cycling with asthma


You get lovely views of the river and the lake since I haven’t been posting much… Or really running that much.

In good news, I hit 4 Sunday (down to the marathon course), 4 Tuesday, and 5 today. I might be on the trail back to regular running?

Also I got a Fitbit! (Cause Bryon gave me his old one).

I’m still planning on doing the half at monumental. I’m undertrained for me, but extenuating circumstances got the best of me this training cycle. 3 more weeks.

My asthma is still being shitty (excuse the language). I sometimes think my inhalers make it worse. I’ve also been having breathing problems while just laying around, which is new. I can tell my doctor is a little confused as to why treatment isn’t working. I also have a bum right hip that seems to be slowly improving with anti-inflammatories. It’s never throbbing, but always nagging, if that makes any amount of sense.

I was so inspired by the Chicago marathon recaps, it’s great motivation to keep it up.