cycling revealed

imagine your whole body is the sun…

because it is. the moment you took you first breath, you became an aperture through which the whole universe expressed itself, you created a solar system

and your mercury sign is encircling your mind, darting down and orbiting your chest, swiftly flying through the air around you, leaving the streaks of whatever sign it caught at birth, your mercury in leo is a golden orb placing a crown on the mind, your mercury libra is a planet of chattering butterflies 

now your sun sign is radiating from you like a beam of blinding light, shining like the rays of the sun through the archetype, releasing from the heart, the shade of your sun sign, in flickering, universal glow 

your moon sign is fading in and out of your aura, cycling wildly, revealing a little, casting a shadow over you, or embalming you in lunar illumination, leaving a silky gloss, your taurus moon like cake batter over the body, immersing the moment 

now imagine the planet venus orbiting around your neck, like a shimmering necklace, coating your voice in the love you have acquired for centuries, playing the tranquil music of whatever sign she emanates, your venus in pisces releasing the harp of angels

mars is pulsing through your veins circling your arteries in excitable orbit, reminding you that you are made of iron, the nutrients of all the cosmos surging through you, the energy of all the universe, your mars in gemini rotating your bloodstream like flickering lights 

and jupiter is circling your thighs, the voyager, encouraging you to run far and high, to elevate into the sky, to skip alongside god’s creatures, to discover a philosophy for yourself, your jupiter in pisces giving you the legs of an old mermaid 

saturn is orbiting your knees, whispering critique to stand with a better posture, but this reverberates loudly inside, you could almost cower to it, the saturn rings encircling your head like a halo, guiding you toward your ultimate potential

uranus is circling your calves, urging you to stand for something, and most importantly, stand up for yourself and your own integrity, like a buzzing electrical cable, uranus electrifies whatever sign it touches, your uranus in leo whirring like a CGI sun 

and neptune is orbiting your feet, making elusive visuals, turning them into fins and tails, walking on water or on clouds, a mysterious fog exudes through whatever sign neptune is found, your neptune in scorpio radiating like a dark purple hue, a disappearing black hole 

pluto is orbiting your lower stomach, reaching inside and planting the seeds of eternal regeneration and rebirth, like smoky shadows pluto appears and disappears, urging you to go inward 


Summary: Genos gets a minor upgrade, and Saitama is intrigued.

Words: ~1300

Rating/pairing: General. Saitama/Genos fluff, pre-relationship

Note: I wrote this mostly to try and get something written. It’s silly with just a touch of feels.

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your moon sign is fading in and out of your aura, cycling wildly, revealing a little, casting a shadow over you, or embalming you in lunar illumination, leaving a silky gloss, your taurus moon like cake batter over the body, immersing the moment 


 i’ve been dead for seven years

the #failedlarriepredictions life cycle

1) The crypto-reveal to build excitement.

2) Continue to tease. only the select chosen few shall be given access to this info first.

3) Reveal without revealing! Important to note, THIS IS TRUSTWORTHY INFO.

4) Talk in code about how both of them will be coming out together via a Richard Lawson interview in Vanity Fair.

5) Fuck the pretense, hype the moment up to the heavens! Embrace it! Act like it’s already happening! Call your friends and family! Alert your neighbor’s! Put work on stand by! IT’S HAPPENING.

6) Get rejected by the source themselves. Your prediction tastes like ass and is another meaningless false receipt among the thousands from uber trustworthy sources that have fallen before it.

anonymous asked:

You know I don't like Trump or Clinton but I was somewhat morbidly sad about Clinton not winning. I feel if she won the system would collapse further and people would wake up and start their own communities and such. But with Trump we don't get nuclear war so that's something.

My election post-mortem:

I reveled in watching the machine choke down a trump presidency. The front page of indicates they’re still choking as it is obsessed with the popular vote in California.

Watching the Clinton campaign go down in flames was glorious and witnessing wikileaks function in the capacity of a legitimate free press was something to behold.

Wikileaks put the corporate media in contrast and shone a light on their naked biases and addiction to stagecraft to advance the corporate global agenda.

It may take 40 years to tell this story because it’s being buried under a tidal wave of salt and fabrication in the corporate press, but it is the foundation shaking truth of this cycle.

But like you I was prepared for a Clinton presidency and thought it would be best for collapsing the crumbling empire. Now they have trump to galvanize the globalist message.

But the truth is out and it created trump to some degree. It did this through the manipulations revealed in the Podesta and DNC emails, the corruption at the core of the Clinton foundation and the globalist aims and failures of the Obama administration.

I believe the stakes have risen and the failure of the globalist cabal to seat Clinton is a result of their hubris and contempt for the population.

I believe they had convinced themselves that she was incapable of losing and that the establishment had firm control of both parties. If she was to lose it would be to Rubio, Christie or some other acceptable neocon puppet.

I reiterate over and over again that Trump was/is a prop candidate. I don’t think he was ever under control or ever on the inside because he didn’t need to be in the estimation of the establishment. They never considered him viable with his bombast and skeletons in the closet from Trump U to the “grab them by the pussy” tape, many of which were assumed torpedoes that would sink his candidacy.

Trump was supposed to eliminate people like Rand Paul who the globalists saw as the real threat. They said as much in the Podesta emails where democratic operatives conspired with the press to promote trump in the primary season. He was unfiltered to the degree that he could damage the entire republican field.

Trump was the backstop. He was a loud and bombastic caricature. Because the press didn’t fancy him substantial they thought the population would cast aside all of their misgivings and slide behind Hillary. They were wrong.

But because he won we’re moving into very dangerous times. Brexit and Trump are both canaries in the coal mine for the globalists. The media has collapsed into complete hysterics despite the population being generally hopeful about the coming presidency. Suddenly the press is finding and promoting Nazis everywhere. Does anyone remember Jeremiah Wright, the actual preacher and “friend” of the current president? If wright didn’t matter why suddenly give these non-entities a platform unless you’re attempting to slander and discard the true reason the election turned for trump.

They’re inventing narratives before our eyes, a pattern which is becoming easier to discern.

The assault on “fake news”, without citing any fake news, is the new cover for censorship and it is a global narrative being advanced here as well as in the EU. It’s another case of projection from the corporatists like the multitude of fake attacks by supposed trump supporters that are reported and debunked within a few days. The debunking is always relegated to a back page caption while physical attacks on trump supporters receive mention but get a collective shrug in the mass media.

Pizzagate was just banned from Reddit and while the Podesta emails provided ample circumstantial evidence for occult practices and potentially worse the corporate media hasn’t dared touch it. It is a story tailor made for investigative journalism. The fact that Reddit of all forums would ban this is telling.

And there is the very real possibility that Wikileaks is in serious jeopardy.

In the end this election cycle revealed to the herd that conspiracy is not a dirty word in the world of elites. It is the way the sausage is made.

Lady and the Tomcat

Rating: Explicit 

Tikki says it’s a mating cycle and once it’s passed, everything will go back to normal. But until it does, Ladybug has to avoid Chat at all costs. No lallygagging around after akumas, no patrols. She couldn’t even stand close to him for any great length of time. Yet, despite taking all the necessary precautions, both Tikki and Marinette are shocked when Chat seems to be suffering consequences anyway. How have his symptoms progressed, and for how many nights did Marinette have to listen to him howling through the Parisian streets, desperately looking for her?

Marinette and Adrien are both older in this fic–about to graduate.

Chapter Two

Adrien was disappointed. And, to be honest, a little annoyed. It wasn’t every day he got called out of the blue to meet Ladybug anywhere. Only to then have her drop news that they had to avoid each other for a month before watching her swing off and disappear into the city.

Slumping back in his computer chair, he twirled a pen in his hand before turning to Plagg. The tiny fairy-cat was gnawing on a chunk of cheese, sitting beside Adrien’s keyboard. They’d only been transformed for half an hour, tops, and yet, still, the kwami used it as an excuse to pig out.

“So are you going to explain this to me or not?” Adrien asked, not bothering to hide his annoyance. Plagg initially ignored him, until Adrien sighed and slammed his elbow on the desk, and then his head onto his fist. The motion startled the kwami, who finally paused in his eating to cast Adrien a glare.

“It’s not that big a deal,” Plagg eventually said. “Sometimes Ladybug wants time away from you. What’s wrong with that?”

“Plagg, she said you’d be able to explain,” he countered. “That’s not an explanation.”

“Maybe I don’t want to explain.”


“Human biology is not something I take any pleasure in discussing,” Plagg continued, poking away at his cheese. “If you want someone to explain the birds and bees, go ask your school nurse.” In one big gulp, he inhaled the entire chunk.

“Wait, what? Birds and the bees? What does that have to do with anything?” Of course he knew what Plagg was referring to, but it was a bit jolting to hear such a reference in relation to Ladybug.

Plagg sighed—quite as though he’d been through this before. “Ya know,” he started. “I’m just going to have Tikki get you both together from now on and explain these things at the same time, so that I don’t have to do it.”

Adrien pursed his lips.

“She’s going through her mating cycle,” Plagg eventually revealed, as if that explained anything.

But, if it were possible, only a series of startled question marks would have appeared above Adrien’s head.

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First Look: Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater

We’re just weeks away from the release of book 3 in The Raven Cycle, Blue Lily, Lily Blue, and we are SO EXCITED to finally reveal an excerpt! Feast your eyes on the prologue and the first chapter - trust us, it’ll leave you wanting more: 

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Hi! I'm sorry if you've already answered this or if I'm missing something, but what are your thoughts re: Fitz in the last episode? I wasn't particularly happy with it, because I got the impression that his plotline is "I've fallen for my best friend but I won't tell her" and I find it rather cliché and overused - but that's just my impression. Do you think that's an oversimplification? Thanks, sorry if I'm bothering you, have a lovely day! :)

I do actually think that’s slightly an oversimplification! And definitely not bothering me since I totally wanna talk about this all the time, haha.

So I’m gonna take this ask an excuse to talk about the episode as a whole, because there was a very prevalent theme that greatly applies to the Fitz/Fitzsimmons storyline.

The major theme from this episode was the idea that having “The Only Light in the Darkness” is not a good thing - obsessive love, codependent love, and love hidden in manipulation are not healthy. And in all of these situations, the solution was to let go. (Unless you physically can’t.)

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As the solar cycle reveals itself each morning across the civilizations I have created a sense of pattern is expressed. The shape most closely associated with these rhythms is one of a spiral rather than the perfect curves of a circle. It is in the spiral that the form of life and nature is reflected.

The pattern of the spiral displays a repetition subtly evolving beyond its own boundaries. There is the appearance of returning to full circle, yet the line moves ever so slightly beyond its originating point.

In this geometry as in existence, things feel quite similar, yet are never quite the same and what we think of as patterns and cycles are the connecting line, alignments and angles intermingled on a foundation of echos.