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Treyarch please stop fucking me over like this, it’s starting to look like we’re in an abusive relationship…


Cycle Zombies - Born Free Clip

It's Not the End. Not Yet.

So I was pretty salty this morning over the Revelations cutscene, as was pretty much ALL of us. And we had reason to be. How could such a profound series end so lazily and non impactful? Well thank fuck, it didn’t.

If you aren’t sure how we failed, think of it this way.

Dr. Monty himself perpetuates what we know as “the cycle” I.E. Zombies start to finish. The Cycle is the overall fate of the timeline and the characters. Think back to MOTD. If the three kill Weasel, the cycle remains intact. Why? Because it is historically what happened. Apparently in the “real world” Sal and friends kill Al for tricking them, earning them death by electric chair. Now, if Al defends himself The Cycle is broken, because it defies fate. It challenges history. It creates a paradox and shatters Monty’s perpetual cycle of torment. It’s how he gains his timelessness and omnipotence. Controlling The Cycle is basically what makes Monty a god.

Killing the Shadow Man is part of Monty’s plan. Doing what he tells you is wrong because it perpetuates The Cycle. Shadow Man dies, Monty fixes the universe, sends the characters to Primus, they get the elemental staffs, Origins still happens, so on so forth. All it does is bring the story full circle. In fact it COMPLETES The Cycle, meaning Monty is now all powerful for all of eternity.

Why would they make SUCH A BIG FUCKING DEAL out of MOTD out of nowhere? Al was the key to finding Gorod Krovi, the blood vials grounded our characters when The House universe shattered, so on. Why? Because the entire Easter Egg revolved around one theme:


The whole map is one big clue as to what we need to do. It’s why Richtofen won’t tell the others about it, because the other three trust Monty (More than they do Richtofen). It’s why it’s the ONLY map from BO2 that is actually important (aside from Origins, which should be obvious) It all makes sense now that everything has stopped making sense.

And why would practically all of BO3’s story center itself around “Primus will fail” when they just.. Don’t..? It wasn’t telling us we were doomed. It wasn’t supposed to make us feel hopeless. Its not a dead end. It’s a clue.

Primus HAS to fail.

To break The Cycle.


🗡 clip by Cycle Zombies