I took this panoramic shot on my phone from my coastal cycle ride- it’s a bit distorted, but gives an idea of how pretty it was. Mind you, shortly after this I made the long 4 ½ miles steady uphill stretch (just what part of me thought this was possible I don’t know) and dying a death at the top, the heavens opened on me. I am ashamed to admit I made a called on said phone for rescue, so never made it downhill…… Oh the shame of it!

Beautiful Components for Beautiful Bikes: Campagnolo + Stelbel - history meets high tech and class meets performance in this fantastic Campagnolo/Stelbel collaboration. Innovative modern solutions on a classic frame material, Stelbel has produced yet another refined yet race-ready frameset and topped it off with yet another name famous for its history of classic design and race winning pedigree…Campagnolo! ‪#‎thoseintheknow‬ Credit campagnolosrl via http://ift.tt/1GDBC99


First long ride of the season and the weather is absolutely perfect. The adrenaline that hits when I’m speeding down hills in excess of 35 miles an hour is to die for (bad choice of words maybe?) Spin class is fine and all, but there’s nothing like the real thing.

PSA: for runners and cyclers out there who experience the frustration of planning out a route map, especially when you have a certain mileage you need or want to hit - I found the perfect thing. It’s an app called Footpath. I always find myself running the same routes just because I know for sure the distance they are. With this app you can pull up a map of your area and trace a loose path, and it’ll snap to roads and trails in the vicinity and create a route for you. Super handy.


Now THAT’S what I’m talking about. 

30+ miles of nonstop riding on rugged back roads and trails around northern NH today. A lot of people are coming up to this area for vacations this weekend, but I get the luxury of saying that this is where I live 24/7, and I couldn’t be happier about that.