Tailgate with round shapes is very important to me.

My sweet starstripper, who doesn’t know a lot about Transformers (yet), image googled MTMTE yesterday just to either make me sad or for the heck of it, and she immediately fell in love with Tailgate and we ended up drawing the little guy for the rest of the evening, so this is for her.


So this was shown off today so I figured I’d show it off here and give a little insight into what I was going for with this cover.

With the design for the holo avatar for Cyclonus, I knew that James wanted a female Victorian school teacher look. I looked over a lot of reference image to find out what what the clothing would look like. This outfit is based off a old photo I found online with a few adjustments to it in with the character.
With the hair style I wanted to have something to do do with Cyclnous. So I gave her 2 long spikes of hair that shoot up to represent the horn’s on his helmet. The pendant is represents a modified look for his altmode. I didn’t just want to draw his altmode for the pendant, so I just gave it elements of his altmode. 
For the colours I had a nice chat with Josh Perez about what I was looking for and he did an  superb job of getting the look I wanted. That man has talent and I’m lucky to work with him, even if it’s only for covers.
I knew from the time James talked about what he thought the holo avatar was going to look like, I knew I wanted the eyes to be red. This was a big deal for me. When I was thinking about the red eyes my mind wondered to Full Metal Alchemist and the character of Scar and his people the Ishbalan’s and thought that’s how I want the holo avatar to look.  The more I thought about it the more I liked the idea of someone from the Middle East or India to be the holo avatar. I thought about the episode of the original Star Trek when Khan was introduced and information on and his culture making some of the best warriors and that had Cyclonus  down  perfectly.
For the outfit, I knew I just wanted a lot of his robot colours in the outfit, just keeping the long skirt black. She’s holding a blackboard pointer or whatever those things are called.
I think the only thing that will be a problem is redrawing her in many panels since the out fit is very detailed, but when have I ever not steer away from detail ;p

Enjoy :D