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my best attempt at a masterlist of every adansey moment in trk 

  • ch 2: both getting irritated by the kid who sucks at ringing the bell (”say something.” “that bell.” “everything is terrible,” agreed gansey.)
  • “what a treasure that smile was”
  • adam feels gansey get tense without even looking at him
  • gansey, my pathetic dumbass child, saying “i don’t want to fight” when he knows adam’s about to get mad
  • when adam sees the headmaster wave at gansey awkwardly, and is immediately able to deduce that gansey bribed him to let ronan graduate because he just knows gansey that well
  • adam acting as a covert lookout when gansey, ultimate badass, is on the phone with his mom during the school day
  • adam finding the inner strength and resolve to mimic gansey even though cabeswater is doing weird things to his insides
  • “don’t be an ass”
  • ch. 7: “adam appreciated this part of gansey, his endless concern for the things in his care.”
  • the fact that adam and gansey have fought about whether adam’s able to give/receive love like how angsty
  • adam sensing that gansey is about to say something offensive and getting him to shut his mouth with just a stern look
  •  ch. 12: adam and gansey on the same wavelength re: headmaster childs looking like a cowboy. yee haw.
  • ch. 27: “part of [adam] had never forgotten gansey’s agonized shout when adam had made the bargain with cabeswater”
  • “adam leaned to bump his knuckles against gansey’s” after gansey confessed to his secret love affair with blue (…….)
  • ch. 59: when (possessed) adam briefly stops attacking other people and starts clawing at his own face, gansey “could not bear it” and was the first to run to him and pull the hand away
  • ch. 64: when gansey’s about to die and adam asks to be untied first so they can say goodbye properly, gansey’s like, “is it safe?” adam: “safe as life” and that’s the moment that robbed 30 years from my life
  • epilogue: adam saying “i appreciate your honesty” to his father because he thinks that’s what gansey would say and it makes him feel powerful

Hello, again!

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These readings will focus on our intentions and goals for each moon cycle, what might be hindering our accomplishments and what can help us along. Each reading is $15 and the moon is currently waxing! Come find out what’s in store for you!


predictions for the finale - 

  • The gang cycles through several plans to fake Dennis’ death or otherwise get him out of fatherhood (blowing up the range rover, one of them fake shoots him in front of the mom, pretending to date mac)
  • mac and dennis get a little too into the fake dating and macdennis comes to a head much like chardee did
  • charlie bangs the waitress (i’m hoping this doesn’t happen but the promo has me rattled) and this makes him realize he doesn’t actually love her (he doesn’t look very happy in the promo)
  • or, charlie, dee, and the waitress all bang each other (just spitballing here)
  • dennis’ feelings for mac will be more apparent, especially with the whole rpg business. his big choice between staying or leaving philly culminates in him choosing between the mother of his child, or mac
  • mac confesses his love for dennis, and dennis rejects him (to get away from the big feelings loving mac causes) and regrets it 
  • a heartbroken mac is cheered up by the rest of the gang, who found the rocket, and let him blow up the range rover
  • it’s actually frank’s baby 

I don’t see a lot of people talking about this scene. Maybe it’s the tendency to refer to Misato as The Mama Bear™ over the Eva kids, conveniently failing to mention that by Eva kids, we really mean Shinji Ikari. Asuka never gets Mama Bear treatment from Misato, and this scene is in many ways emblematic of the real dynamic between the two: which is marked by a whole lot of indifference, neglect, and a latent sense of casual disdain – mostly on Misato’s end. Granted, Misato never actually comes out and says “Asuka, I care about Shinji a lot more than I care about you,” but after watching this scene I don’t think she even needs to.

Here’s Asuka having a very thinly-veiled, very public, very loud breakdown in Misato’s own washroom, complete with a heated display of water-basin flinging. The most Misato does is, well, nothing, if you disregard the glaring – which is exactly the point. Misato’s recent share of shitty life experiences aside, it doesn’t take any stretch of the imagination to figure that she would’ve made an effort to reach out to Shinji if he were in Asuka’s place, just as she did in Episode 23, propelled by little more than a hunch that Shinji would be troubled after Rei II’s death. 

Once you peel away all the pleasant pretenses and platitudes behind a lot of their initial conversations, this scene makes a lot of sense. Asuka has always framed Misato as both a rival and an exemplary in all its counter-intuitive glory. For Misato, Shinji’s been the pilot whom she feels most comfortable flexing her quasi-maternal muscles, precisely because Shinji is a boy, and Misato thinks she knows exactly what he needs from her, by virtue of Misato being a woman. Asuka is the problem, the conundrum, the puzzle Misato never really bothers to work through, up until the very end.

We can even see shades of this dynamic play out in Evangelion 3.0 (which is more or less an answer to Episodes 22-24 in NGE), where it looks like Asuka has now graduated to overt dislike of Q!Misato and her modus operandi (fuck your Eva, the mission is your top priority… you get the point.)

Raven Queen Moments

Thanks to @shalizeh7 for the art!

cipherponyjinx asked: How many times has Vax interacted with the Raven Queen and when?                                                                                               Anonymous asked: Given the revelation that Vax is now multiclassing as a paladin, can we get a list of all the Raven Queen moments?

Thank you to Andrew C., Dan R., David T., Fletch, icecream-s-coops, @jeritchie3, @melissamelrita, @mrsgoodreaver, Olivia A., and Rosie-lostbetweenthepages for their help compiling this list!

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Another month, another stream. We’re reaching the end of the planned development cycle, too, so this might be one of the three last major work streams we make (at least before we dip into the additional crowdfunded material)

This month, we’re scheduling the work stream for next Friday, February 24, as usual, at 3PM pacific Time, in our Twitch Channel.

We’ll see you all there!

Small Gestures

The papers are spread in a sprawl across the table in front of Cabanela. He ignores them, leaning back in the chair, idly twirling a pencil. He knows them by heart, scoured through them all for every last unchanging detail.

It’s plans cycling through his mind. Seeking answers they don’t yet have. Fine tuning details. Make sure everything is right, nothing missed.

Five years seemed an unending stretch and now it’s come down to a few short weeks.

Twirl, twirl, snap.

He stares down at the broken pencil and it’s as though it breaking has snapped something in him. It falls from a suddenly slack grip.

The Professor comes up from the basement and freezes in the doorway. The Inspector is hunched, face buried in his hands. He thinks he detects a quiver in that coat, sees his shoulders heave, lock into place, lose that battle, and heave again.

He backs away silently. Let him have his moment, one that was a long time in coming, the professor suspects. He’s no counsellor and some things are best left alone.

When he comes back up, Cabanela is preparing to leave. The unflappable Inspector. The bright and shiny hero, yet the professor can see he’s not all there. His gaze is distant, already in the future ticking down a seemingly endless list.

He stops him leaving, fills a thermos with the remaining tea and thrusts it at him. It’s cold out. An exchange of looks.

I know.

No words need to be spoken.

Popped into mind. Might get put into a group for more Cabanela and PM goodness.

“What is considered the "normal” way to live life;
to go to school and to graduate.
to then spend money.
to go to more school
and to graduate again
to get a “real” job.
and get promoted.
to get a higher job.
to make more money.
to buy more things.
and pay more bills.
and buy a bigger house.
and nicer cars.
and the newest phone.
and nicest clothes.
and have a family.
and pay for their school.
so they can repeat the cycle.
and once this cycle runs it’s course.
…we still end up in a grave one day
While this cycle could still be filled with amazing memories, laughs, smiles and fun…it’s not the cycle that I plan to follow.
I would prefer to fill my life with constant traveling, meeting new people, trying new things, seeing the world, experiencing unique cultures and adventures. I want to live a life apart from the norm. Break away from the cycle of expected everyday living. Buy a ticket to someplace new without a plan. To surround myself in the culture of the area.
In this life, there are only two things that are promised:
Birth & Death.
What we do in between the the two is completely up to us.The rules that society has created are not meant to be followed, only to be used as a guide. However, I’m not one to follow a plan…and I don’t plan to.“

I recently had a pretty big setback during the off month of my diet cycle. I really took it hard at the weigh in, but then I realized, 1 step backwards was still 2 steps farther than I was when I started. That was my off month; now it’s time to get to work and take another 3 or 4 steps forward. Success isn’t a straight line. You work your ass off to lose as much as possible during the on months, so that anything you gain during the off month isn’t that big a deal. 
Let’s put some work into it. See you guys in September.

Birds of a Feather

Qui11iam asked: How many birds has the cast flipped over the course of the show?

While the rogue has definitely been responsible for the most “daggers” thrown, the rest of the cast has shown that they can throw their own fair share. 

Number of party birds: 51

Number of Liam birds: 24

Thanks to agent-of-chaotic-order, @BabbaForrest, BillieblueJean, burdenedwithnopurpose, @EBalensuela, holpike, icecream-s-coops, @jeritchie3, rusty-diamond, and @SilentEnGee for their help compiling this list!

Updated through Episode 61.

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How cycling can help tackle some of the most pertinent problems and challenges that face cities and urban places… from space and congestion, to economic development and social equality, to public health and well-being.

‘Investing in Cycling in numbers’ [A UK study] via Carlton Reid


The global benefits of shifting to cycling

A Google Street View on urban places being redesigned for people

Some great transport/planning visuals, and transport/cycling quotes

Is anyone else worried that this new Ronan trilogy is just a sneaky way for Maggie to rob us of the unlikely (but mostly) happy TRK ending? Like….now I have at least another 4 years to worry about Ronans safety and whether Adam is doing OK at University. And if Blue ever made it to school at all, and if Gansey is breaking under the weight of living all times at once.

But I’m here for the dreams. And The Barnes. And I’ll wait forever for Cabeswater to return.

What you don’t see is Ronan (and, who am I kidding, the entire Gangsey probably) swooning in the distance. For the lovely @stancn <3


London to the Lowlands- a winter cycle touring trip: the art and culture

Following 2 initial posts, describing the planning/cycling and the places I visited, this third blog post on my series of my winter cycle in the Netherlands/Belgium takes a slightly different angle- and focuses on the art and culture I managed to experience on my travels. I think it is important to understand that cyclists often have interests out with cycling, and that there are often great opportunities for using a bike as a way of accessing and partaking in such wider interests. I have had an interest in art and culture for a long time, but it is in recent years as I have got more involved in cycling that I have actually been able to reach a wider range of exhibitions, galleries and locations- both in and around my home city of Glasgow, but furthermore more widely in Scotland and in other countries that I visit. 

During my January cycle trip I passed through the major European cities, and the home of major art collections, of London and Brussels- while furthermore manged to incorporate visits to other significant cultural heritage sites that I had been aware of, such as the cathedral in Aachen and the UNESCO heritage site of Leuven’s old town. (A previous cycle trip to the region allowed me to incorporate visits to the galleries and museums of Amsterdam and The Hague, the beautiful and historic old towns of Brugge and Haarlem, and furthermore initially unplanned visits to the memorable Kröller-Müller Museum and the emotional Westerbrook World War 2 refugee transit camp.)

It is perhaps these unexpected cultural visits and experiences that you have when cycle touring that demonstrate the value and opportunity of combining cycle touring with accessing art and culture. Two examples are evident from my January cycle. The impromptu stop I made at Brussels’s Cinquantenaire Museum/ Royal Museums of Art and History to see its Ukiyo-e exhibition of Japanese art- including the famous ‘Great Wave’ by Hokusai (an exhibition I only became aware of because the cycle path I was following took me through the Parc de Cinquantenaire). The overnight stay I had in the tiny village of Stevensweert in the middle of the Maas River- historically important due to the fact the Spanish had built a fortress there during the Dutch War of Independence in the 16/17th century, and still retaining the hexagonal street layout from that period (again a place I would unlikely to have reached by other forms of transport).

The images here are of a few of the fantastic art, cultural and historic attractions I managed to see on my journey- while some of the specific art/cultural things I got up to included:

-          London: Using my Art Fund pass, and travelling between numerous galleries by bike, allowed me to affordably access numerous exhibitions and locations across city during the few days I was there- from a Paul Nash exhibition at the Tate Britain, a number or shows at the Nordic Matters festival at the Southbank Centre, a Caravaggio exhibition at the National Gallery, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year at the Natural History Museum, and Maps of the 20th century at the British Library. I also managed to visit the new Design Museum at Holland Park and climb the Switch House tower at the Tate Modern, affording some new spectacular views over the London skyline.

-          Brussels: As well as the Ukiyo-e exhibition featuring work by Japanese artist Hokusai and a number of his contemporaries, I furthermore visited the Royal Museum of Fine arts to see a exhibition containing a number of Peter Bruegel ‘s most famous pieces (including ‘Fall of Icarus’) as well as seeing several other significant European works (the likes of ‘The Death of Marat’ by Jacques-Louis David and ‘The Temptation of St. Anthony by Salvador Dali). I also visited the Rene Magritte museum to see works by Belgium’s Surrealist master.

-          Aachen: In a day trip from Maastricht, I cycled to the German city of Aachen to see its quite majestic cathedral- the oldest cathedral in Northern Europe, dating from the 8th century, and which has been developed over its 1000+ year lifetime into an architectural wonder of numerous artistic styles in addition to its religious and historic significance.

-          Hull: Not normally referred to in the same breath as these other locations for its art and cultural heritage- but Hull, the port on the east coast of England where my ferry from Rotterdam docked, is the UK’s City of Culture for 2017. Numerous events throughout the year make the city a place to really consider visiting for art lovers in 2017- and I saw the fantastic ‘Lines of Thought’ exhibition on the last day of my trip, with sketches by many of the greatest European artists in history- Rembrandt to Durer to Cezanne.