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X- Men Preference: Jealousy

Requested by anon


(A/N: I just want to let you know that I do try my best to use gender neutral terms in these. I want everyone to be able to read these, regardless of gender or sexual preference)

Logan: He would be a very jealous person to say the least. He would have a hard time controlling his claws if he saw anyone try to get with his love. Then he’d just snap. The claws would be out, and he would threaten the life of whoever tried to take you away from him.

Charles: He was far less jealous because he trusted you. But, if he saw anyone getting a but to close for his liking, that is when the mind games came out. He would make whoever was flirting with you feel like they were crazy by making them hear voices in his head and see things. It was actually very entertaining to watch.

Eric: He would also be a pretty jealous person after having almost everyone in his life taken from him. He would see someone flirting a bit too much with you, and become terrified that you’d leave him to. So without warning, he’d walk up to you, out an arm around your waist, give the person a glare, and walk you away from them.

Bobby: He’d probably be the best at hiding his jealousy. But there were times where it just became overwhelming for him. He’d keep his distance, but he’d get a little help from his ice powers. He’d freeze there person’s shoes to the ground so they couldn’t go anywhere. Then he’d come and walk you away, watching the person try to struggle and get free.

Scott: He would also hide his jealousy very well. HE e trusted you enough to know that you would be faithful. However, it was everyone else he didn’t trust with you. So whenever someone got a little to close for comfort, he’d just come up and put a hand on your waist. He’d kill the person with kindness, as it were, until they got uncomfortable and left you alone.

Pitor: He was very intimidating, despite being very kind to everyone. So whenever you got flirted with, all he had to do was come up and put an arm around your waist. He gave you a kiss on the cheek just for good measure. The person would get the hint and just walk away.

Alex: Jealousy would be rampant with him. He couldn’t use his powers, so all he had was his wit. He’d walk up to you and the person flirting with you, and introduce himself. He would make snide and snippy comments, making the person feel very out of place until they excused themselves. That is when you would smack him on the shoulder and tell him to play nice with the other children.

Hank: He would be the most awkward when it came to jealousy. However, he trusted you to know where the boundaries were. He’d just stay were he was and give you a look. When you saw the look, you would excuse yourself from whoever was talking to you and go give him some attention. He felt better when you did.