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First Contact

(Inspired by a binge play of Mass Effect 1, a silly conversation with @ysmirel and also from reading too many (wonderful) alien stories on tumblr. A bit longer than what I usually write here, at about 4k words.)

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They thought they were safe.

They thought their galaxy would never be a problem, because no sane, sentient organism would ever venture into, or out of, that hazardous place willingly—that dangerous fortress of a planet far too close to its star center, simultaneously protected and threatened by Planet ZS-01’s gravitational field and vibrantly thriving despite several near-misses with asteroid strikes and gradually increasing heat deterioration.

They assumed this for several decades, centuries, passing detailed warnings and fearmongering education of the singular species down by generations and knowing they’d never face an issue with too much interest in that isolated, forbidden corner of the megaverse because of the carefully-maintained precautions.

For all their calculations, however, they overlooked one vital detail—something so incredibly basic that in hindsight they should have predicted it—in omnisight, should have known it would happen, yet overlooked it out of—they weren’t too vain to admit it—sheer arrogance. That detail was: when one species reaches out and repeatedly attempts to communicate, especially one not deterred by radio silence, another species will inevitably respond. Particularly, those ugly, unsavory, desperate Isa from the Kraal System who were warned, always warned, and heavily fined, but never listened. But the fault originated with them, for not keeping a closer eye on those anomalous creatures, for being too complacent in believing the Isa were far too worthless for those beings to accept.  

And so, despite their efforts, and due to their own failings, first contact was made.

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Magic: the Gathering - the Destruction of Amonkhet

Superb illustration highlighting the devastating changes on Amonkhet, specifically, the Monuments in the  city of Naktamun, after the arrival of Nicol Bolas, the god-pharaoh. 

Desert Cycle from Hour of Devastation -
Five common cycling lands with the Desert subtype, with card art depicting the devastation wrought by the return of NIcol Bolas on the previous set’s Monuments to the Amonkhet gods.
• Desert of the True - Jung Park
• Desert of the Mindful - Christine Choi
• Desert of the Glorified -  Jonas De Rio
• Desert of the Fervent - Titus Lunter
• Desert of the Indomitable - James Paick

Previous Monument Cycle from Amonkhet -
Uncommon legendary artifacts associated with one god, costing three mana and reducing the cost of creature spells associated with its gods.
• Oketra’s Monument - Christine Choi
• Kefnet’s Monument - Titus Lunter
• Bontu’s Monument - Jonas De Ro
• Hazoret’s Monument - Richard Wright
• Rhonas’s Monument - Cliff Childs

It’s just occurred to me. After Kavinsky died, what the heck happened to the dragon he dreamt? Like. There’s now a flaming dragon that can’t wake up, permanently in the world. Did the police clear it away? How could they, if it was on fire? Was there nationwide mass panic because suddenly dragons? Henrietta wouldve made the news. Did the FBI show up? If i were the FBI i wouldve shown up because hello, dragon. Dragons exist because this one angry disaster of a kid wanted to win a fuckin fight. Kavinsky what have you done

Write About Dragons
I’ve been going through Brandon Sanderson’s online lectures from his BYU course on writing fantasy and science fiction novels.  The material is about half writing craft and half industry information.  I really recommend sitting through all the lectures, which are available free on the YouTube channel Write About Dragons, but I’m also sharing all my notes.  These are NOT ORGANIZED.  They are things I wrote down as I watched.  Maybe other writers will also find them helpful

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So, you’re 257k into one of the biggest races in the world, it’s pretty much the last chance for any sort of meaningful breakaway, you go for it, and suddenly this joker comes out of the crowd at you.

I admire that Stefan Denifl managed to limit his response to the “bro, seriously?” look. 

15 Day Countdown to Blue Lily, Lily Blue

Day 10: Favorite Ronan quote

Part 2 of 2

  • Ronan said, “I am being perfectly fucking civil.”

God this was hard. But I’ve been working on day ten of this challenge for like four hours now, and I finally just said fuck it and went with my first thought on this one. 

This quote is hilarious to me, and also seems like the perfect example of Ronan’s essence, it’s such a Ronan thing to say. It’s backasswards, for one. He may be claiming civility but his tone of voice and choice of words say otherwise. The fact that he’s being obnoxiously passive just to piss Blue off in the rest of that scene makes it even better. Plus it’s kind of a running thing; Ronan pulls the same trick when he tells Matthew “Don’t fucking swear.”

I don’t know. I just like this one a lot, if the fact that it’s pretty much my blog title didn’t already clue you in.