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My Dad’s ‘93 Speedmaster.

I get my Texas Steez from my Dad. He only wears cowboy boots, New Balances, or cycling shoes, ergo a true Renaissance Dad.

I also got my love of watches from my dad. He is Agnelli-like when it comes to throwing people askew. Watch worn upside down on the wrong wrist—he’s a righty, but wears his watch on his right wrist. He has more marathon and cycling tour t-shirts than most people have anything. Yet, completely humble. That’s the West Texas in him.

Dads are a rare commodity. Good dads even rarer. Great dads are like palladium. I’m thankful my dad is the latter. If you don’t have such a figure, find one. If you do, write them a note, give them a call, or give them a hug. Chances are, by the time you realize what you had, they’ll be gone.


I am having a lot of feelings today. 

My local indie had The Raven Cycle on Saturday, so my partner and I spent the weekend reading it aloud together. 

There’s something so wonderful and terrible about a favorite series coming to an end. I remember when I got an advanced copy of The Raven Boys at my first Book Expo, and since then I’ve read it as soon as I could get my eyes on it. I’ve re-listened to the audiobooks several times. I’ve made embroidery inspired by it. I have prints from Maggie Stiefvater hanging above my mantle. Mister BS and I have Raven Cycle t-shirts. All my books are signed. I’ve even read fanfiction. 

It’s been a wonderful part of my reading life these last several years, and I’m immensely satisfied by the ending of the series, yet somehow still feel hollow after all the anticipation evaporated. 

To favorite series, and the books that make us want to live in their worlds, to the characters that feel like real people, and to the authors who let us into their imaginations. 

Thank you.