I’ve enjoyed watching @cycleboredom go from a cycling outpost for cycling insight into a place that’s rich with cycling content that makes me think and laugh. Out of all of his work I’ve really enjoyed watching his photos emerge into something unique. He captures  the moments in time that while oh so brief tell another story of cycling. They are candid, without pause and often unseen by others.

I like this. He takes me places with his pictures and that is very very cool.

Above is a sampling of his pics from this past Sundays Air Force Cycling Classic held in Arlington, VA and this is a side of racing in the states that’s there but we don’t often see.

Credit: Cycleboredom on Flickr


The Oropa Video - Giro d’ Italia 99

Il Pirata in action.


First Look: The Rapha Long Sleeve Country Jersey

When the first Belgian Country Jersey was released, I had only recently discovered the brand. Once I finally pulled the trigger on one of Rapha’s jerseys, the Flandrian tricolore was no longer an option. Tragically (yes tragically), each time I encountered the colors, whether on the net or in person, I would cringe due to the unbearable longing I’d suffer.

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Local boy @cycleboredom gotnout in that new @velocioapparel insulated vest. Pretty dang sharp. Give @cycleboredom a follow as he gets between the tape for #cyclocross and check out @velocioapparel wares!

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RAPHA HITS ME IN THE VISCERALS - Wants are typically born from an visceral emotion. A want is not typically needed. In order to close the all important gap betwixt want and need, one must add well-founded points of necessity. Let’s take a look at the recently released Rapha Pro Team Jacket, and see if I can convince myself it’s a worthy addition to my winter kit arsenal.

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In Front of Behind The Barriers

Yes, this is a gratuitous, “me too” posting of Jeremy Powers’ fantastic series—Behind The Barriers. But it should be noted that it’s not just a gratuitous repimp in a desperate grab for hits. I’m also going to discuss my feelings.

If you haven’t seen J-Pow’s cyclocross flavored video series yet, then recognize and realize you live a sad insular life. ‘Cuz it’s like a hit from a sunshine filled crack pipe—quick and addictive, but w/out the whole front teeth loss thing.

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Question: What do you (hopefully) carry with you on every ride, almost never use, but when needed it’s the single-most important thing in existence, and if you’re truly lucky you’re allowed use it several days in a row? Yeah, that’s right, it’s a pump. And yes, this is a review of a pump—the Portland Design Works magic flute™, to be exact.

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The Ultimate Training Tire Throwdown. Maybe.

Prologue, or, why I need new bike tires

I’ve finally blown through my cache of tires. Until this point, I had generally been running on tires I had been given from reps back when I was managing a LBS. Technically I did purchase new rubber for the Gunnar, but the Trek was equipped with tires I received back in 2004! So without an infinite supply of race rubber, I’m now faced with the search for a long-lasting, highly puncture-resistant set of tires. Otherwise known as training tires.

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