cycling in amsterdam


Let the Bike Instructor guide you through the potential pitfalls of cycling in Amsterdam, and soon you’ll be cycling just like a local!

Cycling in Amsterdam can sometimes feel like a bit of a minefield to the uninitiated. Thankfully, Maxim Hartman aka The Bike Instructor is on hand to guide you through the various dangers of navigating the city on two wheels.


Top 2 images: Street in Amsterdam (via @fietsprofessor)

Bottom 2 images: Street in Utrecht (via @amsterdamized)

Many cities in the Netherlands faced the same prospect of becoming car-centric urban environments as encountered by other European towns and cities in the 1950s and 1960s. However, radical and sustained investment in public transport and cycling through the provision of infrastructure, and in particular rebalancing how road space was apportioned, has allowed the Dutch to gradually develop the cycling culture in their cities that they are now world-renowned for.

The Dutch people have formed large parts of their country over hundreds of years through reclaiming and protecting land from the sea. However, more recently, it seems they have also, in a way, been reclaiming many of their cities from the tide of car culture that has overwhelmed many other urban centres elsewhere in Europe over the last few decades… (Urban centres that now, realising the problems of cars in towns and cities- air quality, noise pollution, congestion, accidents and safety, loss of space and land, carbon emissions, financial burden on the public purse, undermining of the urban fabric and aesthetic value of place…- are attempting to implement strategies to change this.)