cyclone trap


All of the instructional type videos for all of the plasmids in Bioshock 2, even the upgraded versions. :)

bradfordvampboy  asked:

So here in Australia, news have been reporting about the cyclone in North East Australia. AND THEY ANNOUNCED HOW HARRY AND LOUIS HAD TO BE EVACUATED OFF HAMILTON ISLAND!! Because the cyclone would have trapped them and they would have missed their Perth show. Like we knew they would be together, it's just funny how the knews reported both of them ;)

Oh really? LOL 

All the headlines are saying Louis and Zayn.

Their team seems to be taking pains to show Larry and Ziam have been separated during their time off. Because we got those weird airport pix…

And then Harry and Liam took many pix with fans.

Louis and Zayn haven’t resurfaced yet. This tour has barely started and I’m tired of the shenanigans already. :/