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Stereotyped vs Nuanced Characters and Audience Perception

Writing with color receives many questions regarding the stereotypes Characters of Color and their story lines may possess.

There’s a difference between having a three-dimensional character with trait variance and flaws, versus one who walks the footsteps of a role people of their race/ethnicity are constantly put into. Let’s discuss this, as well as how sometimes, while there’s not much issue with the character, a biased audience will not allow the character to be dimensional.

But first: it’s crucial to consider the thinking behind your literary decisions.

Trace your Logic 

When it comes to the roles and traits you assign your characters, it’s important to ask yourself why you made them the way they are. This is especially true for your marginalized characters.

So you need an intimidating, scary character. What does intimidating look like on first brainstorm? Is it a Black man, large in size or presence? (aka a Scary Black Man) A Latino with trouble with the law? If so, why?

Really dig, even as it gets uncomfortable. You’ll likely find you’re conditioned to think of certain people in certain roles on the spot.

It’s a vicious cycle; we see a group of people represented a certain way in media, and in our own works depict them in the way we know. Whether you consciously believe it’s the truest depiction of them all or not, we’re conditioned to select them for these roles again and again. Actors of Color report on being told in auditions they’re not performing stereotypical enough and have been encouraged to act more “ethnic.” 

This ugly merry-go-round scarcely applies to (cis, straight) white people as they are allowed a multitude of roles in media. Well, then again, I do notice a funny trend of using white characters when stories need a leader, a hero, royalty, a love interest…

Today’s the day to break free from this preconditioned role-assigning.

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Marauders ADHD headcanons
  • All the marauders have ADHD
  • Yes, all of them
  • Sirius probably has it worst
  • He has accidental magic until well into second year, triggered by rage
  • Once the faculty noticed, McGonagall instructed him to practice wand magic as much as possible
  • When not doing homework, he was asked to levitate objects or change their colors
  • It was meant to just keep him practicing wand magic, but it also introduced him to the wonderful world of magical stimming
  • He never stopped
  • James likes to join him, because James is also hyper af
  • But James also has other outlets
  • He has quidditch and just plain flying to help him make some order in his own thoughts and release energy
  • James doesn’t have rage issues like Sirius. He comes from an ADHD family who loves and supports him. He doesn’t get told off for fidgeting. feel constant rejection in his own home like Sirius does.
  • He didn’t have to learn to rage against unjust punishments before he even turned five
  • Remus has Predominantly Hyperactive ADHD like James and Sirius
  • It’s hard to tell because Remus is polite and used to making himself invisible
  • He has strategies
  • He fidgets quietly, and most people don’t notice
  • But when he can’t find a safe way to fidget, he’ll pick his cuticles bloody
  • Dumbledore teaches him occulmency, supposedly to help keep his secret but really Dumbledore’s already training him to be a spy
  • Occulmency is insanely difficult, he just can’t clear his mind 
  • Because he always has a million thoughts flying around, so fast he doesn’t always notice
  • But Dumbledore tells him not to worry about failing and just keep trying
  • He keeps trying, and it gets easier every time
  • But mostly, it teaches him to notice his thoughts
  • That helps immensely with impulse control
  • Before the moon, though, he starts slipping
  • Peter is the only one of them who has Predominantly Inattentive ADHD
  • He doesn’t struggle with impulse control, but he has a hard time focusing in class, and an even harder time focusing on homework
  • He’s the only one who gets treatment, because he’s the only one who consistently gets bad grades
  • The treatment is wit-sharpening potion
  • Sirius used to take some of Peter’s potion for a while and it actually really helped
  • Many people think Peter is stupid because of his ADHD, but he’s not
  • It’s just that most of his homework is dreadfully boring, and often classes are too
  • It doesn’t help that his friends are endlessly distracting with their color changing floaty magic
  • He can’t keep up with James, Sirius and Remus when they’re brainstorming prank ideas and other projects
  • They make such strange logical leaps and it’s just too fast
  • Not that he doesn’t make his own unusual connections, but his friends (unlike most outsiders) can usually follow
  • He could never organize a prank
  • But sometimes he’ll be the only one to notice something they’d all forgotten
  • And when given a task, he just needs to get away from distractions, and he can get it done
  • Sirius has no patience with his slowness, he often interrupts Peter’s thoughts before he can finish and whatever Peter wanted to contribute is lost
  • It’s not that James has patience, but he never insults Peter over it
  • He just wanders off or shrugs and keeps talking
  • All of Peter’s great ideas come up during the night after a planning session, not during the session itself
  • Remus tries to have patience, but he’s not so great at it
  • He can explain things several times from different angles
  • But when Peter is talking, Remus finishes his sentences, trying to get to the point faster
  • It’s usually alright, except before the moon he starts getting them wrong
  • And Peter gets frustrated and retreats to the library to study with some classmates from other houses
  • He likes the library because he doesn’t have to invite anyone anywhere and set himself up for rejection, he just shows up and people are there and they say hi and occasionally ask if he got some detail or other down in his notes
  • Which is how he meets his girlfriends, btw, because he actually spends time with people other than the marauders 
  • Inevitably, though, he gets bored of homework and opens his pranking notebook instead
  • By the time they all go visit Remus in the hospital wing, Peter has a few days’ worth of notes from which he can select an amusing idea to present
  • And then Remus lists what they’ll need to do to accomplish it, and Sirius and James clap Peter on the back, and suggest improvements Remus will surely try to veto, and discuss the magical theory behind the spells they’ll need
  • So really Remus is not the only one who has a cycle
  • The whole group goes through a monthly cycle right with him
  • And I swear this used to be about ADHD? Like 200 words ago?
Pro revenge by whistle blowing.

(long story)

One of my first jobs out of college wasn’t really a true job. I interviewed at a proprietary trading firm and was offered a job as one of their traders. Looking back, it was naive to join such a firm and this was right before the ‘08 crash. They sold themselves as being pro traders and all you had to do was put up some capital which got added to the group’s pooled fund. After that, you went through training and once the boss thought you were ready, you would 'go live’ with your trading account. There were no paychecks, but you did get to keep most of your profits. Later on, I learned that the bosses of such groups made money by either taking a cut from your profits or by taking a fee from your traded volume. This group skimmed from both sides taking 15% from your profits and a fee from your trading volume which came out to about $1.5 every 100 shares traded.

For months, I spent time learning from the “Pros,” and then I began to realize along with some of the other newbies, that the only person making money was the boss. The turnover for new traders was high. Some people lasted a month, others a year or two. As I got to know people around the office, I began finding out that very few made any money at all. The boss was a micromanager and watched the risk monitor for his group like a hawk. If you hit -$50 in a day, you were locked out and couldn’t trade anymore throughout the day. Also, you were limited to trading stocks up to $40 per share with a max size of 200 shares. It was very difficult to make a living trading like this.

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Request: hiiii can i get a prompt 19 with kihyun :) :) :) pretty please

19) You and your bias are rival idols forced to work with each other on a collaboration

Member: Monsta X’s Kihyun x Y/N

Type: some angst, some fluff, some romance. (warning: inappropriate language/references)

You fidgeted in the back of the SUV that was seemingly swallowing you whole. You weren’t sure if you were angry, frustrated, sad, or nervous. More than likely, it was an anxiety inducing in-between, but you tried to swallow your insecurities. Heart burn and acid in your esophagus were a physical manifestation of the nerves, mixing with your heart repeatedly plummeting to your feet and back to your chest again. 

Your manager had informed you just over a week ago that you had landed an OST for one of the most talked up dramas of the year. You would be performing a duet, but the other artist hadn’t yet been selected. You were notably excited, realizing what a big opportunity this would be for your career.  Only a few days later, you were called to your manager’s office. Told to shut the door, you were already aware of the heavy tone weighing down the air. She had informed you that you would be working with someone you had detested since shortly after your debut.

Yoo Kihyun of Monsta X. 

You weren’t exactly sure when or how you became rivals. Your relationship had developed simply enough, strictly work with the occasional conversation exchanged. This had all seemed to become altered once you had both been special MC’s for Music Bank during your last comeback cycles. Both of your groups had been up for a win that week, which caused an unnecessary awkwardness between the two of you. After your group had won, once again snatching away Monsta X’s first win (although they would move forward to win the next week) your relationship had changed. 

From that point on, every time you had run into Monsta X, Kihyun had something sarcastic or rude to say. You grew to dread running into the group, which wasn’t fair to yourself or the other men of Monsta. Hearing that you would have to spend hours, if not days with him, set your nerves on edge. 

You tried to shake the thoughts from your head as you felt a light squeeze on your knee. Looking up, you met the sad smile of your manager who gave a polite nod toward the door. You hesitantly grasped the handle and gave it a gentle push, exposing you to the morning sunlight you weren’t prepared for. 

Then again, you weren’t prepared for a lot of things. 

You looked up to the Starship Entertainment building, wincing at the immensity of it. You weren’t sure how your manager had negotiated, if she had at all, but you had agreed it would be best if you used a Starship studio for the project. You glanced over your shoulder to get another supportive nod from your manager as you shuffled toward the heavy glass doors that provided entry into the building. 

After checking in with the receptionist, you and your manager were led down hall after hall. It felt like hours as you trailed behind the woman, her short and thin frame darting from one direction to the next. Eventually you reached another set of glass doors with several people on the opposite side. She pulled them open, struggling with the weight as she waved you inside. 

“Hello,” your manager chimed, bowing to everyone in the room. You followed suit, keeping your eyes low. 

“I’m unsure if everyone has met,” one of the Starship managers nodded. “But this is Kihyu-”

“We’ve met,” Kihyun sighed shortly. Your face immediately darted up as you made eye contact with the cold man. His appearance had changed since the last time you had seen him, but then again, so had yours. His hair had gone from a bubblegum pink to a dark brown. He wore a beanie, keeping his hair pushed back from his face. He wasn’t wearing any makeup, but he didn’t have anything to cover up anyhow. He was brutally handsome, which made the situation so much worse. “No need for the pleasantries.”

“Ah, Kihyun, should we treat our guests this way?” his manager laughed nervously, casting a wary side eye to one of the producers set up at the mixing board. 

“Let’s just get to work,” Kihyun grumbled, launching himself from the couch he was lounging on. He leaned back, grabbing a piece of paper he had been looking over, and crumpled it a bit. He looked back to you, pushing the now crushed paper into your hands. “The lyrics.”

He sauntered past you and into the sound booth and placed a pair of headphones over his ears. Your mouth popped open, shocked by his open act of hostility. 

“I don’t know what’s gotten into him,” his manager gasped, rubbing at his temples. “I’m so sorry.”

You slowly shut your mouth, taking in a deep breath through your nose to calm yourself. “Don’t be.”

“Alright, let’s take a break!” the composer called over the studio mic, replacing the track with his voice in the sound booth. Kihyun cocked his eyebrows as he looked up from his paper and to you. 

“Didn’t we just take a break?” he asked uncertainly. 

“Yeah, we need to have a talk,” Kihyun’s manager responded, waving you both in. You looked warily to Kihyun as you hopped from your stool and past him. 

“Yah, watch it,” he grumbled as you bumped into his knee. 

“Look, this is literally a four by four glass box,” you hissed, turning to give him a death glare. His eyes grew wide at your tone. This had been the first time you had spoken to him since you had arrived to Starship. “If you don’t want to get bumped into, take more of an effort to make yourself smaller. Oh wait…you’ve already done that, haven’t you?”

His jaw dropped as he openly stared at you, unblinking. You tried to not smile at your small victory, making sure to back into him and bump his leg again as you exited the booth.

“What’s up?” you sighed, plopping onto the couch beside your manager. She pursed her lips and wrinkled her nose, a sign you had become familiar with. This expression was usually synonymous with bad news. 

“It’s not working,” Kihyun’s manager sighed as he had entered the room. “Your chemistry…”

“It just isn’t there,” your manager finished. “While you both sing beautifully…there’s no feeling behind the words.”

“The feeling is what sells it,” Kihyun’s manager sighed. 

Kihyun was leaned against the wall on the opposite side of the room, biting repeatedly at his lip. He looked up from his shoes and to his manager. “I always sound soulful, my words are always believable.”

“Not this time,” his manager muttered, shaking his head. “You sound hollow.” 

“Hollow!” Kihyun croaked, his cheeks becoming pink with anger and embaressment. “Well what about my partner! I can only be as good as who I’m paired with!”

“There is something lacking with both of you,” your manager cooed. You lifted your brows in surprise at her words. This was the first time she had ever given you any sort of negative feedback, no matter how small it was. She placed a comforting hand on your knee, but you quickly shifted to avoid her touch. 

“Maybe you two should have a conversation, just the two of you,” Kihyun’s manager said slowly. ‘It seems as if a heaviness has been filling up the room since you have gotten together.”

Kihyun rolled his eyes as he pushed off from the wall and pulled open the door. He sighed as he looked at you, his expression asking if you were coming along. 

You sucked at your back teeth, wincing as you stood. You didn’t even care about the OST anymore, you just wanted to be out of this uncomfortable situation. 

“You need to get your shit together,” Kihyun hissed, almost as soon as you stepped into the hallway. You could hardly believe his words. You looked down, realizing his muscular fingers were wrapped around your arm. You shook him off, recoiling from his touch and shot him the dirtiest look you could muster. 

“Don’t touch me,” you spat. “I need to get my shit together? At least I’m not accosting my singing partner in the hallway.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, accosting?” Kihyun groaned. “I was hoping to shake some sense into you.” 

“I’m not one to let the villain win,” you whispered. “But I can’t do this anymore. I quit.” 

You began to enter the studio again, only to have Kihyun grip you by the shoulder and spin you around. He tugged you a bit further down the hall, causing you to drag your feet in an attempt to halt him. 

“What in the hell Kihyun?” you gasped as he finally stopped, looking around to see the area he had pulled you to wasn’t as well lit and only led to an emergency exit. 

He turned, placing either of his hands on the opposite side of the wall beside your face. He pushed his body entirely too close to yours, the heat of his emotion radiating toward you. He used his arms as a cage in which you were incapable of escaping. Your breathing grew more shallow at his close proximity, unknowingly allowing him to search your face with scrutiny. 

“I’ll scream,” you whispered, your eyes not backing down from his. 

“Do it,” Kihyun hissed back, his words a challenge. You opened your lips for a moment, considering the idea, but promptly closed them, knowing full well you couldn’t get him into that sort of trouble. 

“Why am I the villain? And who even calls people villains anymore?” he continued. You looked out of your peripherals at his hands encasing you, flat against the wall. His chest was flush against yours, a constant reminder of his existence and absurdity of the situation. 

“Who has who pinned to the wall?” you mumbled. “But you’re the one who seems to have a problem with me, Yoo Kihyun. It’s not the other way around.”

“Why in the hell would I have a problem with you?” Kihyun spit. “You’re the one making this whole situation awkward.”

“What kind of skewed universe are you living in?” you laughed bitterly. “You’ve treated me as if I was a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe ever since my group won at Music Bank.”

“You think that’s what this is about?” Kihyun gaped. “A stupid award show?”

“Then what is it about? Enlighten me!” you gasped. 

Kihyun nodded for a moment, his eyes focusing on your lips before he looked back up to you. “Have you ever heard…that some men show their emotions like children sometimes? That they will bully women they have feelings for?…I think…I think I can show you better than I can explain it to you.”

“This isn’t a drama, Kihyun,” you grumbled. “I don’t t know if this OST has you in your feelings, but-”

Your words were abruptly cut off as Kihyun pressed his lips into yours. The kiss was hesitant at first, soft with uncertainty. Surely Kihyun had some idea that you could possibly rear back and smack the smugness from his face, but you were unsure if you wanted to do that. Your vision had begun to blur in the few moments before you finally decided to close your eyes and kiss back. 

Kihyun took this as a signal to remove his hands from the wall and let them rest lightly on your waist. You lifted your own fingers to curl around the back of his neck and play with the hair at his nape. With his tongue, Kihyun parted your lips, using his force to tilt your head back and explore even further. You relaxed into the kiss, getting over the initial shock and allowed him to do what he wanted. All of the angst and anxiety from the day melted away and into the kiss. Nothing about today had felt more right than this moment. Kihyun pulled you closer, stroking your back through the thin cotton of your t-shirt. Surely, this would give you inspiration for your song.

“Kihyun! Y/N! Where did you go?” the deep voice belonging to Kihyun’s manager called down the hallway.

Kihyun’s lips detached from yours, taking a small moment to smile at you. “We’re coming…

…well, not yet. I’ll have you doing that tonight actually.”

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Not a prompt, but more of an addendum to what someone else said.

Submitted by:Internetsickness

“1: One or two main personality traits. Basically, the parts of your character that will shine through the most when you’re writing them.” - Someone else submitting here

I feel there’s a stigma towards making characters that vary wildly in their personality. One thing to remember: people are pliable. You are pliable. I’ve seen some fake-insightful posts where a cartoonist starts going on like “I act like I have a personality, but I’m always changing myself to match my friend groups. Aren’t we all so sad? Cry with me.” Although these cartoons were kind of begging for attention they raised a valuable point. And, for what it’s worth, I remember it.

People are like semitransparent mirrors. That is my thesis.

These mirrors have a light behind them. This, you could say, is the central personality. 

Imagine a social gathering; you, as a mirror, in the center. In social situations, you have many lights, shining partially from behind everyone’s mirror.

When the personality of others is reflected onto you, the light from your personality is tempered, interfered with, and mixed into whole different wavelengths. A red personality next to a blue will make purple. It’s that simple. A grass-green personality near a vivid white one will pale the green into a diseased lichen gray, etc. Infinite outcomes based on a spectrum of characteristic inputs. 

I know my personality and overall niceness as a person varies wildly as I cycle through friend groups.

I know that I am a person.

I know characters must, at the very least, be vessels for human-type emotions.

Conclusion: Write your characters knowing that they will change, startlingly, depending on the context and social atmosphere you place them in.


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Below the cut are ideas for 1x1 and small group plots. I love horror movies, and I know a lot of people in the roleplay community do too, so I thought I would make a little guide with movies I though would make for good roleplay plots. This could potentially become a series, so if you want to suggest horror movies to me don’t hesitate! I have provided links to all the movies’ IMDb pages as well. Enjoy! 

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dad™ gansey things:

  • making sure his friends are all fed and rested
  • (making sure everyone is quiet when adam is sleeping the back of the pig)
  • even when the gang doesn’t want to eat he’s like ‘you have to eat. I have oatmeal, eggs, cereal. I’ll cook you anything. gotta have some protein’
  • ronan keeping on calling gansey ‘dad’ so much gansey gets used it
  • so used it sometimes gansey does dad jokes that makes everyone groan
  • like blue or adam being like ‘i’m tired’ ‘nice to meet you tired i’m gansey’
  • he already cherishes his car as his one of his children
  • gets emotional when he’s far away from his car
  • the whole scene when ronan takes opal out of cabeswater and gansey gets all dad™ about it
  • gets angry like a dad™
  • drives at a respectable speed like a dad™

nightpool  asked:

Leverage AU where the first episode never happens but Nate becomes a vigilante anyway, on his own. (at first)

  • Here’s the thing:
    • Nathan Ford, IYS, has a reputation in the grifter’s world. An honest man, they say—a man who will do the right thing more often than not, who can be trusted to honor his word. And there’s a respect attached to that, because even if he’s wearing the wrong color hat, he’s at least committed to it, good at it.
    • But a reputation also means that he’s known, and the shit that went down with his son is common knowledge, at least in the right circles. It means that even those in the thieving community are just a little pissed off for his sake.
  • So they—“take pity” isn’t quite the phrase. That underestimates him and overestimates your average criminal’s benevolence. But there’s a group of them who suspect he didn’t hunt them as fiercely as he could have, who know turned the other way because sometimes the law and ethics don’t quite overlap. And what else are they supposed to do, when they hear that The Nate Ford has flipped, and is attempting to carry off major cons that require at least a team of five?
  • They do try to stay in the shadows at first. As a favor, to his pride. (And if there’s anything Nate still has a lot of, it’s pride.)
    • ”What the fuck,” Eliot snarls at a whisper, trying to stuff himself into a utilities closet and almost tripping over some asshole crouched on the floor with a laptop perched on his knees. “Shut up,” the geek hisses. “I’ve got five seconds to override the security system before Ford turns a corner—”
    • “Eliot Spencer,” Eliot grunts after Ford has turned the corner and they’re in the clear.
      “Hardison,” the geek says with a grin. They shake hands awkwardly, given that there’s a mop-bucket between them.)
      • They don’t mean to keep working together, but it’s easier, nicer to have someone who will bring the coffee, rig the building with spy tech or fight off the ex-Mossad guys who turn up. Someone to complain with, about Nate Ford’s persistent insanity, how they enable it, and deliberately not talk about why they keep coming back, all the same.
      • (Eliot is slowly colonizing Hardison’s Nana’s kitchen. He calls her “ma’am” in that Oklahoma drawl and she goes fluttery, it makes Hardison roll his eyes, and bite down on a smile.)
    • Three of Nate’s jobs later, the security system suddenly goes offline and there’s a sound like a delighted scream. Both Hardison and Eliot freeze. “You saw that, right?” Hardison asks, staring out the window, eyes wide. “Blonde girl just went hurtling off the side of the building, tell me you saw that.”
      • (It takes a few more jobs before they can coax her into sitting down for a meeting at the nearby diner.)
      • Her name is Parker. She’s cagey as hell, but she eats an impressive amount of pancakes, and apparently loves jumping off buildings. And jewelry. Not for wearing, just for stealing.
      • “Awesome,” Hardison breathes, grinning at her. She lights up in the reflection of it, the moon to his sun.
      • (Which makes Eliot—-
                                       well. he’s never liked metaphors.)
    • A couple others come and go, cycling through the group (”No, Parker, we are not calling ourselves ‘Fordites’, we’re not a cult.”) but it’s mostly it’s just the three of them, following Nate’s plans from the shadows. Making them work.
  • “Oh no,” Sophie Devereaux—she’s not going by that name yet, but eventually—says, when she sees their little cabal of part-time Robin Hoods. “This won’t do.”
    • Hardison, Eliot, and Parker trail behind her into the bar, and then watch, wide-eyed, as Sophie Devereaux gives Nathan Ford the haranguing of his life. He’s drunk, they’re pretty sure, but his eyebrows creep up inch by inch until she finishes with a beautifully enunciated, “SO THERE.”
    • Nate eyes the three of them, who are trying to look very busy studying the floor, their hands, or the walls of the bar. “So you have names?” he asks, probably just to make Sophie splutter.
  • It’s strange, to be in the same room as he does this, the four of them arrayed around him. To actually have him catch Parker’s eye and smile, very slightly, as he says, “we provide….leverage.”

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