“I have a huge handlebar drop from seat height. I use 180mm cranks, ride 38cm handlebars and have my cleats pushed back as far as I can. It sort of goes against what everyone says, and against what the team mechanics tell me. Cycling is a very cultured sport and has a huge history, which is very special, but some people are a bit stuck in their ways too.”

-Adam Hansen

Read more about Adam Hansen in this great article over on the Peloton Magazine website.


WingLights - Indicators For Bicycles

Their product named WingLights is specially designed for added bicycle safety.WingLights are direction indicators that are easily attached to bicycle handlebars and are meant to function the same as car indicators, signaling the riders position and intended direction.


Messenger V2 Cargo Bike By Douze-Cycles

As available urban space becomes smaller and the number of vehicles using this space gets higher, bicycles have become one of the most popular transport modes. Despite their practicality and ability to pass in between just about anything, there has always been one flaw in most bicycle designs – insufficient storage room. Well, check this out! 

(via Gwiazda Projektu Warszawiak twarzą wypożyczalni rowerów)

Veturilo czyli warszawski system wypożyczalni rowerów rośnie w siłę. Właśnie wystartowała strona internetowa, a także kampania społeczna zachęcająca do korzystania z ekologicznych środków komunikacji. Jej twarzą został Łukasz Garlicki, aktor i jeden z założycieli Projektu Warszawiak.(…)

by Jakub Panek via: Warszawa


Torch T2 Bike Helmet With Integrated Lights

Cycling has never been safer now that the T2 bike helmet with integrated lights is available. This helmet is the successor of the T1 helmet both of which are made by Torch Apparel, a company which seeks to make cycling safer with these products. The T2 helmet is more durable, has longer battery life and comes in more colors than its predecessor. If cycling is your main means of transportation, then this helmet will be incredibly useful to you.


Photos of the day - August 9, 2016

A member of the Italian men’s track cycling team rounds the track during a training session inside the Rio Olympic Velodrome during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro; A Kashmiri Muslim protester jumps to avoid a projectile thrown at him by Indian paramilitary soldiers during a protest in Srinagar; A Filipino man rests inside this pedicab as rain pours in suburban Navotas, north of Manila; and, Ruy Fonseca of Brazil is thrown off his horse Tom Bombadill Too as the horse refuses a jump during the Individual Jumping competition of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Equestrian events at the Olympic Equestrian Centre in Rio de Janeiro.

These are just a few of the photos of the day for August 9, 2016.

(Photos: /Patrick Semansky/AP,  Dar Yasin/AP, Aaron Favila/AP, Jim Hollander/EPA)

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