cycling t shirt

Do you keep hearing the term ‘fast fashion’ and wonder what it refers to? Ever wonder what impact your shopping habit has on the environment?

Turns out, fashion is the second largest polluter in the world, after oil.

Watch The life cycle of a t-shirt - Angel Chang to follow a t-shirt from cotton fields to the shopping mall into your washing machine - and then, maybe, rethink your shopping habits?

Animation by TED-Ed

My Dad’s ‘93 Speedmaster.

I get my Texas Steez from my Dad. He only wears cowboy boots, New Balances, or cycling shoes, ergo a true Renaissance Dad.

I also got my love of watches from my dad. He is Agnelli-like when it comes to throwing people askew. Watch worn upside down on the wrong wrist—he’s a righty, but wears his watch on his right wrist. He has more marathon and cycling tour t-shirts than most people have anything. Yet, completely humble. That’s the West Texas in him.

Dads are a rare commodity. Good dads even rarer. Great dads are like palladium. I’m thankful my dad is the latter. If you don’t have such a figure, find one. If you do, write them a note, give them a call, or give them a hug. Chances are, by the time you realize what you had, they’ll be gone.


Ka is a wheel and so is this scam

Just like clockwork, The Dark Tower comes out on video and fake Facebook Fan Pages start ripping off artists again. Here’s the latest batch violating Michael Whelan’s copyrights that I just reported.

The Dark Tower page here is obviously not the official one, but 15k people think it is. They post memes in between ad cycles for t-shirts. Teechip and Sunfrog are the same print on demand service that enables this kind of theft.

Ok but adam in like five layers of baggy shirts and an oversize hoodie with the sleeves pulled over his hands to keep warm, because it’s cold in his room at at agnes, and rubbing at his eyes like a sleepy baby, and ronan’s just so gone that screaming inside doesn’t even help so he just bursts out “for fuck’s sake parrish” and adam looks up at him wide eyed and confused and adorable like “what? I didn’t even do anything ?” And ronan can’t physically take this level of cute so he just gets up and adam hears him mumbling things like “fucking cute” and “trying to fucking kill me” as he escapes to hide in bathroom to get a grip and adam can’t help the small smile on his face