Salinas Valley Fixed Gear

I’m trying to help build up and strengthen the Salinas fixed gear scene. Yes, there are fixed gear riders in town, but most it seems are only riding them because of the hype. I’m setting up group rides, races, etc. so the riders that are actually passionate about the sport/hobby. Track/fixed gear bikes aren’t just a thing of fashion, although they are quite aesthetically pleasing to the eye if put together properly.

Fixed gear cycling is a real big part of my life, as is any other form of cycling, and being able to provide other riders with means of getting together and having a great time with other riders is such a rewarding experience. It really isn’t a fad for me; cycling has gotten me through rough times, and really has helped me grow and mature as an individual. I may not be on a team, sponsored, or know about every single brand-name bicycle part, but cycling is my passion.