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This past weekend bicycles were ruling the road in Yellowstone National Park. Most park roads are closed until later this month, but every spring Yellowstone opens about 50 miles of its main thoroughfares to bikes only.

After riding about two miles into the park I pull over for a minute and leave my bike by the side of the road. Walking about 20 yards over to the edge of the river, I can see a herd of bison on the other side of the water. They’re in a brown meadow spiked with rocks and silver sagebrush. There’s some snow on the ground, a backdrop of evergreen trees, and a couple of really huge bull bison.

It’s so quiet, the only sound is the water in the river.

“We think of quietness as a resource here,” says Park Ranger Julie Hannaford. “Silence as a resource.”

Before Cars Come In, Bikes Accompany Bison In Yellowstone

Photo: Jacob W. Frank/National Park Service



Honestly though I absolutely adore everything about Tomoyo and what she is doing here.

You might think that I would get tired of saying that BUT NO THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

She knows what he means when Kurogane asks to have the sword buried with his mother. She can see the future. She’s psychic. She KNOWS.

But she doesn’t even acknowledge that, because even now Tomoyo is focused on Kurogane getting better.

Not immediately of course. No-one recovers from that anywhere near quickly.

But she has not a single shred of doubt that he will recover and that he has his own life and purpose that he will one day get to live, despite everything that just happened.

They’ve just met, and he tried to kill her, and Tomoyo shot him through the hand, AND YET SHE ALREADY CARES SO MUCH.

How can anyone look directly at something so gorgeous and not feel like they’re staring at the sun I ASK YOU.


 And don’t think I didn’t see you, tiny moon peeking out in the corner there. I SEE YOU MOON FRIEND.

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yo pls share ur journey au ideas! i always wanted to get into the lore of that game and just... Never Did??? which sucks b/c it looked so cool.

*breathe in* boi

I hope you’re ready for the feels, buckle up cuz this is gonna be intense

  • The paladins are red cloaked travelers, except for Shiro, who is a white cloaked traveler (more on that later).
  • Keith is the main character
  • He meets Hunk in the Bridge
  • Keith pretty much has a solid goal that is to reach the Mountain, though he doesn’t know why. He just feels like going there, like he’ll learn (or remember) something important if he does.
  • Hunk doesn’t have a clear goal like he does. Instead, Hunk spends most of his time in the Bridge. He is fascinated by the murals and the story of those who came before. He spends most of his time trying to decipher it and helping other travelers through the Bridge. He rarely crosses it himself though.
  • Keith meets Lance in the Descent.
  • Lance is very unique in that he manages to goad Keith into competing with him. Lance is the only one out of all of them who can manage to make Keith forget about the mountain, even if momentarily.
  • For most of the Descent, Keith and Lance have an amicable race to the bottom (the Tunnels).
  • It’s one of the few moments throughout the journey where Keith genuinely has fun.
  • Lance… never follows Keith after they reach the door to the Tunnels. He also never watches the memories of the those who came before. Keith never asks him why and Lance is glad that he doesn’t.
  • Lance is really scared of the those who came before, though he’ll never say it. He is also really scared of the Guardians roaming the Tunnels (he’s pretty much a case of “BEEN THERE DONE THAT”, LANCE WILL NOT RETURN THERE EVER. Scared is putting it mildly, Lance is heavily traumatized by them).
  • Much like Hunk, Lance is (seemingly) without a goal. There is more to it than that though (more on that later).
  • Keith meets Pidge at the Temple.
  • Pidge is… not okay. Pidge is visibly fidgety. Keith is concerned.
  • She carries a lantern with her and she’s very interested in the murals but Keith can notice right away the differences between her and Hunk.
  • Hunk was more into it casually. He loves studying the ruins. Pidge? It’s like she’s in the brink of finding out the whole truth to the universe and she’s so stressed out she’s like a college student during the last month of their last semester. Keith’s pretty sure he saw her running ahead at some point to puke.
  • Unlike Hunk, Lance and Keith, Pidge already knows the history of the civilization that came before them, though not much. She simply knows of their existence and she knows that shit happened. She’s desperately trying to find out what it was. You could say that is her goal.
  • Finally, the Mountain. Guess who’s there. Take a wild fucking guess who the final person Keith meets is.
  • Shiro is… tired.
  • You do not fuck around with him and you do not fuck around with the Guardians in this area.
  • But if a Guardian finds someone, Shiro will literally do anything in his power to protect himself and his companion. He willl damn well fight the damn Guardian if he has to.
  • Shiro doesn’t talk. At all. He doesn’t have any passions like Hunk, he doesn’t have fun like Lance and he does not care for the history of the ancient civilization like Pidge. He doesn’t have a goal like Keith. Shiro is just there and he will sit down and wait for his companion at the base of the mountain then guide them to the summit. That’s his whole purpose.

Bonus: Allura and Coran as the ancestors

Everything else is under a read more because spoilers and also feels

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Cycling in Suwon 

I decided to buy a bike to ride to and from work, so last weekend my boyfriend and I walked up to this shop (carrying his bike) and rode home together along the short stretch of river. The bike was relatively cheap, only 150,000 won, and the man who sold it to me was very helpful and friendly. 

출, 퇴근을 외한 자전거를 사기로 해서, 지난번 주말에 (남친의 자전거 가져 가면서) 자전거가게까지 산책하고 원천리천을 따라 집으로 돌아왔어요. 자전거가 저렴하고 예쁘고 가게 주인 아저씨도 친절하셔서 기뻤어요.

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