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You won’t see anything similar to this from another manufacturer on this planet. After more than 3 years of extensive & highly confidential development and testing, the Cyclotron is the next big step in bicycle evolution. From this point on, regular bicycles will appear like nostalgic collector’s items, we believe the Cyclotron is: “The Future of Cycling”.

The Cyclotron

Guys guys guys, look at this thing!

IT’S CALLED THE CYCLOTRON AND IT LOOKS AWESOME. As a Tron lover, I’m definitely adding this along to my collection of awesome things. It is the world’s first hubless bicycle, featuring an electronic E-Gear box and space-grade carbon fiber. Just look at it! It’s beautiful!


『 「THE CYCLOTRON BIKE」はスポークレスの超未来型スマート自転車。スポークが無いので、タイヤの中が空洞になっています。そう、1982年に公開された映画「トロン」が現実になったのです! 』



映画トロンが現実に?革命的スポークレス自転車「THE CYCLOTRON BIKE」が完全に未来! | Techable(テッカブル)


The Cyclotron Bike - Revolutionary Spokeless Smart Cycle - $1000+

  • World’s First Hubless Smart Bicycle - Electronic E-Gear Box - Fully Integrated - Space Grade Carbon Fiber - iPhone & Android App
  • The Cyclotron is fully connected, packed with tons of innovative features and controlled by the powerful Cyclo-App.
  • The Cyclotron is equipped with two spokeless wheels, it is the world’s first commercially available bike using this technology.
  • All lights of the Cyclotron Bike are toggled by the Automatic Light Sensor, that switches them on/off according to the current daylight situation. This tremendously enhances your visibility when riding in traffic or on roads with no public street lighting.
  • The Self charging Li-Ion Battery Pack powers the Cyclotrons lights for more than 8 hours without engaging the internal dynamo. The Cyclo-App notifies you when battery is low, so you’ll never run out of power.

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