Juliet has an interview with Caren Hartley of Hartley CYCLES, the first and only woman frame builder exhibiting at Bespoked.

Her Demi Porker build won best utility bike and quite right too, it was absolutely stunning in the flesh. Here’s to more women building bikes.

Read the interview here.

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Took this babe out for our first ride of the season!

I always forget how much I love cycling until I do it again! It’s so fun! I love getting all that speed and feeling the wind, it’s a great feeling :)

The feeling of being out of cycling shape and huffing and puffing my way up the second hill I encounter, not so great haha but I know it’ll just take some time to get back into it.

The legs are doing okay. I think I’m gonna do a test run Friday. We’ll see how it goes!

Hope you’re all having a great week :)


The Roads of Battenkill.

A couple of weeks ago I have traveled to a somewhat remote community in upstate New York for the legendary (and maybe somewhat infamous) Tour of the Battenkill. The landscape and the scenery are almost as dramatic as the race itself. While the rest of the area has embraced the shifting winds and adopted spring colors, this particular part of the state still hangs on to the stark and cold facade as if using it as a lingering defense from the overly rough winter. I had a chance to preview some of the roads the day before the race and was taken aback by the quiet and still beauty of the area. Here are a few scenes from he roads of Battenkill.

Check out an upcoming issue of Peloton Magazine for the full story and more photographs.



Do I even need to explain this? If you’ve even gone on a half dozen road rides in your life you know what this means. You pull up to a red light…you stay clipped in and pause…surely the light’s gonna turn…you track stand…any second now…wait for it…waaaaaait for it…nothing…so you relent, unclip, and as soon as your foot touches the ground, blink! It turns green. Son of a…! Is there a device buried in the pavement that reacts to your cleat? A magnetic trigger? Unless we dig up the street with a backhoe, we’ll never know.

Just came across this deal over at slickdeals.net and thought some of you might be interested in it. Not sure how long this price will last. (I have no ties to this company)

MerlinCycles.com has Shimano Ultegra 6800 11-Speed Groupset (6800-GRP-OEM) on Sale for $599.15 - 7.5% discount reflected in cart = $554.21. Shipping is free.

Groupset Specification:
Chainset: FC6800 34/50 or 36/52 choice of crank length
Bottom Bracket: BR-60 6800 Sealed (English or Italian) or press fit BB71
Cassette: CS6800 11 speed 12-25 or 11-18
Chain: Ultegra HG700 11 speed
Front Derailleur: FD6800 Braze-On
Rear Derailleur: RD6800 SS
Levers: ST6800 brake/gear levers
Brakes: BR6800 brake calipers
Cables: All cables included