cyclops doll


She told me my DOA contest prize with be in “Peach Pie” resin! YAY!

She also asked me to choose a 50mm eye (I asked for empty/blank in hopes I could add color, myself), and if I want a face-up!

To celebrate, I’m gonna make my incoming cyclops a unicorn so she has something to snuggle upon arrival!


Flocking together by Nadine
Via Flickr:
Fingertip Dreamland’s Hemera-maru and Bebe-maru

Even though I made “Space Oddity” for my personal collection, I thought I’d go ahead and share how she looks completed. Tagging @funnylori after learning they love cyclops, too!!!

I ordered some lime green glitter to add to her horn, but I’m gonna guess that won’t arrive for a few weeks since the seller lives overseas. I’d also like to add she makes me crave a scoop of rainbow sherbet. 🍨


At the end of the day… by Nadine
Via Flickr:
Fingertip Dreamland’s Four Maru’s of the Apocalypse


Sakura Baby Cyclops Dragon Kitty by RikkiStar
Via Flickr:
She needs a cute name! Got any suggestions? Or maybe I’ll just call her Bob? She is a Fingertip Dreamland BJD - Hemera-Maru


Hasenpfeffer by Nadine
Via Flickr:
Fingertip Dreamland Bunny-maru and Nox-maru

I hope I don’t frighten you + Goal 1 acheived!

I can finally show little Nayalee! 
She’s an obitsu head modded to be a cyclops! Hurray!

I’ve actually had her done for over a month, but I had to earn her body. See, I’ve gained a lot of weight since having my son, among other things. I decided to finally take back charge of my weight and get in shape! I set goals for myself, with rewards that aren’t food or clothing related! So I have a closet full of goal things that I’m not allowed to touch until I hit a weight goal! I hit my first goal of 15lbs lost! Its taken 3 months to get to this point, but I’m very happy and feeling better already! :) Next goal is -10lbs, and my reward is a DDH-01 head! Can’t wait to earn it!