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I don’t get when people complain about fictional things having happy endings. Like, your favorite characters are alive! Your ships stayed together! The slow burn paid off! No one is in danger anymore! Everyone gets to live the happy life they deserve!

If I wanted something realistic and tragic, I’d read a book about the presidential election. Nope, let me live in a happy fictional world with my canonically alive faves, please and thank you.

Name that Ult Combo

OK I went through the various comments and such from when I asked about combo names and collected my favorites. I figured I might as well compile them in case people were curious, so they’re after the Keep Reading thingy. Thanks to everybody who contributed, I enjoyed seeing what people knew and/or came up with. :>

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Looking for blogs to follow

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The Five Stages of Grief: Tadashi Hamada fandom edition
  • Denial: Tadashi totally survived that blast. There wasn't a body, and Callaghan escaped. Yep. Totally alive hahaha
  • Bargaining: Please Disney, bring him back in the TV series. I promise to buy shitloads of merchandise and watch every Disney movie ever made, just please don't kill my cinnamon roll!
  • Depression: *watches big hero 6 with a pint of ice cream and a never ending stream of tears*
  • Acceptence: .........
  • Denial: Tadashi totally survived that blast.

Are you curious to know how I made one of the models of this week? Here is a timelapse of Undyne! :D

Why is there so much art/fic/love for the ‘Dream Pack’ and nothing for the Vancouver Crew?

We barely know the Dream Pack’s name and really all we have to ‘vouch’ for them is they enjoyed being around Kavinsky (point against them honestly). The Vancouver Crew we have a little bit more info on, we know they like toga parties (point for them honestly) and they like to hang around Henry.

We also know things like

  • Cheng2 (aka Henry Broadway) can’t keep his mouth shut.
  • He also likes his energy drinks.
  • They have a white cat.
  • The music at the party has k-pop, opera, eighties power ballads, hip-hop… which one listens to opera oh my gosh.
  • They’re all part of Aglionby’s 11% diverse students.
  • There are motorcycle helmets. Who rides the motorcycles, I wonder?
  • “Hungry eyes, hungry smiles, hungry futures.”
  • Cheng2 cares about economics in the southern states even though he’s from Vancouver? Thanks bro.
  • Also he gets high. He’s from Vancouver, so it’s probably pot, let’s be real.
  • There are lacrosse sticks. Who plays lacrosse?
  • Improved voice overs. This is their idea of a party. They get into togas get intoxicated and voice movies playing on a projector. Adorable.
  • Agriculture magazines?
  • They probably were involved in that protest.
  • They are angry but they play at not being angry and being uniform at school because they feel like they have to represent something bigger than them.
  • Angry and slouching and loud!
  • Also like how did they all end up here? Living with Ryang’s aunt? Where’s my origin fic guys come oooon.

Henry Cheng, Cheng2 (Henry Broadway), Ryang, Lee-Squared, Koh, Logan Rutherford, SickSteve (why SickSteve? What did you do to deserve that, friend?).

I want to see fandom flesh these boys out, give them some love. Because what little we know about them is so intriguing! Also, they have to deal with Henry ALL THE TIME. That says a lot about them right there, I think.

(Disclaimer: I absolutely love Henry Cheng and would also hang out with him all the time just saying)

  • me: crying
  • you: what’s wrong
  • me: dragon’s dogma is a really underrated game that’s full of customization and fantasy elements and fun combat while still conveying the tendencies of human nature and telling a good story where the player’s actions really do have a lasting effect on the world and puts a stop to the endless cycle that created the hero in the first place
  • also me: this game is hard! its just/ fucking hard! also the ogres scare me also why is that old man in love with me i essentially abandoned his daughter in the woods so