So I had these two designs hanging around. One brings back memories I’d rather move on from, and the other I just? Never uploaded despite it being finished? Anyways,

-Each are $20 (but only $30 if you want both)

- You’re welcome and even encouraged to change the design after buying. It’s yours my friend, you paid for it. Have fun.

-I only accept payment through paypal so if you’re interested you can reach me via messaging me here on tumblr, or replying to this post. (Which by then we can move to dms to discuss details.)

If you can’t buy, reblogging to get the word out is helpful as much as I hate asking for reblogs, I’d just like to eat thanks.

I’ve been reading some stuff with them and they dont really do much schoolwork that doesnt involve risk of serious physical harm smh but here’s the original five being responsible good students and studying (minus bobby but he’s half paying attention and he’s a teenager with adhd so he’s valid)

Scott summers read your book instead of staring at your crush through the corner of your eyes just because no one can tell where you’re looking challenge