One person who surprised the fuck outta me by making me love their character in XMA?

Tye Sheridan as Scott Summers/Cyclops

I’ve always been on a divide with the character of Cyclops in these movies. No disrespect to James Marsden, I do like his contribution to the original X-Men trilogy. But I didn’t really favor how they sort of only had Scott there to be either Jean’s love interest or Logan’s rival because he’s Jean’s love interest. I never really felt that in the original movies that he was the leader of the X-Men, like he’s supposed to be. 

But XMA Scott? Tye Sheridan’s Scott? Now him I can see as a future leader of the X-Men (if they get their shit right and don’t make Mystique the leader anymore). I saw more character diversity and depth from this Scott than I ever got from Scott in all three original X-Men movies. We get to see a bit of an sweet and innocent… something… start to blossom between him and Jean (which is a nice change of pace from the possessive “back off of my girl” vibe we always got from Scott in the original movies) and it didn’t overtake the plot or their characters! There is just something about this Scott Summers that makes me excited to see more of him, and I think that that should be a goal for every character onscreen. My heart even started racing when I saw Scott with his optic visor on at the end of XMA. I don’t think I’d ever gotten so excited over a costume piece before (maybe for Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s costume in Deadpool? IT WAS SO COMICS AUTHENTIC I ALMOST CRIED). 

I don’t know if I’m alone in this, but I’m just so excited to see where his character goes in future X-Men projects. I’m ready for more of Sheridan’s Cyclops. 

The 20th Anniversary of The Power Rangers.

My favorite and the best moment is The Megazord vs Cyclopsis in MMPR “ Doomsday”. It’s remind of me of Optimus Vs Megatron, it’s awesome

And now 20 years later, two mighty foes goes mortal combat for the fate of the Universe

Go Go Power Rangers!

The scavenger and the cyclops

My friend, the scavenger
says to me

Always sleep
with one eye open,
like a cyclops

I smile and tell her
all the cyclopes have
only one eye

my friend says

then carves out
her second eye

eats it
and falls asleep–

left to wonder, I
break into quiet laughter

That scavenger, oh!
but I do
admire her so