On September 22, 2014 some Latvians celebrated World Car-Free Day by building car-size cages around their bikes to make the point that cars take up lots more room on the roads, and that each cyclist helps reduce traffic by exactly that much. Space is more of an issue in Europe, and these caged bikes at the first sight looks like a “protection.” It takes several cognitive steps to connect bike+cage=car/replace car with bike = fewer traffic jams. Overall it was a powerful statement about the vulnerability of cyclists on roads, and a statement that bikes are vehicles too.


Late last month Specialized invited me to join them for a few days in Morgan Hill as they previewed their new super-fast Venge. We spent several days in the Win Tunnel as well roads around Morgan Hill and Gilroy testing, comparing and riding. But my favorite day was when I asked Cam Piper (who works in the Win Tunnel) to come and ride up the climb in the Henry Coe Park just east of Morgan Hill to catch the sunset. Here are some of my favorite photographs from that session.


It seems like a long time ago now, but back in May I got the chance to spend a day with the Tinkoff-Saxo as they took on Stage 4 of the Tour of California. I have spent time around many teams in the last 18 months, but somehow I came out most impressed after my time with Tinkoff. The riders, the mechanics, the DS all seemed somehow more relaxed AND professional at the same time. 

Peter Sagan proceeded to win the stage on this day leading to his eventual overall win in Pasadena later that week.

Thanks again to Tinkoff-Saxo for a great time.

Good morning early risers. It is almost 6:00 in the morning! I’m on a pause for ice-cream in the middle of my 30 km cycling trip in the Wannsee Lake area. Last night it rained which was wonderful because it cooled off the intense heat. But today the temperatures will still be hot but more like what we are used to at 25°C. I’m about to head home to shower, have breakfast and drive to the university then back again to the lake to study by the water. Special day for me being Monday. Every Monday I welcome the week by putting in perspective my goals and how I’m gong to accomplish them and what can I do to improve myself during the coming week. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! #adamasztalos #schlossglinicker #potsdam #wansee #berlin #germany #deutschland #adamasztalos #model #malemodel #abs #muscle #muscles #blond #blondhair #blueeyes #mustache #beard #bighands #hairylegs #feet #foot #mensfashion #menswear #speedo @speedo shorts #clarks @clarksshoes gladiator sandals #cycling #pause for Ben&Jerry’s @benandjerrys #icecream #monday #mondayblues (at Glienicker Brücke)