cycle smithy


Many know of our shop through Mark’s bikes. His collection adorns the ceiling of the sales floor and clutters the service department. Prewar balloon tire bikes mingle with pursuit bikes from the 80s; odd small wheeled contraptions from the 70s, with rusted precursors from the Victorian period. One of the most distinct pieces is a Cinelli Laser track tandem that hangs in the window. 

Last week Mark became the owner of another Laser, this version for road racing. Like all Lasers, it is iconic. Each one is different, but all wear the same signature blue. This newest edition to Mark’s collection has prototype wheels of unknown make and Modolo graphite brake levers and calipers. The front brake is positioned behind the fork; the rear caliper beneath the cowling on the bottom bracket shell. When one looks at the bike head on the brake calipers and the shifters vanish. The drive train is also unusual with Dura-Ace derailleurs and modified Campagnolo cranks.

The bike was displayed in an exhibit at Marshall Field’s in 1982 and again at the Museum of Contemporary Art. It was then that Mark first saw the bike those 34 years ago.