa kamahal ng isang lalaki, kahit gano pa kayo katagal, maghahanap at maghahanap yan ng iba. Kaya mahirap magmahal eh. Alam mo na kasi kung anong kahihinatnan ng relasyon nyo. Alam mong sa huli, kahit mahalin mo sya ng buong-buo o kahit di mo ipakita ang buong pagmamahal mo sa kanya, mag-sasawa at mag-sasawa yan sayo, maghahanap ng bago at iiwanan ka. Walang lalaking faithful. Oo sa simula faithful sya sayo pero eventually dadating at dadating yung panahon na ipagpapalit nya yung pinagsamahan nyo at iiwanan ka para lang sa isang babae na mas better sayo.

heartbreak at first sight

Back when I worked at the movie theater, I had a funny conversation with a co-worker who told me I’d be good at breaking up with people. Like it was a gift. That conversation inspired this writing. I’m taking it out of the vaults to share.

Most people like to play matchmaker. They love to pretend they’re Cupid and go around stabbing people in the hearts with their arrows, all for the name of love.

Not me though. I don’t like love and I don’t like to bring two people together like that. I know I sound real cycnical and a negative person. I’m not; I promise. I just don’t like those people who are always up in others’ business, trying to push two souls together.

As for me, I was told from a young age I had the strange gift of heartbreak. They told me I’d be good at breaking up with people for other people. So when a friend (or even the acquaintance) had to endure a breakup, they would call me. Literally. It was crazy at first to do the job of someone else, ie breaking up with someone I wasn’t even in a relationship with. I bet it was even crazier for the person getting dumped.

But time went on and word got out. I even had people who were in relationships tell me that if their significant other ever breaks up with them, they want them to hire me to do it. Wow.

I am a likable person, social and always up for a good conversation. I like to make people laugh, like laugh real hard where tears stream down your face and your sides ache. That good of a time that when you think back on it later on, you start to laugh so hard all over again.

And I’m a smooth talker.