cyclonus alienated

who’s ready for some METAMORPHERS???

basically: AU where everybody’s organic, but not human. I wanted to still incorporate the transformation gimmick, though… and I finally figured it out when I wanted Cyclonus to have wings!

basically, Metamorphers have limited shapeshifting abilities. based on their genotype they can shift between two forms - the bipedal, humanoid ‘root’ form and their alternate form, which is generally more geared towards movement/giving the user certain abilities. Pictured at the bottom left, we have Cyclonus in his flight form! also I decided he and Scourge are the same breed. (RIP Scourge V_V)

also: Tailgate. tailgate has the ULTIMATE poof.

[[ Juxta Mare Transmission ]] Let's try this again.

We have a guest who, for the time being, is living in one of the supply rooms. Don’t start a fight with him; you will lose it.

He’s from one of those backwards universes were the Decepticons are relatively pacifist and want to try to end the war and get along while the Autobots are a bunch of fragging lunatic killers. I explain that first so that you won’t think I’ve gone insane when I say that our guest is a version of Megatron. A version that hugs Minicons and probably wants to be friends. No threat here.

To Tailgate: he’s not one of the ones that turns into Galvatron, keep your ax off him.

Any questions or complaints.

Starscream leaves a message at base.

“I’m going to be out the next few days–– I’m going treasure hunting! I might come back every once in a while to drop off loot, but if not, don’t worry. I’ll be back in two or three days.

"If any of you want anything, send me a message and let me know. I’m already finding and delivering gifts to various other interested parties. I’ll be all over Cybertron, Earth, and anywhere else in between, so the sky’s the limit.

"In the meanwhile, take care of yourselves and don’t get in trouble. Eat enough, refuel regularly, et cetera et cetera. You know the drill.

"Love, ☆♪”

It’s probably worth noting that Starscream is currently under a magic anon to make him extra motherly to his troops. Hence the fussing and worrying and “love.”

Starscream doesn’t realize he’s under a magic anon because that’s how he feels toward the majority of his troops anyway. He just doesn’t typically express it that way.