X-Men montage commission by John Byrne. 2015.

John shared the request by the customer:

20" x 30" illustration featuring a montage of X-Men vignettes and  Xavier as the central figure.  The details are:

- Xavier to be just a headshot or full body in chair, your choice

Please include the following in the vignettes:

- Sentinel

- Magneto (wearing helmet)

- Dark Phoenix versus Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Beast

- Jean/Phoenix versus the White Queen cicra Hellfire Club meeting

- Battling Alpha flight with following interactions:

   - Cyclops vs Vindicator

   - Colossus vs Sasquatch

   - Storm vs Snowbird

- Kitty Pryde (new to the team/old school costume)For the Magneto, Sentinel, and Kitty Pryde vignettes, feel free to add in any X-Men of your choice or just include the character only with a background of your choice.