I cycle out from Ealing through the London suburbs of Isleworth, Twickenham, Hampton etc.. and out of London through Molesey you eventually reach Weybridge.

On to the Wey Navigations towpath and after fifteen minutes or so I reach the start of the Basingstoke canal.

After just ninety minutes of cycling I’m far from the city I live and work in. This is a different England, not of concrete, brick and bustle. This is an England of almost forgotten industrial history, houseboats, narrowboats, a so-called alternative way of living.

People out for their Sunday stroll and pub roast, cyclists seeking contrast from the tarmac and needing tranquility. Distant traffic noise is disturbed by the gentle chug of a narrow boats engine, Families walking and talking, children exploring and the odd bell of a bicycle wanting to get by.

Bike Life
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We’re starting a little behind schedule on the blog because we wanted to have content to post, but to have content we had to ride and to ride we had to be out away from towns and all those internets which leaves us without the capability of posting frequently as we go (it’s a perpetual cycle yuck-yuck).  This is why our first post about being on the road is overwhelming with content and, ahem, underwhelming with proper explanations.

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One year ago today, I set off on the most challenging adventure of my entire life. I still can’t begin to describe the gratitude I have for everyone who helped and supported me along the way. From my unforgettable friends in Korea, to the wildly hospitable strangers of the Central Asian deserts… from the warm-hearted cyclists across Europe, to my ever-supportive family at home. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 

Here is a short video I made of my journey. We are still taking donations for MAG, so please share, like and donate. Thank you.


Day 2: Time to find a spot to camp. We got to St.Remy-de-Provence and headed up towards the Alpilles hills to some trailheads on our map. Dz found a clearing next to a trail that was probably a local grilling/makeout spot.. Like Day 1, there was also a house close by, but with the abundance of forest fires in the region, it was probably a safer place to be. Best of all, just 5 minutes of climbing up the trail next to us, we were on top of limestone peaks with full sunset views of St.Remy! I got a little freaked out when I realized that behind us was pretty much just a cliff. No teenagers came by that night for a party.