X-Men montage commission by John Byrne. 2015.

John shared the request by the customer:

20" x 30" illustration featuring a montage of X-Men vignettes and  Xavier as the central figure.  The details are:

- Xavier to be just a headshot or full body in chair, your choice

Please include the following in the vignettes:

- Sentinel

- Magneto (wearing helmet)

- Dark Phoenix versus Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Beast

- Jean/Phoenix versus the White Queen cicra Hellfire Club meeting

- Battling Alpha flight with following interactions:

   - Cyclops vs Vindicator

   - Colossus vs Sasquatch

   - Storm vs Snowbird

- Kitty Pryde (new to the team/old school costume)For the Magneto, Sentinel, and Kitty Pryde vignettes, feel free to add in any X-Men of your choice or just include the character only with a background of your choice.

X- Men Preference: Kisses

Requested by anon



Logan: He wasn’t big on PDA, but when you two were alone, he was all for a kiss or two. He’d be calm at first, but once it continued, he’d be, for lack of better words, an animal. Things would escalate pretty quickly, and it would be more passionate than ever.

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Charles: He’d be more dignified with his kisses. He’d make sure that you knew that he loved you through a sweet short kiss. He would kiss you sweetly, and when you were alone, he’d do the same.

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Eric: He was much taller than you, so he’d have to lift you up to kiss you. He’d be gentle at first, but then bring on true passion in to it. He’d make sure that every moment counted when he was with you.

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Bobby: He’s d be afraid that he would accidentally harm you with his ice powers, so he tended to take it more slow and cautious. He would make sure that you were comfortable with everything.

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Scott: Scott would also be one for taking it slow with you to make sure his powers don’t get out of control. But it would be sweet and passionate on top of that. You would enjoy every moment.

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Piotr: Much like Eric, he was much larger than you were. He had to lift you up and press you against something to get the full effect of the kiss. He’d make sure that you knew how much he cared for you through the kiss, and you’d admire his strength the entire time.

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Alex: Your favorite kisses were the ones after a long cuddle on the couch. You both would be facing each other, and smiling in to the kisses. They were a bit sleepy, but you loved how sweet they were.

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Hank: He was a bit nerdy, so of course he was going to be shy about kissing you. He loved you for sure, but he was always insecure about it. You reassured him that you loved him through your kisses.

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