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It’s Fine.

Scott Summers x Reader

A/N: Not requested, but this just sort of happened. Also, sorry I’ve been kind of slow about requests, I’m trying to get two different longer fics off the ground at the moment, but I should pick up the pace again soon

Scott Summers is your best friend. You know you’re supposed to love him, not be in love with him. You know that’s not how it’s supposed to go, but that’s how it goes for you. And it’s fine. Truly. Most days you can almost ignore the way his smile makes your head spin, or the way your throat tightens whenever he slings an arm over your shoulders. It’s fine. You’re fine.

Today is not most days, though. You’re in Scott’s room, the maths assignment you had been working on long abandoned by now. He’s sprawled over his bed, his feet kicking at the headboard and you’re sitting on the floor, propped against the side of his desk. He’s telling some story or other about Jean, which you’re not listening to. You’re trying to ignore the way his face lights up when he’s talking about her and the way it makes your chest clench uncomfortably, but it’s impossible to avoid thinking about when his crush on her makes so much damn sense. Who wouldn’t prefer her over you? She’s so smart and so beautiful and they’d be so good together. You’d have to be blind to miss it. They both have the same drive, the same charismatic pull that demands attention without trying. They’d be perfect together. Even you can see it.

That doesn’t mean it’s any less painful to you.

“(Y/N)?” You’re shaken out of your reverie at the sound of your name.

“Hmm?” You look over at Scott a little belatedly, and he laughs.

“You weren’t paying attention to a word I was saying, were you?” He teases you, and you shrug guiltily.

“Sorry, I guess I’m just tired.” You say, and it isn’t a lie. You are tired, but that’s not why you weren’t listening. “Something about Jean?” You prompt him, giving him a small, tight smile, and you must not quite manage to keep your resentment from creeping into your voice, because he frowns thoughtfully at you.

“Hey, you okay? You’re really out of it, is something wrong?” He asks, and he sounds so genuinely concerned that you want to laugh, because there is so much wrong with you at the moment, and you can’t tell him about any of it.

Is something wrong? I’m in love with you.

You seem really out of it. You don’t love me back.

You okay? I thought I’d come to terms with this, but apparently not, because it still hurts.

“I’m fine.” Is all you say, your voice brittle with feigned nonchalance. “Just tired, like I said.” The words sound like an excuse even as they leave your lips, and Scott sits up, studying you with a slightly bewildered expression.

“You sure? You seem upset or something. What’s up?” He says, his voice gentle and sympathetic, and you rise abruptly to your feet, forcing back the hot sting of tears at the backs of your eyes, because you can’t be around him right now. You can’t take being his best friend today.

“I’m just not feeling too great,” You lie, fighting to keep your voice even. “I actually think I should go sleep or whatever. You don’t need to worry about me.” You say, trying desperately to reassure someone, though you’re not sure whether it’s for Scott’s benefit or your own.

“Okay. Feel better, then.” He doesn’t sound even remotely convinced, but he knows you well enough not to force the issue. You’re almost out the door when his voice stops you. “You know you can tell me anything, right? You’re my best friend.” He says, and the smile you offer him in return is more a grimace than anything else, because you refuse to let him see just how much his reassurance stings. You’re fine. It’s fine.

“Of course.” You get out, the words feeling like broken glass in your mouth, and then you shut the door behind you, tears finally spilling down your cheeks, because you knew exactly how this was going to end for you but that never meant this was how you wanted it to be, because you love him. You’re so in love with him but you’re his best friend. Nothing else.

Xavier’s Hotel and Club Part 2.5

A/N: Okay so this chapter is kinda short because I felt like if it worked only as a stand alone chapter. That’s why it’s called chapter 2.5!
PAIRINGS: Scott Summers x Reader; Warren Worthington x Reader
WARNINGS: kissing???????????; Hotel!AU
LENGTH: 588 Words

part 1/part 2

It was the night before the hotel officially opened. You and the rest of the gang were hanging out in the lounge, cherishing the last moments of freedom before guests arrived.

You and Ororo were hanging out on the floor drinking soda and chatting. Ororo emptied her bottle, about to throw it away when Jubilee screamed from across the room.

“DON’T YOU DARE THROW THAT OUT ORORO!” Everyone immediately stopped what they were doing at the high pitched shriek.

Ororo held up her hands defensively and put the bottle on the ground as Jubilee walked over to the two of you, picking the bottle up.

“Since it’s our last night of freedom,” she said, addressing the group. “I thought we should play some group games, specifically spin the bottle.”

She smiled and looked down at you. After some mumbles, Peter and Scott moved the couches out of the way and everyone sat down in a circle.

“Since Y/N is a newbie, she should go first.” said Jubilee, smiling and handing you the bottle.

You felt your stomach drop, but you still took the bottle nonetheless. Swallowing you leaned over and placed the bottle in the middle. Closing your eyes you spun the bottle hard. You barely opened your eyes as you saw it land.

“What the fuck?! No!” said Scott, throwing his arms up in the air.

“Scott you gotta do it, it’s the rules.” said Jubilee, wagging her finger.

“I don’t wanna do this either.” you grumbled, crossing your arms in indignation. “But it’s a game and I won’t be a party pooper.”

With that you walked over to Scott and quickly pressed your lips against his cheek. His cheek was soft and warm. It felt nice against your lips. Your heart jumped slightly at the action.

On the other side of the room Scott prayed that you wouldn’t hear his heart beating a mile a minute. When your lips touched his cheek he felt a warmth spread from your lips to his cheek. Was he blushing? Could anyone see how sweaty his hands were getting?

Wait. What the fuck? Thought Scott.

You sat back in your spot, biting your lip hard to prevent the blush that was for some reason threatening to appear on your cheeks. Luckily, it seemed that no one noticed.

The game continued for a while until it was getting late.

“Okay okay! One last spin. Y/N since you started, you get to end too.” said Jubilee.

Rolling your eyes you leaned forward and spun the bottle once more. Your stomach dropped when you looked up.


Warren smirked when he noticed the bottle. When his gaze caught yours he winked and beckoned you with his finger. You and Peter switched places so you were sitting next to Warren.

The two of you leaned in and he pressed his lips into yours. Instantly you melted into him, his hands going to your waist and pulling you into his lap. You didn’t know how long you were kissing, but you pulled away at the sound of someone clearing their throat.

“Well, I’m going to bed.” said Scott, standing up and leaving the room, his exit punctuated with the slam of the door.

You wiped your lips with the back of your hand and nervously looked down at the floor. The tension in the room was thick and everyone could feel it. Coughing nervously you stood up.

“Scott’s right. Uh see you all tomorrow.” you said, giving a sheepish smile and walking to your room.

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“We need… to leave… soon. He – he is on his way to take the Earth – once and – once and for all. I do not… know… what he plans to do… with it.” Maxlin the Accuser

Cover art for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4 #018

Art by Arthur Adams and Jason Keith

Stupid Mistakes: Peter Maximoff/ Quicksilver Imagine

Prompt #32: I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend

Summary: You and Peter are best friends and he has feelings for you

Requested by @oly-sokolova

I shut my book with a smile and stretch out my body. I have been reading all afternoon and finally finished my book. I decide to go to Peter’s room to hang out so I throw some shoes on and head out the door. When I get to his room, I notice that his door is open slightly. I go to open the door but stop when I hear Hank’s voice. I peer in the door to see Peter sitting on the edge of his bed with his head in his hands and Hank standing in front of him. I’m about to knock when they start talking again. “Why don’t you just tell her?” Hank says, clearly fed up with the conversation. Peter scoffs and says “Oh yeah. Great plan. I’ll just march on up to her and say y/n, I think I’m in love with you. And what if she rejects me? What do I do then Hank?”. Hank shakes his head and says “But what if she doesn’t? You’ll never know until you tell her”. Peter grips the roots of his hair tightly as he mumbles “I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend”. My jaw drops open and I back away from the door as I see Hank pat Peter’s shoulder and walk towards the door. As he gets closer I turn away and sprint back to my room. I flop onto my bed, replaying the words I had heard Peter say. I lay there for a while before I hear a soft knock on my door. I get up to open it and see Peter’s eyes staring into mine. “Hey Peter what’s up?” I say trying to be causal. He walks in and sits on my bed. “ I know you heard what I said earlier. I saw you outside my door before you ran away. I figured I should say it to your face so um yeah” he says as he grabs my hands and takes a deep breath. “Y/n, I think that I might be in love with you. I know that we are best friends so if you don’t feel the same I understand but I think that it would only be fair to give me a chance. Let me take you on one date before you decide anything. If you still don’t feel anything after that, the I’ll leave you alone” he says nervously. I let go of one of his hands and I put my fingers under his chin to make him look at me, because his eyes couldn’t stay still. I smile at his and shake my head slightly as I say “Who says I don’t already feel the same,hm?”. His eyes open wide and he asks quietly “Really? Like seriously?”. I laugh a little and nod. A huge smile breaks out across his face and he throws his arms around my shoulders. I wrap my arms around his waist and bury my face in his chest. He pulls away and places a soft kiss onto my lips. I look up at him and smirk saying “You know I’m still expecting that date though”. He laughs and nods before placing a kiss to the top of my head and all I can think is how glad I am that I made the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.


Some sketches from me sketchbook. I was doodlin around with Fairy and some of their shapeshifting. The shapeshifting aspect has always been tricky for me. Ive opted to go for the route where they can change their shape but they’ll still be pink and keep certain features to identify themselves, kinda like genie from aladdin. Its just finding a way to make the cyclops thing work in each form is a trial.

Fairy just shapeshifts when they feel like it. In a way it can be like wearing an outfit for them. Some days they just really like sheep and so they shapeshift into a sheep.

Shapeshifting is not effortless though. It takes energy and so Fairy has got to be careful what they turn into and for how long. They generally stay a smaller size cause those forms are easy to mantain. Forms where they have to get big consume a lot of energy so they either have to eat a lot or just use them when appropriate (or splurge for whatever reason)

X-Men Headcanon

Logan is the designated driver every time any of the kids want to go somewhere together in a group. This was mainly Jean’s idea because 1) she knows he’ll keep them in line and 2) she knows they’ll all be safe with him. This arrangement is kept up until someone (probably Charles) finds out through some turn of events that Logan doesn’t have his driver’s license.

Gay Cyclops. (Sebastian Smythe x Reader)

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My request! Y/N is Sebastian’s girlfriend. Or was. They had an unhealthy relationship. And to chop it all off, he cheated on Y/N with a girl from another show choir from a school not too far away from Dalton. To make things up for her, he buys her the necklace she had always wanted from Pandora which was way too expensive to afford. But thanks to Sebastian’s wealth, he got it just in time. Along with the help of Blaine Anderson, the once gay cyclops - who has better things in mind.

Tags: swearing, fluff

Some angels are destined to fall. Their wickedness and vanity causing them to fall from the sky and be destroyed with their wings ripped or damaged.

Sebastian Smythe felt like that. He was an angel with broken wings. Everyone misunderstood him. The bully, the evil villain of Lima, Ohio, the prince with the wannabe Disney prince haircut. The New Directions came up with so many aliases for him. Most were hurtful. He knew he didn’t deserved to be treated unfairly but after what he did to his now ex-girlfriend Y/N, he had second thoughts.

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