How the x-men greet you after a mission

Charles- he’d pull you down into a sweet kiss, pressing his forehead to yours.

Eric- he’d give you that big toothy grin, preferring to greet you properly when you are alone.

Hank- he’d pull you into a tight bear hug.

Alex- he’d pick you up and twirl you around, just like the prince that he is.

Peter – he’d pick you up, giving you small kisses all over your face.

Scott – he’d give you a quick hug and a kiss, before giving you a blow by blow account of what happened

Kurt- he’d bury his face in your neck, breathing in your scent.

Jean- she’d rest her head on yours and fill you in on what happened through your mind.

Warren- he’d hold on to you so tight

Ororo- she’d pull you into a hug, while reassuring you that she’s fine.

Jubilee- she’d bounce over to you and squeal into your chest as she hugged you


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Slings and Stones! Defend your village against marauding cyclopes using your trusty sling! Hit the Cyclopes in the eye to take them down. 

My buddy Eric and I made a game for Ludum Dare # 36

The theme was “Ancient Technology,” which we were given Friday night. This is the result of a lot of work all of Saturday and some of Sunday. Eric did all the coding, and I did all the art. We both came up with the general concept and gameplay ideas. 

The top gif is from gameplay, and the bottom two gifs I made to showcase the animation by itself.

Edit: Check out the (Mac or PC) build here:

Uncanny X-Men #338, “A Hope Reborn, a Past Reclaimed” November 1996
Written by: Scott Lobdell. Art by: Joe Madureira, Salvador Larroca, Tim Townsend, and Vince Russell. 

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I’m in so deep with these characters. I love them all so much.

They’re now for sale on my RedBubble account if you’d like to purchase stickers of them!!

I plan to sell prints of these guys soon too, so stay tuned for that<3

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