cyclops thing

“We need… to leave… soon. He – he is on his way to take the Earth – once and – once and for all. I do not… know… what he plans to do… with it.” Maxlin the Accuser

Cover art for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4 #018

Art by Arthur Adams and Jason Keith

the quality of the art in the sonic comic fluctuates (hence this blog) but there are two art styles that i particularly hate, 2000s Anime Bullshit™ and Cyclops™

2000s anime bullshit has all of the characters have super sparkly chris hart eyes that look like they came from one of those 2002 how to draw anime books

cyclops gives everyone completely square irises with almost no indication of which eye is which. their pupils are just kind of floating on what looks like a sheet of copy paper stuck to their face. also the colors are really muddy?

i dont know which one is worse


Anthony Vukojevich drew a tribute to Fred Hembeck’s amazing cover for the Fantastic Four Roast for the Coveredblog.  Then he turned it into a 50th anniversary of the Fantastic Four art piece for the San Diego Comic-Con program.  Can you spot the differences?  Answers in the next post!


REQUEST: Fast food at 1am with my best friend (that I have a crush on) and I didn’t mean to but it slipped out and now u know I like u do u like me back? With Scotty boy please
PAIRINGS: Scott Summers x Reader
WARNINGS: one curse
LENGTH: 1,005 Words
A/N: i love soft scott

Everyone at the X Mansion had a curfew of 11pm. Sadly, this left you laying in bed for hours upon hours thanks to insomnia. You never thought much about it, just laid in bed staring at the ceiling until sleep took over. 

Most mornings left you sleepy and looking half dead. Thankfully caffeine had you perk up before anyone could notice. 

Dragging your hand over your face you stumbled into the dining hall, immediately waking up at the sight of your friends sitting around and talking. Peter was rapidly moving his arms around, probably attempting to prove some point to a stubborn Ororo. 

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