The team at Bikmo Plus love a bit of bike art. This piece by Andrew Tarcher commissioned for Good Fuel Co has caught out eye this morning.

Okay so here are my vague theories on what may go down in the Ronan cycle:

- We left Ronan off after he had just sent his brothers away for safety, due to the potential danger of people that would constantly be tracking down the Greywaren- putting the Lynch boys in a whole lotta danger. But Ronan stayed.

- Declan mentions (page 228, The Raven King): “Even after that deal is over, they’re gonna show up because Henrietta’s a giant supernatural beacon”…”And if they find out you can dream- God help you, because it’ll be over.”. Possibly someone finds out about Ronan’s power, or they come pretty close in some way.

-Also, remember in the Dream Thieves when they found the wheel of the Camaro? We never actually got to know how this came about. It’s briefly mentioned at the end of trk by Ronan (page 437), Opal finds the worn out wheel off a 1973 Camaro- “Ronan had taken that to mean that at some point, in the future, they would wreck the Camaro in the pursuit of Glendower, and the ley line’s bending of time would have sent them back in time and then forward again.”… “But it looked as if they hadn’t got to that place yet: They had future adventures waiting for them on the ley line. It was a thrilling and terrifying prospect.”

So basically, we have a lot more shenanigans to come with these kids in a couple of years.I’m so ready but also don’t know if I can handle anymore happening to my poor gay son. Thoughts??

((Thanks anon for correcting me, they found the Camaro wheel in the second book!))