I finished reading Lost Light #7 half an hour ago and had to scribble this very quick for some reason, huh, I wonder why

Not a spoiler, don’t worry, especially without context!

Imagine this…

Cyclonus and Tailgate talking, and then Tailgate suddenly yells so happily and Cyclonus is actually smiling. Tailgate jumps and hugs Cyclonus, nuzzling his face against Cyclonus’, and they’re murmuring quietly, almost lovingly, to each other. There’s no mistaking that they finally confessed.

And then Whirl appears out of nowhere…


so im still new to the fandom and i dont really have all the lingo down but im confused over the term “Seeker”

like its it just a term for a decepticon with jet alt form??? or just any bot with a jet form?? or any bot that can fly??? in that case why doesnt anyone call Cyclonus a “seeker” in fics??? is it cause he wasnt /really/ a decepticon??? or is he the wrong jet form??? or from a different city than where these “seekers” come from??? 

“Why is there romance in Transformers? Robots don’t sexually pro-create and hence have no need for it!”

Hey, pst, pst; buddy… got a Fresh Idea for ya

You can have romantic relationships……….. without sex