1. Bitch Pours Beer on Tiffany’s Weave (Cycle 3 ep. 1)

A lot of you assumed that Tiffany would earn the #1 slot on this countdown, and while you had the right person, you had the wrong incident in mind. The thing is, Tiffany is one of the all-time classic ANTM characters, landing on this countdown several times already for mentoring a girl who thinks she’s a cat (#99), getting drunk and vomiting at a fancy restaurant (#70), interrupting Michelle’s otherwise tender coming out process (#44), and overreacting to Michelle’s skin disorder (#3). And of course no one forgets the classic moment when Tiffany is on the receiving end of Tyra’s tirade (#8). 

But in my opinion, the best Tiffany moment – not to mention the funniest ANTM moment ever – comes when we first meet the girl. Before becoming a full-fledged contestant on Cycle 4, Tiffany makes a name for herself in Cycle 3’s semifinal round for one of television’s most epic bar fights.  

The girls are treated to a night out at a dive bar, but it seems the bar’s regulars resent the fact that a bunch of attractive young ladies with cameras in tow are invading their turf.  These regulars, by the way, are captioned with flashing red text that labels them “not models”. Also, their faces are blurred – perhaps because they didn’t sign a waiver, but more likely to spare us from having to see the unfortunate faces of those not pretty enough to be models.

Taking a cue from West Side Story, someone shouts that the two groups should solve their conflict via a dance-off. Tiffany and the most vocal of the “not models” start swiveling next to each other, but before anyone can even bust a proper move, the not-model dumps a bottle of beer over Tiffany’s head. “Bitch poured beer on my weave!” Tiffany declares, quickly grabbing a cocktail and tossing its contents at her in retaliation. In no time, glasses are hurled all over the place and the girls have to retreat. Outside, Tiffany continues to fume. “That stank ho poured the beer on my weave! This not even my hair!” (Is it a rental weave?) 

Toccara thinks the fight is so fun that she calls the night “the best”. Meanwhile, Tiffany is bleeding after the altercation, and fellow semifinalist Sarah chastises her for resorting to violence. But Tiffany is in no mood for this peace crap, responding, “That’s great Martin Luther King, but hey, I’m with Malcolm… Do unto others as I’mma do unto you.” It’s that amusing attitude – and soaked weave – that gets her sent to anger management. I think I can speak for all of us when I say we’re so glad that she came back for several more rounds of hilarious drama.  Let’s all raise a glass to Tiffany! Just be sure not to spill any on her.