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Hey uh, I'm not exactly sure if you accept these kinds of things but if you don't that's completely fine :) Is it alright if I request Rodimus, Cygate, Rung, and Ultra Magnus reacting to their human s/o accidentally becoming cybertronian upon drinking an odd substance they mistook for a normal drink.


- This was not something he was prepared for at all. One second he is just talking to you while casually roaming around an alien planet’s store, the next second you’re commenting that you’re not feeling well and that your drink tastes kinda funny. He kneels down and starts to pick you up to run you back to the ship for Ratchet to look at you, but then something hits him right in the chin. He looks down, not really sure what to expect and sees this adorable little minicon standing there looking very confused. He hesitantly asks if it’s you, and when you confirm that it indeed you, he is happy but also very concerned because this is not supposed to happen. As soon as Ratchet examines you and says you’re okay, Rodimus is overjoyed over this outcome. Not that he liked you less when you were human, but you being cybertronian now is amazing!

Cyclonus and Tailgate

- Swerve had ordered some more drinks specifically for you, but little did he know, the wrong ones came in. So you’re just sitting around, having a drink with your boyfriends, when you start to feel a little weird. Thinking it’s just the alcohol, you shrug it off and keep drinking. Then you get really lightheaded and decide to bring up that you’re not feeling well, but before Cyclonus or Tailgate could do something you change into a minicon right in front of them. The bar goes quiet. Cyclonus’ servos start to shake, Tailgate isn’t sure if he should scream out of fear or from joy. Thankfully, Ratchet was already present so he hurries over to rush you to the medibay with your boyfriends following close behind. Since you are technically fine, he let you go but told you to keep in touch. Tailgate will be a little bummed if you’re taller than him, but will get over it pretty quickly since you’re like him now! Cyclonus is more worried than he’ll let on, but is happy to see that so far you are doing well. It’s also nice not having to worry about you being stepped on.


- When you came into with something to drink, he had thought nothing of it. After a while though, he can tell that you’re not feeling the best. He brings it up, asking if he needs to take you to the medibay. You try to wave it off as being nothing, but when you suddenly collapse you both know that is not the case. He rushes over to help you up, but before he can do that you shift into a minicon right in front of his optics. It takes a lot to catch him off guard but that did it. Once you get the clean bill of health from Ratchet, he’s quick to take you back to his office to talk with you and make sure you’re doing well psychologically. This is quite the shocking transformation for a human to go through, and while he’s happy to see that you’re a cybertronian now, he needs to make sure that you’re happy first.

Ultra Magnus

- He had come in to your habsuite to ask how you were doing and saw you drinking some unfamiliar liquid. He asks what exactly that is, and to his horror, you response is a shrug followed by ‘I dunno but it tastes good’. You drop your drink suddenly, and he is quick to rush over to you and ask a series of questions while also telling you off for drinking something you don’t recognize. Before he can get any answers out of you, you transform into a minibot. UltraMagnus.exe has stopped responding. It takes you yelling at him to snap out of it for him to leap back into action and take you to get examined. He insists you stay in the medibay over night just to be safe and spends it there with you. He is happy to see you as a cybertronian, but this sudden change is a lot for him to take in all at once.

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Hello! Been following your blog for a while (not sure if you remember me asking for a shout out, but I totally hope to be able to write as well as you one day) and you're a fantastic writer. I noticed asks were open but if I got that wrong feel free to delete this! So what about some headcanons for how MTMTE Rung, Rodimus, Drift, Swerve and Cygate would react to their human s/o being able to turn into a cat whenever they want? Thank you! :)

AAAAAAAAAAAA YOU SAY SUCH KIND WORDS TO ME OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH. Also I absolutely remember when you asked for a shout out and you shouldn’t put you’re writing down, it’s already amazing!


The first time you transformed he didn’t know it was you, he just thought they’d picked up a cat on another planet when you’d jumped up into his lap. So tiny and fluffy, he couldn’t help petting you. When he found out it was you he was surprised and a bit excited. He asked you if you’d mind allowing his patients to pet you if they ever get too worried. It’s a great dynamic if you agree, he calls you up, you come in and get petted, and then you leave when they’re ready again. He appreciates it and proves it often with dates and small gifts.

He’s so excited when he sees it for the first time, has lots of questions. Mostly wonders if you’re hungry or something after transformations and if it hurts. Nothing really changes, except he worries more when your transformed about stepping on you or you getting hurt, you’re so tiny after all. Might ask you to transform when he’s having a bad day, petting you helps him feel better.

“Cool”. He actually doesn’t care one way or another, really. So you turn into a cat? It’s different, for sure, but he’s a giant alien robot that turns into a car and does yoga, he’s different to you. He comments about how soft you are pretty often and likes when you transform and hang out on his shoulder, purring. It’s relaxing. Takes pictures of you pretty often, especially when you’re being dorky.

He. tells. everyone. (Read: anyone who listens). He thinks you’re the coolest human ever. He talks about you a lot and he talks to you about how cool you are. He’d love to pet you, he knows how soft you are from when you’re in his servos or on his shoulders, but he’s too scared he’ll hurt you. He’s always starry eyed whenever he sees you, but it’s especially brighter when you’re a cat. 

Tailgate was the one that was most excited, scooping you up into his arms with a squeal about how cute you are. Cyclonus watched you both from his seat, he does think you’re cute, but he’s less interested than Tailgate. Nothing really changes with you and Cy, he just makes sure you’re in a servo or on his shoulder when you’re a cat. However, Tailgate absolutely loves how soft and cuddly you are. He doesn’t ask you to transform, but when you are, chances are you’re in his arms while he pets you. They both love when you purr, it’s soothing and relaxing.

Human s/o giving their bot a weird nickname

(Ratchet, Predaking, Rodimus, Cyclonus & Tailgate)

TFP Ratchet: Smiley

  • It starts out as a quip because he’s being a grumpasaurus rex again and you’re kinda like “Yeah yeah I get it Smiley.” And he’s kinda taken aback for a moment and just grumbles and turns away.
  • Then you did it to get his attention when he was ignoring you. “Hey Smiley, I’m talking to you!” At this point Wheeljack has picked up on the new nickname so he joins in, mostly just to watch Ratchet simmer. Although you get the brunt of his frustration because you started this. And actually it kinda freaks you out, Ratchet can be scary when he wants to be.
  • You actually genuinely don’t use the nickname again, you hadn’t really meant it maliciously or anything, but you supposed with his kind of temper Ratchet wasn’t really someone you wanted to push buttons on. You kind of go out of your way to leave him alone now, and when people bother him while he’s working you aid in shooing them.
  • He takes notice of your sudden distancing but it takes him about a week to work up the ability to confront you about it. You tell him honestly that he kind of freaked you out and you felt bad and you figured he needed his space so…you gave him space. The look on his face is precious then, because he looks caught somewhere between being mad at himself and wanting to scold you.
  • In the end everything is worked out peacefully, however he’s given doctor’s orders that you keep him company while he works and you’re to never ever assume again that he wants time away from you.

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“Why is there romance in Transformers? Robots don’t sexually pro-create and hence have no need for it!”

Hey, pst, pst; buddy… got a Fresh Idea for ya

You can have romantic relationships……….. without sex